CINEMA BLEND The latest word is that there are three movies in contention for where Margot Robbie will make her next Harley Quinn appearance. 1 month
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The Types Of Movies Star Wars Should Make Moving Forward
CINEMA BLEND It's clear we'll be entering a new Star Wars era in the coming years, which begs... 1 week
The 2 DCEU Movies That Will Probably Follow Wonder Woman 2
CINEMA BLEND Wonder Woman 2 is currently the last officially scheduled DCEU movie, but two movies... 3 days
How A Wrinkle In Time Will Stand Apart From Other Disney Movies, According To Ava DuVernay
CINEMA BLEND A Wrinkle in Time... 2 days
What Chris Pratt Thought Of Black Panther
CINEMA BLEND We know Star-Lord has great taste in music, but how about the movies of his fellow MCU-ers? 4 days
What Marvel's Chris Pratt Thought Of Black Panther
CINEMA BLEND We know Star-Lord has great taste in music, but how about the movies of his fellow MCU-ers? 3 days
What Aardman Looks For When Casting Its Movies, According To Early Man's Nick Park
CINEMA BLEND Hiring Early Man's immensely talented cast wasn't just... 1 week
John Carpenter Could Still Direct More Movies
CINEMA BLEND John Carpenter has never stopped working, but these days his focus has been on things other than directing, the job which made... 1 week
Are The Transformers Movies Being Rebooted After Bumblebee?
CINEMA BLEND Word has come in that after Bumblebee's release, Paramount and Hasbro may reboot the entire Transformers franchise. 1 week
10 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In March
CINEMA BLEND It's time to race the clock and see what's leaving... 5 hours
Blade Trilogy Honest Trailer Highlights Wesley Snipes' Wonderfully Random Catch Phrases
CINEMA BLEND With the massive juggernaut that comic book movies have become, one franchise seems to... 1 week
12 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In March
CINEMA BLEND Netflix wants to make your March something special, and these 12 upcoming additions to their movie library prove it! 3 hours
Roland Emmerich's Next Movie Is Not Going To Be A Disaster Film
CINEMA BLEND Roland Emmerich is best known for making movies where large portions of the planet explode. However, for his next feature, he'll be tacking something... 1 week
New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In March 2018
CINEMA BLEND After a few months that have been a little slower in terms of big releases, March is going to be a big month in... 3 days
Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In March
CINEMA BLEND March is about to bring a lot of A+ content... 1 day
The Hardest Fifty Shades Freed Sex Scene To Film, According To Dakota Johnson
CINEMA BLEND The actors in the Fifty Shades franchise have been asked... 1 week
Obituary: Hugh Hancock
SF SITE Hugh Hancock died on February 5. Hancock created Strange Company to make movies, shorts, and machinima and developed the VR RPG Left-Hand Path. Among his earlier work was the mechanima film Bloodspell. 1 week
How Stephen King Helped The Evil Dead 2 Get Made
CINEMA BLEND Fans of the Evil Dead movies know how instrumental Stephen King was in helping the film... 1 day
Russia's Culture Minister Isn't Happy About Fifty Shades Freed
CINEMA BLEND There has been a lot of criticism over the last few years aimed at the Fifty Shades film... 1 week
One Reaction Christopher Nolan's Movies Always Get From Industry Insiders
CINEMA BLEND Christopher Nolan has one of the best track records in Hollywood, but there's one specific note... 6 days
Would Sebastian Stan Take The Mantle Of Captain America? Here’s What He Said
CINEMA BLEND Bucky Barnes eventually becomes Captain America in the comics, so... 2 weeks
A Flamin' Hot Cheetos Movie Is In The Works
CINEMA BLEND If you feel like Hollywood will make movies about anything these days, you might be right as it... 9 hours
New Ready Player One Poster Is Gorgeous And Classic Spielberg
CINEMA BLEND The nostalgia is strong with this one, as a newly-released poster for Ready Player One reminds... 1 week
Nazis, Dinosaurs, And More Join The Mayhem In ‘Sharknado 6’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “It’s a tornado. Also, it’s full of sharks.” With that simple concept, the course of cinema... 3 days
One Hard Thing About Filming Red Sparrow, According To Jennifer Lawrence
CINEMA BLEND Red Sparrow was one of Jennifer Lawrence's more intensive movies, and there was one... 7 days
Why Solo: A Star Wars Story Can Have More Fun Than Other Star Wars Movies
CINEMA BLEND When Solo: A Star Wars Story... 2 days
New Teen Titans Go Movie Poster Pokes Fun At Justice League
CINEMA BLEND A new Teen Titans Go! to the Movies poster is out, and it doubles... 1 week
How Solo: A Star Wars Story Was Influenced By The Big Lebowski
CINEMA BLEND Out of all the movies that could have influenced Solo: A Star Wars Story, somehow The Big Lebowski landed on the list. Read on... 1 week
Ron Howard Was Reluctant To Take Over ‘Solo’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Moreso than any prior installment in the venerable sci-fi franchise (at least since 1980), ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ has... 2 weeks
John Carpenter Will Direct More Movies “If It’s Right”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With a resume that includes ‘Halloween’, ‘The Thing‘, and ‘They Live’, among countless others, John Carpenter could have... 1 week
Review: Alex Garland's 'Annihilation' is Visually Inventive, Intellectually Ambitious
FIRSTSHOWING.NET English novelist, screenwriter, and filmmaker Alex Garland rose to prominence in 1996 with the release of his first novel, The Beach. After Danny Boyle filmed an adaptation of the book... 8 hours
US Trailer for Claire Denis' 'Let the Sunshine In' with Juliette Binoche
Trailer for Hip-Hop Biopic 'Roxanne Roxanne' About the NYC Musician
First Trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller 'What Still Remains'
First Trailer for Idris Elba's Directorial Debut 'Yardie' with Aml Ameen
Teaser for Indian Filmmaker Q's Film 'Garbage' Premiering at Berlinale
Forest Whitaker & Eric Bana in Official Trailer for 'The Forgiven' Drama
Saoirse Ronan in Official Trailer for Dominic Cooke's 'On Chesil Beach'
Meet Foley Artists Making Sounds for Films in 'Actors of Sound' Trailer
Adorable Full-Length Trailer for WB's New Panda IMAX Movie 'Pandas'
Mackenzie Davis in Official Trailer for 'Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town'
Geoffrey Rush & Armie Hammer in Official US Trailer for 'Final Portrait'
Official US Trailer for 'Ismael's Ghosts' Starring Cotillard & Gainsbourg
'The Force of Sound' Doc Trailer About the Sound Design in 'Star Wars'
First International Trailer for Christian Petzold's 'Transit' from Berlinale
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