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Dell's ultrathin S2718D HDR monitor cut to $220, can charge your laptop - CNET
CNET This 27-incher packs a lot of USB-C goodness. 7 hours
Overweight pregnant women can safely cut calories, restrict weight gain
SCIENCE DAILY With proper nutrition guidance, it is safe and feasible to restrict weight gain in obese and overweight pregnant women, a new study shows. 12 hours
After the Big One: Understanding aftershock risk
PHYS.ORG In early September 2018, a powerful earthquake on the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan triggered landslides, toppled buildings, cut power, halted industry, killed more than 40 people and injured hundreds. The national meteorological... 14 hours
Dell's 15-inch G7 gaming laptop offers great performance for a decent price
Windows Central Dell's non-Alienware G-series line of gaming laptops has some great performance at a relatively affordable price. For a few years, if you wanted to... 15 hours
northrop grumman seeking to cut costs on small launch vehicles Northrop Grumman seeking to cut costs on small launch vehicles
SPACE NEWS Faced with growing competition from startups entering the field, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems is looking to... 16 hours
Singapore watchdog fines Grab, Uber $9.5 mn over merger
PHYS.ORG Singapore on Monday fined ride-hailing firms Grab and Uber $9.5 million for breaking competition rules when they merged, saying the deal had increased fares and thrown up roadblocks for competitors. 20 hours
Uber and Grab hit with $9.5M in fines over ‘anti-competitive’ merger
TechCrunch Uber and Grab have been hit with combined fines of $9.5 million after their merger deal was found to have violated Singapore’s anti-competition laws. Grab acquired... 21 hours
What's Changing In Battlefield V Following The Beta
CINEMA BLEND DICE decided to cut its beta testing time in half, and will be making some much-needed changes to Battlefield V... 1 day
celebrated artist richard serra has been making goatses his entire career Celebrated artist Richard Serra has been making Goatses his entire career
THE VERGE The above photo is of Backdoor Pipeline, an installation piece by the famous artist... 1 day
serial s third season is a return to form Serial’s third season is a return to form
THE VERGE There are a ton of podcasts out there, but finding the right one can be difficult. In our column Pod... 1 day
Add some illumination with Luminoodle LED bias lighting as low as $7 today
Windows Central Inexpensive way to improve your lighting. The Power Practical Luminoodle LED bias lighting strips are all on sale today, and they have... 2 days
for more kid friendly horror like the house with a clock in its walls stream the gate For more kid-friendly horror like The House with a Clock in Its Walls, stream The Gate
THE VERGE VIDEO There are so many... 3 days
Oklahoma astronaut corn maze photographed from space
PHYS.ORG It's apt that a maze cut into an Oklahoma cornfield featuring the likeness of a former NASA astronaut can be seen from space—and has been photographed by a satellite orbiting Earth. 3 days
New US Trailer for Great Famine Violent Thriller 'Black 47' from Ireland
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "When will my family get their justice... if not from me?" IFC Films has released the full US trailer for the film Black 47,... 3 days
t mobile starts to detail in home 5g goals plans to take on charter and comcast T-Mobile starts to detail in-home 5G goals, plans to take on Charter and Comcast
THE VERGE Back in June, T-Mobile and Sprint announced that... 3 days
spacex gets into space tourism while the department of justice gets into tesla SpaceX gets into space tourism while the Department of Justice gets into Tesla
THE VERGE VIDEO So, last Thursday, SpaceX announced there would be an event... 4 days
As states try to rein in drug spending, feds slap down one bold Medicaid move
NEWS MEDICAL States serve as “laboratories of democracy,” as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously said. And states are... 4 days
facebook s problems in europe are piling up Facebook’s problems in Europe are piling up
THE VERGE Věra Jourová is the European Commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality. Once upon a time, she had a Facebook account. It... 4 days
Immediate compression therapy could cut risk of complications after deep-vein thrombosis
NEWS MEDICAL People with deep-vein thrombosis can substantially cut their risk of potentially debilitating complications by starting adequate compression therapy in the first twenty-four hours of DVT therapy... 4 days
AT&T fires back in bid to preserve its deal with Time Warner
ABC NEWS AT&T says Justice Department failed to show price hikes from Time Warner merger 4 days
Baby, You’re A ‘Stargirl’: Brec Bassinger Lands The Lead Of DC Universe’s Newest Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A ‘Stargirl’ is born, as Brec Bassinger has... 4 days
Cut the cord and go wire-free with your Xbox headset
Windows Central Headsets are great. Wireless headsets are better. Here are the best we've tested, for all sorts of price points and feature sets. Best value Turtle Beach Stealth 600... 4 days
AT&T says govt failed to show price hikes from merger
ABC NEWS AT&T says Justice Department failed to show price hikes from Time Warner merger 4 days
Coca-Cola, Walmart to cut plastic pollution in oceans
PHYS.ORG Coca-Cola, Walmart and other big multinationals pledged on Thursday to help reduce plastic pollution in the world's oceans in support of a campaign by five of the G7 industrialized nations. 4 days
How Zack Snyder Convinced Amber Heard To Play Mera
CINEMA BLEND It took some convincing before the actress signed on to play the Atlantean in Justice League. 4 days
How drones and lasers will help us predict volcanic eruptions - CNET
Parasite makes quick exit when researchers remove the handbrake
These are the best apps with Dark Mode support on macOS 10.14 Mojave
Official Trailer + Poster for the 56th New York Film Festival This Fall
A controversial YouTuber’s suicidal claims have fans questioning his motives
A controversial YouTuber’s suicidal claims have fans questioning his motives
A controversial YouTuber’s suicidal claims have fans questioning his motives
Lotus needs your help finding its very first car - Roadshow
Crowd counting through walls with WiFi
Second Trailer for Ghostwriting Story 'Colette' Starring Keira Knightley