SCIENCE DAILY Based on experimental evidence physicists publish revolutionary new theory on brain learning that contradicts the most common assumption in neuroscience, will transform our understanding of brain function, and open new horizons for advanced deep learning algorithms. 1 month
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Brain processes sight and sound in same manner
SCIENCE DAILY Neuroscientists have found that the human brain learns to make sense of auditory and visual stimuli in the same two-step process. 1 week
How the brain's 'immune memory' may lead to Alzheimer's
MNT A new study shows that the brain's immune cells retain a memory of previous inflammation, which causes them to react differently to toxic brain proteins. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: How the brain's 'immune memory' may lead to Alzheimer's
MNT A new study shows that the brain's immune cells retain a memory of previous inflammation, which causes them to react differently to toxic brain... 2 weeks
Human brain processes sight and sound in the same way, shows study
NEWS MEDICAL Although sight is a much different sense than sound, Georgetown University Medical Center neuroscientists have found that the human brain learns to make sense... 7 days
How your brain learns to expect mud puddles in the park (and other things)
SCIENCE DAILY Whenever there's a mismatch between what you expect to experience and what you actually experience, the brain has to register... 3 days
Trove of author Ray Bradbury's papers set for preservation
PHYS.ORG Ray Bradbury won over generations of readers to science fiction with "Fahrenheit 451" and other works during a writing career that spanned much of the 20th Century and produced a... 1 week
Protein linked with Alzheimer's disease affects different brain cells differently
NEWS MEDICAL Amyloid beta, a protein linked with Alzheimer's disease, has different properties in different cell types in the brains of fruit flies. 2 weeks
Rapid rise in mass school shootings in the United States, study shows
SCIENCE DAILY More people have died or been injured in mass school shootings in the United States in the past 18 years than in the entire... 6 days
Researchers take a novel approach to snakebite treatment
PHYS.ORG Researchers at LSTM's Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit are looking at treatment for snakebite in a completely different way and have shown that it is possible to treat the bite from one... 7 days
Study shows rapid rise in mass school shootings in the US
PHYS.ORG More people have died or been injured in mass school shootings in the US in the past 18 years than in the entire 20th century. In... 7 days
Study challenges use of whole-brain radiation for small-cell lung cancer patients with brain metastases
NEWS MEDICAL Lung cancer often metastasizes to the brain. Historically, brain metastases have been treated with whole-brain radiation therapy. 1 week
Scientists uncover connection between post-natal sensory experiences and brain development
SCIENCE DAILY New research by neuroscientists sheds light on links between brain growth and sensations experienced by animals soon after birth. The researchers have identified a form of neural feedback... 1 week
Why male and female cells behave differently after being reprogrammed into stem cells
PHYS.ORG Vincent Pasque from KU Leuven, Belgium, and Kathrin Plath from UCLA led an international study into how specialized cells are reprogrammed to... 6 days
Brain activity linked to stress changes chemical codes
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified light-induced electrical activity as the brain mechanism controlling chemical code switching in relation to stress. While investigating neurotransmitter switching in rats, the researchers found that specific brain neurons were... 1 day
Doctors may soon be able to see a brain tumor burned away in real time
PHYS.ORG Some 80,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a brain tumor this year according to the American Brain Tumor... 1 day
Neurons derived from super-obese people respond differently to appetite hormones
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have successfully generated hypothalamic-like neurons from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) taken from the blood and skin cells of super-obese individuals and people with a normal... 6 days
HBP researchers develop new tool to examine role of genes in disease-relevant brain regions
NEWS MEDICAL Elucidating the way from genes to cognition requires detailed insight into how anatomical areas with specific gene activities contribute to... 15 hours
The brain fights neurodegenerative diseases by shifting resources
NEWS MEDICAL The brain continues to put up a fight even as neurodegenerative diseases like dementia damage certain areas and functions. In fact, recent findings in a Baycrest-University of Arizona study suggest that one... 2 weeks
Exploiting rabies virus machinery to usher Parkinson's disease drug directly to the brain
NEWS MEDICAL The rabies virus wreaks havoc on the brain, triggering psychosis and death. To get where it needs to go, the virus must... 1 hour
New research shows how brain-computer interaction is changing cinema
PHYS.ORG Over the past few years, we have seen the extraordinary development of neural prosthetic technologies that can replace or enhance functions of our central nervous system. For example, devices like... 15 hours
People with rare dementia may employ intact brain areas for help with language
NEWS MEDICAL People with a rare dementia that initially attacks the language center of the brain recruit other areas of the brain to decipher... 2 weeks
Possible novel method for stopping untreatable pediatric brain cancers
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers used an experimental molecular therapy in preclinical laboratory tests to effectively treat several types of deadly pediatric brain cancer and now propose advancing the treatment to clinical testing in... 1 week
Large aggregates of ALS-causing protein might actually help brain cells
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists add to evidence that small aggregates of SOD1 protein are the brain-cell killing culprits in ALS, but the formation of larger, more visible, and fibril-like aggregates of... 1 week
Researchers develop thin, flexible polymers to record activity more deeply in the brain
NEWS MEDICAL Science has yet to unravel a complete understanding of the brain and all its intricate workings. It's not for lack of effort. 2 weeks
Grafted brain organoids provide insight into neurological disorders
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists improve the growth of three-dimensional brain models to better understand autism, dementia, schizophrenia. 1 week
Great Barrier Reef corals can survive global warming for another century
PHYS.ORG Using genetic samples and computer simulations, evolutionary biologists have made a glass-half-full forecast: Corals in the Great Barrier Reef have enough genetic variation to adapt to... 6 days
COLUMN: Knowing the health indicators of a brain aneurysm can save your life
ABC NEWS A brain aneurysm is a silent, dangerous ticking time bomb. 1 day
Virtually modelling the human brain in a computer
PHYS.ORG Neurons that remain active even after the triggering stimulus has been silenced form the basis of short-term memory. The brain uses rhythmically active neurons to combine larger groups of neurons into functional... 6 days
Reducing sedentary behavior may be possible target to improve brain health
NEWS MEDICAL Sitting too much is linked to changes in a section of the brain that is critical for memory, according to a preliminary study by UCLA researchers... 2 weeks
Radiofrequency ablation: A new, emerging procedure burns cancer cells
NEWS MEDICAL Some 80,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a brain tumor this year according to the American Brain Tumor Association. 17 hours
Eavesdropping on the deep—New live streaming audio from a deep-sea hydrophone
Discovery of the neural circuit for fear conditioning of fish
Artificial leaf as mini-factory for medicine
New invention revolutionizes exoskeletons
Why freeloader baby-eating ants are welcomed to the colony
Studying dwarf galaxies to get the big picture
Four years of NASA NEOWISE data
Crabs settled in the tunnel
Medical News Today: Have some humans evolved into real-life merfolk?
Sweden's new road powers electric vehicles – what's the environmental impact?