ABC NEWS St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Tennessee says it hopes to improve access to care for children with cancer around the world by investing $100 million in an expansion of its global outreach program 4 weeks
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Cureworks collaborative aims to accelerate development of immunotherapies for pediatric cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Seattle Children's, with participating members Children's National Health System, BC Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has launched CureWorks, an international collaborative of leading academic... 7 days
New research explores why minority children have worse cancer outcomes
NEWS MEDICAL New research will focus on finding better treatments for minority children with high-risk cancer malignancies - a group whose outcomes and survival rates are worse than other pediatric... 1 week
Study shows four survival strategies of tumor cells in childhood cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Cancer cells in children tend to develop by following four main trajectories - and two of them are linked to relapse of the disease, research led... 2 weeks
St. Louis to end prosecution of low-level marijuana crimes
ABC NEWS St. Louis prosecutors will no longer pursue charges for most low-level marijuana offenses, joining a few other cities in opting to redirect resources toward more serious crimes 5 days
Parents believe cancer prevention potential as best reason for adolescents to receive HPV vaccine
NEWS MEDICAL Parents of adolescents believed that the potential to prevent certain types of cancer is the best reason for their children... 5 days
NCI cancer centers come together to discuss ways to eliminate HPV Cancers
NEWS MEDICAL The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center has joined the other 69 cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute to issue a... 2 weeks
NCI cancer centers issue joint statement endorsing HPV vaccination and cancer screening
NEWS MEDICAL Calling human papillomavirus-related cancers a significant public health problem, the directors of the 70 National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers, including UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer... 2 weeks
Overload of zinc in muscles leads to cachexia in cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL It's estimated that nearly one-third of all cancer deaths are caused not by the cancer itself but by cachexia-;a debilitating muscle-wasting syndrome that affects an estimated... 2 weeks
Physiological and social determinants of children's sharing behavior
SCIENCE DAILY When are primary school children willing to share valuable resources with others and when are they not? Researchers have investigated this question in a controlled behavioral experiment. The motivation to share seems... 2 days
Medical News Today: Gene editing for cancer prevention may actually cause cancer
MNT Gene editing tools have been hailed as promising in cancer prevention therapy. However, new research warns that they may, in fact, help to trigger... 7 days
Helicopter parenting may negatively affect children's emotional well-being, behavior
SCIENCE DAILY It's natural for parents to do whatever they can to keep their children safe and healthy, but children need space to learn and grow on their own, without Mom or... 15 hours
Can this new discovery help us to eliminate brain cancer?
MNT Brain cancer is often difficult to treat, as the tumors formed in this type of cancer are more resistant to therapy. Can we learn to bypass their defenses? 2 weeks
Different outdoor professions carry different risks for skin cancer
SCIENCE DAILY One of the main risk factors for non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC), the most common cancer worldwide, is solar ultraviolet radiation. 2 weeks
Study suggests three periods of global warming slowdown since 1891 due to natural temporary causes
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from the U.K., Sweden and Australia has found that three periods of global warming... 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Can this new discovery help us to eliminate brain cancer?
MNT Brain cancer is often difficult to treat, as the tumors formed in this type of cancer are more resistant to therapy. Can... 2 weeks
Understanding cancer heterogeneity may help avoid harmful effects of chemotherapy
NEWS MEDICAL "Understanding cancer heterogeneity could further reduce chemo use," says cancer research expert Antonio Giordano, MD, PhD, Director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine at... 2 weeks
Patients may want cancer screenings even if potential harms outweigh benefits, finds study
NEWS MEDICAL A large proportion of the American public opts to receive cancer screenings with the hope that testing will reduce their chance of... 5 days
Scientists identify new subtype of prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers led by the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center have identified a new subtype of prostate cancer that occurs in about 7 percent of patients with advanced disease. 4 days
Late onset of diabetes could be indicative of pancreatic cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Onset of pancreas cancer after the age of 50 years could be a sign of development of pancreatic cancer finds a new study. 3 hours
Cure for a common turtle cancer takes a lesson from human cancers
Science Magazine Turtle’s virus-initiated cancer works like human skin cancer 2 weeks
Higher circulating vitamin D levels linked with lower colorectal cancer risk
NEWS MEDICAL A new study authored by scientists from the American Cancer Society, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the U.S. National Cancer Institute, and more... 5 days
Scientists pinpoint potential treatment target for pediatric liver cancer
NEWS MEDICAL A protein in the cell nucleus already targeted therapeutically for several types of cancer has now been linked to an aggressive form of pediatric liver cancer called hepatoblastoma (HBL), according... 1 week
Researchers study what blushing reveals about emotional states of narcissistic children
NEWS MEDICAL Narcissistic children blush when they do not receive the praise they think they deserve. They feel depreciated but are unwilling to admit this feeling to others,... 2 weeks
Scientists find novel tactic with potential for fighting medulloblastoma
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have a new tactic with potential for fighting medulloblastoma, the most common and most aggressive form of brain tumor in children.The results are scheduled for publication in Cancer Cell. 7 days
Research project could lead to development of new immune therapies for lung cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Protein kinases regulate nearly all processes in cells. If the function of these enzymes is disrupted, often cancer will develop. In particular... 2 weeks
The Latest: Man behind $100M medical scam gets 6 years
ABC NEWS One of two brothers who ran a bribes-for-referrals health fraud scam that brought in more than $100 million has been sentenced to six years in prison 6 days
Children with ASD more likely to suffer from food allergy, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL A new study from the University of Iowa finds that children with autism spectrum disorder are more than twice as likely to suffer from... 1 week
Charity introduces new Hereditary Cancer Risk Tool to fight ovarian cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Around 15% of ovarian cancer cases are linked to genetic mutations such as BRCA1, BRCA2 and Lynch Syndrome, which increase an individual's likelihood of developing ovarian... 6 days
OGT increases NGS cancer panel content to provide more flexibility for customization
NEWS MEDICAL Oxford Gene Technology, The Molecular Genetics Company, has expanded its SureSeq myPanel™ NGS Custom Cancer Panel content - now covering 120 fully optimized cancer... 6 days
NCI selects Arizona State University to lead new cancer research
NEWS MEDICAL Arizona State University has been awarded more than $8.5 million over five years from the National Cancer Institute to establish the Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center. 2 weeks
Short-term changes in Antarctica's ice shelves are key to predicting their long-term fate
NASA finds weakening rainfall in Bud
Seawater yields first grams of yellowcake: Yarn-like material collects largest amount of uranium to date
The big global space agencies rely on Australia – let's turn that to our advantage
3-D view of Amazon forests captures effects of El Nino drought
Fermi satellite celebrates 10 years of discoveries
If people with learning disabilities can't consent to marry, they're at risk of forced marriage
NASA observed the once-hurricane Aletta intensify, now weakening quickly
'Jurassic park' made a dinosaur-sized leap forward in computer-generated animation on screen, 25 years ago
Scientists study how wood is formed and how that process can help develop materials for the future
Inside The Ukrainian Clinic Making '3-Parent Babies' For Women Who Are Infertile
Large igneous provinces contribute to ups and downs in atmospheric carbon dioxide
New WHO Global Action Plan for Physical Activity holds potential to protect millions of people from NCDs