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BA outage creates London travel chaos; power issue blamed
PHYS.ORG British Airways canceled all flights from London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports on Saturday as a global IT failure upended the travel plans of tens of thousands of people on a... 15 minutes
British Airways: Thousands disrupted as flights axed amid IT crash
BBC Boss says power cut behind IT problem which saw all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick cancelled. 3 hours
US nuclear lab's future up in the air after recent fire
ABC NEWS A recent fire has put a national laboratory's ability to operate safely into question 4 hours
British Airways cancels flights after major computer outage - CNET
CNET The airline scotches all flights out of Heathrow and Gatwick on Saturday, due to a "major IT system failure." 4 hours
british airways extends london flight cancellations through saturday amid it failure British Airways extends London flight cancellations through Saturday amid IT failure
TechCrunch  British Airways has yet to fix the IT outage that caused them to cancel... 4 hours
chaos as global it failure takes out all british airways flights out of london Chaos as global IT failure takes out all British Airways flights out of London
TechCrunch  British Airways has a problem. It’s new IT... 8 hours
watch a working concept of a holographic cortana assistant Watch a working concept of a holographic Cortana assistant
THE VERGE VIDEO When Microsoft unveiled its digital assistant in 2014, it looked to the Halo franchise for inspiration, naming its... 8 hours
british airways flights disrupted worldwide due to system failure British Airways flights disrupted worldwide due to 'system failure'
THE VERGE A “major IT system failure” is causing British Airways some headaches today. The airline reports that the computer... 9 hours
camera on nasa s lunar orbiter survived 2014 meteoroid hit Camera on NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Survived 2014 Meteoroid Hit
ASTRO WATCH On Oct.13, 2014 something very strange happened to the camera aboard NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). The Lunar... 10 hours
Phaethon - The Missing Planet Of Our Solar System: Destroyed By An Ancient Nuclear War?
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO There is a belief that if we study other planets in our solar system, we might be warned... 14 hours
Advanced Mind Reading Technology Is The Source Of Illuminati's Power
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Between World War 2 and 2010, it has been quite obvious how the Illuminati have risen to power ... 14 hours
We're going to Proxima B by 2040, our closest stellar neighbor!
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Back in August of 2016 and amazing discovery was made just outside of our solar system. This discovery was a planet that highly resembled earth. The... 14 hours
this is probably the wrong internet of things solution to watering plants This is probably the wrong Internet of Things solution to watering plants
THE VERGE Nobody wants plants to die of thirst and neglect. So how can we use the internet to solve this problem? Probably not with the... 1 day
9to5toys last call apple watch series 2 70 off ipad mini 4 300 mophie juice pack for iphone 7 plus 50 more 9to5Toys Last Call: Apple Watch Series 2 $70 off, iPad mini 4 $300, Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 7/Plus $50, more
9to5Mac ... 1 day
9to5toys last call asus zenfone zoom unlocked powerbank 180 google home 99 sandisk cruzer 256gb 35 more 9to5Toys Last Call: Asus ZenFone Zoom (unlocked) + powerbank $180, Google Home $99, SanDisk Cruzer 256GB $35, more
9to5Google ... 1 day
lockheed wins 46 million contract addition for missile warning satellites Lockheed wins $46 million contract addition for missile warning satellites
SPACE NEWS The announcement adds to the $1.86 billion Lockheed won in 2014 to build the fifth and... 1 day
apple reportedly developing a dedicated ai chip for the iphone Apple reportedly developing a dedicated AI chip for the iPhone
THE VERGE Apple is reportedly working on a dedicated artificial intelligence chip that would power AI-related tasks on... 1 day
apple developing apple neural engine chip to power ai in ios devices Apple Developing 'Apple Neural Engine' Chip to Power AI in iOS Devices
MacRumors Apple is developing a dedicated processor that will be used to handle AI-related tasks like facial and speech recognition in its products, reports Bloomberg.... 1 day
Robust nanogenerators based on graft copolymers via control of dielectrics for remarkable output power enhancement
Science Magazine A robust nanogenerator based on poly(tert-butyl acrylate) (PtBA)–grafted polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) copolymers via dielectric constant control through an... 1 day
The metabolic regulator mTORC1 controls terminal myeloid differentiation
Science Magazine Monocytes are derived from hematopoietic stem cells through a series of intermediate progenitor stages, but the factors that regulate this process are incompletely defined. Using a Ccr2/Cx3cr1 dual-reporter system to model murine... 1 day
How much nuclear waste is in your state? - CNET
CNET The Nuclear Energy Institute keeps tabs on the spent nuclear fuel stored in states across the US. Here's where the radioactive waste ends up. 1 day
Why communication is vital—even among plants and funghi
PHYS.ORG Plant scientists at the University of Cambridge have found a plant protein indispensable for communication early in the formation of symbiosis - the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and fungi. Symbiosis significantly... 1 day
Trump's budget cuts West Coast quake warning system funding
ABC NEWS President Trump's budget would cut funding for West Coast earthquake early warning system 1 day
Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy could help protect children against asthma
NEWS MEDICAL A new study published today in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has found that taking Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy can positively modify the... 1 day
NASA’s Juno Mission Delivers Preliminary Science Results
SCI-NEWS.COM NASA’s Juno mission is rewriting what planetary researchers thought they knew about Jupiter, the largest and most massive planet in our Solar... 1 day
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YouTube star Colin Furze turned a microwave into a video game console
YouTube star Colin Furze turned a microwave into a video game console
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New trailers: Game of Thrones, Valerian, Spider-Man, and more
New trailers: Game of Thrones, Valerian, Spider-Man, and more
New trailers: Game of Thrones, Valerian, Spider-Man, and more