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fcc proposes a national blue alert system to warn public of threats to law enforcement FCC proposes a national ‘Blue Alert’ system to warn public of threats to law enforcement
THE VERGE The FCC today proposed to add... 39 minutes
Mars-to-Earth-Mass Planet May Lurk in Outer Solar System: Planet 10
SCI-NEWS.COM An unknown Mars-to-Earth-mass planet may lurk in the outer reaches of the Solar System, according to... 45 minutes
New design improves performance of flexible wearable electronics
PHYS.ORG In a proof-of-concept study, North Carolina State University engineers have designed a flexible thermoelectric energy harvester that has the potential to rival the effectiveness of existing power wearable electronic devices using body... 2 hours
apple pay coming to quiznos smashburger and other restaurants with integrated loyalty program Apple Pay Coming to Quiznos, Smashburger, and Other Restaurants With Integrated Loyalty Program
MacRumors Punchh today announced that Quiznos, Smashburger, MOD Pizza, and select... 2 hours
Nissan shows off next-gen Leaf's semiautonomous ProPilot system - Roadshow
CNET VIDEO It's capable enough to remove some monotony from driving, but don't expect another version of Autopilot quite yet. 2 hours
Rare cells are 'window into the gut' for the nervous system
SCIENCE DAILY Specialized cells in the gut sense potentially noxious chemicals and trigger electrical impulses in nearby nerve fibers, according to a new study, report scientists. 2 hours
NASA Eyes Close-Up Mission to Uranus, Neptune
SPACE.COM New NASA mission ideas would investigate the gassy environments of Uranus and Neptune, two planets on the edge of the solar system that spacecraft have visited only once. 2 hours
The curious case of the warped Kuiper Belt
SCIENCE DAILY The plane of the solar system is warped in the belt's outer reaches, signaling the presence of an unknown Mars-to-Earth-mass planetary object far beyond Pluto, according to new research.  2 hours
Breaking Lorentz reciprocity to overcome the time-bandwidth limit in physics and engineering
Science Magazine A century-old tenet in physics and engineering asserts that any type of system, having bandwidth , can interact with a wave over only a... 3 hours
one size fits all exosuits don t work we need exo tailoring One-size-fits-all exosuits don’t work: we need exo-tailoring
THE VERGE Exoskeletons can be incredibly useful, giving people extra strength or the ability to move freely when injured or disabled. But augmented performance... 2 hours
New orbiters for Europe's Galileo satnav system
PHYS.ORG The European Space Agency signed a contract with a German-British consortium Thursday to build eight more satellites for its Galileo satnav system, an alternative to America's GPS, the agency said Thursday. 3 hours
New Evidence: Our Solar System Has 10 Planets, A Big One Lurks Beyond Pluto
DISCLOSE.TV The Solar System hasn’t been the same since Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet, and all... 3 hours
mark zuckerberg just unveiled facebook s new mission statement Mark Zuckerberg just unveiled Facebook's new mission statement
THE VERGE When asked about his life’s work, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has traditionally fallen back on a somewhat nebulous... 3 hours
Luxurious Xbox accessories for the rich and crazy
Windows Central Much has been said about the price point of the Xbox One X, with some commentators saying that it's too expensive. To get the equivalent 4K-capable power and media features in a... 3 hours
the e mosquito bites you to monitor glucose levels The e-Mosquito bites you to monitor glucose levels
TechCrunch  Researchers at the University of Calgary have released the latest version of their “Wearable Microsystem for Minimally Invasive, Pseudo-Continuous Blood... 3 hours
the holo app is a tease of what s to come with ar on the iphone The Holo app is a tease of what's to come with AR on the iPhone
THE VERGE The most exciting thing about Apple’s... 4 hours
bionik s power plate keeps your joy con controllers playable while they charge Bionik's Power Plate keeps your Joy-Con controllers playable while they charge
THE VERGE The Nintendo Switch was very difficult to charge with anything but a Nintendo-branded wall... 4 hours
Rare cells are 'window into the gut' for the nervous system
PHYS.ORG Specialized cells in the gut sense potentially noxious chemicals and trigger electrical impulses in nearby nerve fibers, according to a new study led by UC San... 4 hours
do not disturb while driving feature rolls out in apple s newest ios 11 beta Do Not Disturb While Driving feature rolls out in Apple’s newest iOS 11 beta
TechCrunch  With the release of iOS 11’s latest beta... 4 hours
foxconn narrowed us factory locations to seven states will decide next month Foxconn narrowed US factory locations to seven states, will decide next month
9to5Mac Foxconn says that it is still planning to set up U.S. manufacturing plants in ‘several’ states, in a deal worth $10B. Some $7B of that... 7 hours
Are you going to buy the Xbox One X? We'd like to hear from you
Windows Central The Xbox One X has finally been announced, and it's a bit of a monster. The Xbox One... 6 hours
pioneer s lightning connected earbuds auto mute your mic when you re not talking Pioneer’s Lightning-connected earbuds auto-mute your mic when you’re not talking
THE VERGE Pioneer announced its Rayz Plus earbuds earlier this year with the promise of continual software upgrades.... 6 hours
Magnetic memories of a metal world
PHYS.ORG 4.5 billion years ago in the violent, high-speed environment of the early solar system, a protoplanet roughly the size of Mars was involved in a series of fierce collisions with other large planetary bodies. 6 hours
Mathematical confirmation: Rewiring financial networks reduces systemic risk
PHYS.ORG A tax on systemically risky transactions could reshape financial networks into a new structure that is less vulnerable to cascading financial system shocks such as the 2008 financial crisis, according to new... 6 hours
Frequent sexual activity can boost brain power in older adults
SCIENCE DAILY More frequent sexual activity has been linked to improved brain function in older adults, according to a new study. 7 hours
I am not sure I follow - Sigmund Freud
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Researchers develop landmark achievement in walking technology
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Red alert! Voice commands make this Star Trek game even more fun - CNET
Nissan shows off next-gen Leaf's semiautonomous ProPilot system - Roadshow
Spider-Man takes driver's test in an Audi (things get messy) - CNET
Sling TV brings Cloud DVR support to iOS with latest update