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PHYS.ORG Do standardized tests accurately predict future outcomes in graduate school for biomedical programs? 6 days
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Should biomedical graduate schools ignore the GRE?
SCIENCE DAILY The Graduate Record Exam (GRE), which is required for admission to graduate and doctorate programs across the country, is not the best indicator for predicting a student's success while pursuing a doctorate in the... 6 days
Gifted students benefit from ability grouping
SCIENCE DAILY Schools should use both ability grouping and acceleration to help academically talented students, reports a new study that examined a century of research looking at the controversial subject. 4 days
Plans for schools to hold spare adrenaline auto-injector continue to progress positively
NEWS MEDICAL The plans for an amendment to legislation which will allow all state schools to hold a spare adrenaline injector for use in case of... 2 days
Using immune cells to deliver anti-cancer drugs
SCIENCE DAILY Biomedical engineers have created a smart, targeted drug delivery system using immune cells to attack cancers. 2 weeks
Why 'platonic' flies don't copulate and what that could mean for humans
PHYS.ORG By studying the sexual behavior of a mutant strain of fruit fly called "platonic," researchers at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Life Sciences... 4 hours
Evolving deep brain stimulation patterns
MNT Duke University biomedical engineers have used computers to "evolve" more effective patterns of electric shocks delivered deep within the brain to treat Parkinson's disease symptoms. 2 weeks
When Should Kids Start Eating Peanuts? New Guidelines Explain
LIVE SCIENCE Parents who are wondering when exactly they should start feeding peanut-containing foods to their infants can now turn to new guidelines. 2 weeks
Researchers use nature's weaving formula to engineer advanced functional materials
PHYS.ORG For the first time, UNSW biomedical engineers have woven a 'smart' fabric that mimics the sophisticated and complex properties of one nature's ingenious materials, the bone tissue periosteum. 6 days
Researchers develop innovative method to manufacture biocompatible implantable microdevices
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers led by Biomedical Engineering Professor Columbia Engineering has developed a way to manufacture microscale-sized machines from biomaterials that can safely be implanted in the body. 2 weeks
Duke researchers use cancer-seeking salmonella to treat glioblastoma
NEWS MEDICAL Biomedical engineers at Duke University have recruited an unlikely ally in the fight against the deadliest form of brain cancer -- a strain of salmonella that usually causes food poisoning. 6 days
Scientists use a gaming algorithm to enhance a DNA sequencing Android app
PHYS.ORG The accuracy of a smartphone app called GelApp, designed by A*STAR scientists to help analyze biomedical samples, has been greatly enhanced by the addition... 6 days
More older Americans using cannabis, underscoring need for research
SCIENCE DAILY Cannabis use among older adults in the US is on the rise, yet there is currently a lack of biomedical, clinical, and public health research to inform policy related to... 6 days
Is student debt responsible for 'boomeranging' among young adults?
PHYS.ORG While student loan debt has reached an all-time high, with the average college graduate owing $30,000 in student loans, it does not increase young adults' risk of "boomeranging" or returning... 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Is Neurofeedback an Effective Treatment for ADHD?
MNT What is neurofeedback and does it work when treating ADHD? What should be considered when using neurofeedback and what should be expected from treatment? 1 day
Is Neurofeedback an Effective Treatment for ADHD?
MNT What is neurofeedback and does it work when treating ADHD? What should be considered when using neurofeedback and what should be expected from treatment? 1 day
Jury: DuPont should pay Ohio man $10.5M more in cancer suit
PHYS.ORG A federal jury says DuPont should pay an additional $10.5 million in damages to an Ohio man who says he got testicular cancer because of a... 2 weeks
Chronic consumption of western diet leads to overeating and obesity, new research shows
NEWS MEDICAL More than two in three adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese, with substantial biomedical and clinical evidence suggesting... 6 days
Hybrid organic-inorganic materials can self-assemble into tiny doughnut-like structures
PHYS.ORG Engineered nanometer- and micrometer-scale structures have a vast array of uses in electronics, sensors and biomedical applications. Because these are difficult to fabricate, KAUST researchers are trying a bottom-up philosophy,... 10 hours
Leaders and managers should be taught how to 'love' their staff
PHYS.ORG Some 80 per cent of managers think leaders and managers should be taught how to be compassionate, to genuinely care for and to be considerate towards... 2 weeks
Future Oncology: Special issue focuses on field of psycho-oncology in cancer care
NEWS MEDICAL The Future Science Group published journal, Future Oncology, has released a special issue that examines the field of psycho-oncology, which aims to bring together... 2 weeks
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