DISCLOSE.TV It has recently been suggested that people from all around the globe have been reporting weird feelings and symptoms. Very Weird Symptoms People Aroun... 1 month
Secret Organizations
This website can tell you how many people have DIED in your home & how
DISCLOSE.TV There is a strange website online that anyone can go to and enter their address and then find... 2 weeks
Strange Videos
DISCLOSE.TV This is a compilation video or weird and strange mainly paranormal videos. I do not know or have any information about the clips. Thanks 1 week
Strange lights filmed above sandiago chile
DISCLOSE.TV Footage from december 2015, people are just saying this is a fleet of military helicopters but the number of lights reduces until there is none left, ... 2 weeks
The Secret Meeting in Orbital Captured to the Satellite Camera
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A few months ago, the ISS camera did not want a strange meeting between the two strange objects that took place above our heads. http://www.galaksiars... 1 week
Strange meteorite lands on Indian village, turns out to be airplane poo | Freak Lore
DISCLOSE.TV People living in India, were surprised to discover what they thought to be a priceless meteor land in... 1 week
Strange sounds heard in Allen, Texas | Freak Lore
DISCLOSE.TV Located in Allen, Texas about six years ago, strange sounds were heard. These sounds were distinctively loud in the video. These occurrences have cont... 4 hours
The Strange Case of the Quinault Blow Down: The Ultimate Solution - Cliff Mass Weather And Climate Blog
THE ANOMALIST For those of you wondering what a hard core weather nerd with... 1 week
Psychic Tarot Reading For The Week Of February 15, 2018 - Dr. Rita Louise
DISCLOSE.TV Powerful and enlightening are the focus words for this week and relationships are still on the forefront. The challenges we... 1 week
Chris Rock: "If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets."
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Chris Rock, the comedian, and actor made a statement during an interview... 5 days
Strange Enigmas And Weird Phenomenon
DISCLOSE.TV This is a compilation of different Phenomenon caught on video. I do not know anything or have any information about any of these clips 1 week
Lunar Anomalies and UFOS
DISCLOSE.TV In recent years more than 200 whitish, circular and dome-shaped structures have been observed on the Moon and cataloged but, for some strange reason, ... 2 weeks
Confessions from people in the know
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuinaIm-kd4Confession from people in the know. 1 week
300-Million-Year-Old Metallic Spheres Discovered All Over Earth
DISCLOSE.TV I think these large rounded and smooth boulders were caught up in a rapid hydro cycle unimpeded by land masses during a worldwide cataclysmic flood. T... 15 hours
1960's UFO Crash Artifact Covered With Hieroglyphics Found In Museum
DISCLOSE.TV I have been following UFO phenomenon for years and have never heard of this, which is strange for such an unusual set of circumstances. Based on the ... 4 days
Fleet of UAP has internet in meltdown
DISCLOSE.TV Hopefully this post will bring back Disclose to its roots in reporting strange phenomena and UAP/UFO news. Not sure what to make of it. You decide! ht... 7 days
Leaked Apollo 17 Footage Shows Strange Anomaly
DISCLOSE.TV At that time the cameras were optical in nature, very hard to produce glitches or pixelations, those anomalies are specific to digital cameras, what w... 5 days
South Carolina Home Under Siege By Interdimensional Beings?
DISCLOSE.TV I found this video. A house owner reports strange noises outside his house and films evidence that something has crept up the wall of the house. Witne... 5 days
Mysterious Object In Strange Moon Crater
DISCLOSE.TV Pretty interesting crater here...the structure inside the crater is taking up the whole crater. Could be an old lost us space probe or something? 3 days
Witness Sees UFO Right Before Devestating Tornado Strike!
DISCLOSE.TV A scary and terrific encounter of a tornado may also have been of a UFO, according to the neighbor of a woman who claims to have seen a strange bright... 1 day
Why Is NASA Interested In 10,000-Year-Old Indian Rock Art?
DISCLOSE.TV Depictions of otherworldly beings are getting worldwide attention not only from breakaway archaeologists but also from NASA. These rock paintings show... 1 week
Strange & Polluted Sky's "look up"
DISCLOSE.TV Toxic Nano weapons fall from the sky alongside many other toxic heavy metals. 5 days
Wow poeple waking up in Georgia Tonight - People burning flag with George Soros on
DISCLOSE.TV This is a turning point in history, as people wake up to the control and enslavement we have... 10 hours
Strange Glowing Light Capture By Alaskan Weather Station Webcam. February 8, 2018
DISCLOSE.TV While checking the webcam feed Mario Barba saw this ball of light come in to view then hover and at a rapid speed fly... 2 weeks
Blind people have more nightmares, only seeing with their dreams | Freak Lore
DISCLOSE.TV Most of us don’t have to deal with such a hardship in life. But there are a number of people who have... 2 weeks
There Is A Humongous Admonition Worldwide That The Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Erupt Tomorrow
DISCLOSE.TV You've in all likelihood heard that the Yellowstone Supervolcano is possibly erupting on the day after today. However, it could fail to... 4 days
Brave Hiker Films Bigfoot In Michigan Forest
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Bigfoot spotted hanging out in a forest in Michigan. A strange video has surfaced on YouTube which was said to have been captured in a forest in Michi... 2 days
Zombie Sushi Comes Back To Life And Tries To Escape From Plate
DISCLOSE.TV Is this sushi still alive? Naturally many people are rather squeamish about sushi. It is, after all, raw fish. However, there are many people... 3 days
NASA satellite spotted weird cloud pattern over the Pacific
DISCLOSE.TV A NASA satellite has picked up a strange and prominent pattern of clouds over the Pacific, and some will no doubt leap straight to the fact that they ... 1 week
Sperm Hidden In Barack Obama’s Official Portrait
DISCLOSE.TV Sean Hannity has apparently been looking very, very closely at Barack Obama’s new official portrait and believes he sees something strange — hidden sp... 1 week
Something Weird Went Down in the Woods of Washington - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST What the heck happened last month in the forests of Olympic National Park? More than a hundred old growth trees were knocked down in... 1 week
UFO Falls Out of Sky in Brazil after Exploding in a Flash of Light
Brave Hiker Films Bigfoot In Michigan Forest
New Scientific Paper Offers Evidence for Younger Dryas Conflagration; Lost Civilization Believers Immediately Lay Claim ...
When Democrats run a state...
Chris Rock: "If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets."
Confessions from people in the know
The Secret Meeting in Orbital Captured to the Satellite Camera
Q Reveals Deep State In Panic
The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Deals With A New Breed Of Zombie