PHYS.ORG Do standardized tests accurately predict future outcomes in graduate school for biomedical programs? 3 months
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WATCH: California med student fufills dying dad's wish to see her graduate
ABC NEWS A 79-year-old father is on his death bed, and he had just one wish: to see his daughter graduate. So dozens of people brought... 24 hours
WATCH: California med student fulfills dying dad's wish to see her graduate
ABC NEWS A 79-year-old father is on his death bed, and he had just one wish: to see his daughter graduate. So dozens of people brought... 23 hours
CHLA receives NIH grant for biomedical research training to disadvantaged undergraduate students
NEWS MEDICAL Emil Bogenmann, PhD, EdD, at The Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles, received a five-year renewal grant of $1.3 million from the... 15 hours
White families with children drawn to less diverse neighborhoods, schools
PHYS.ORG White families with children continue to live in predominantly white neighborhoods, in part to send their children to predominantly white schools, according to a new study on racial... 5 days
New machine learning technique provides translational results
PHYS.ORG A team of scientists at Berkeley Lab has developed an unsupervised multi-scale machine learning technique that can automatically and specifically capture biomedical events or concepts directly from raw data. In many data-driven biomedical studies,... 6 days
Accounting for sex differences in biomedical research
PHYS.ORG When it comes to health, a person's sex can play a role. More women in the U.S. have autoimmune diseases than men, for example, whereas boys are more likely to be diagnosed with autism... 6 days
Micron Oxford advance their cellular imaging techniques using the super-resolution Nanoimager
NEWS MEDICAL Micron Oxford is a collaborative, multidisciplinary bioimaging unit working with biomedical researchers in the Oxford area and beyond, to apply advanced light microscopy imaging techniques to... 4 days
Threat to Birth Control Access Should Transcend Politics (Op-Ed)
LIVE SCIENCE Birth control access should transcends politics. 5 days
Medical News Today: Diet tips to improve insulin resistance
MNT In this article, learn about how to reduce insulin insensitivity and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Which foods should you eat? Which foods should you avoid? 3 days
Threat to Birth Control Access Should Transcend Politics
LIVE SCIENCE Birth control access should transcends politics. 6 days
Ariane 5 Launch Halted Indefinitely as Kourou Unrest Continues
SPACE.COM An Ariane 5 launch already twice delayed by French Guiana labor unrest was put on indefinite hold Thursday as protests shut down roads, schools and municipal buildings in the South... 5 days
Study shows how epigenetic randomness helps cancer cells proliferate
NEWS MEDICAL In a research effort that merged genetics, physics and information theory, a team at the schools of medicine and engineering at The Johns Hopkins University has added significantly to evidence that large... 14 hours
How can a legally binding agreement on human cloning be established?
SCIENCE DAILY Since Dolly the Sheep was cloned, the question of whether human reproductive cloning should be banned or pursued has been the subject of international debate. Researchers... 7 days
ariane 5 launch halted indefinitely as kourou unrest continues Ariane 5 launch halted indefinitely as Kourou unrest continues
SPACE NEWS WASHINGTON — An Ariane 5 launch already twice delayed by local labor unrest was put on indefinite hold... 5 days
Parallel computation provides deeper insight into brain function
PHYS.ORG Unlike experimental neuroscientists who deal with real-life neurons, computational neuroscientists use model simulations to investigate how the brain functions. While many computational neuroscientists use simplified mathematical models of neurons, researchers in the... 4 days
Obese or Not? It's Time to Rethink BMI, Researchers Argue
LIVE SCIENCE Should obesity be redefined? 10 hours
NIDA grant offers support to develop couples-based drug use intervention for partnered gay men
NEWS MEDICAL Dr. Tyrel Starks, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of... 6 days
More compulsory math lessons do not encourage women to pursue STEM careers
PHYS.ORG The demand for employees in STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and math) is particularly high, as corporations compete to attract skilled professionals in the... 2 hours
How chewing like a cow helped early mammals thrive
PHYS.ORG VIDEO You probably haven't given much thought to how you chew, but the jaw structure and mechanics of almost all modern mammals may have something to do with why we're here... 5 days
Ivanka Gets a West Wing Office—Should We Be Surprised? History Says Maybe Not
HISTORY Is the first daughter’s new role really so unprecedented? 4 days
Baby born with extra legs thriving after surgery
ABC NEWS Doctors say a baby girl from Africa who's recovering from a risky surgery at a suburban Chicago hospital should now be able to lead a normal life 7 days
Dairy farmers should rethink a cow's curfew
PHYS.ORG Dairy cows housed indoors want to break curfew and roam free, suggests new research from the University of British Columbia, published today in Scientific Reports. 5 days
Tech changes allow greater fan engagement in sports
PHYS.ORG As technology permits greater interactivity with fans, sports clubs and leagues have consulted sometimes far-flung supporters on everything from a team's name to where games should be played. 2 days
Medical News Today: Atrial fibrillation: Natural treatments, remedies, and tips
MNT Learn about A-fib and the natural treatments available. What herbs and supplements may be used to treat A-fib and what substances should be avoided? 4 days
Medical News Today: Itchy eyes: Causes and treatment options
MNT How can you relieve itchy or dry eyes? When should you see a doctor? Learn about common causes of this irritating condition and how to manage symptoms. 5 days
Manufacturer: Drones should transmit identifier for security
PHYS.ORG The world's largest manufacturer of civilian drones is proposing that the craft continually transmit identification information to help government security agencies and law enforcement figure out which might belong to rogue operators. 23 hours
New international banking rules would not prevent another financial crisis
SCIENCE DAILY The Basel III regulatory framework, as planned, will not reduce systemic risk in the financial sector, according to new research. Instead, regulations should aim to increase the resilience... 17 hours
Children of older mothers have better upbringing
NEWS MEDICAL The result should be seen in conjunction with the widespread recommendation not to have children too late. This recommendation is based on knowledge about e.g. declining fertility and the health risks during pregnancy and... 7 days
Study shows public wants researchers held accountable for data fraud
PHYS.ORG Whether it is falsification, fabrication or selective reporting, the general public views these research practices as immoral and believes scientists should be held accountable, according to a new... 5 days
Is There a Resting Frame in Universe?
SCI-NEWS.COM Physics is sometimes closer to philosophy when it comes to understanding the Universe. Dr. Donald Chang, a physicist at the Hong Kong... 5 days
Video: How do we measure temperature?
Ubiquitous marine organism co-evolved with other microbes, promoting more complex ecosystems
Virtual museum brings extinct species back to life
How will Brexit impact life sciences in Wales?
In 30 years, can we sustainably meet the needs of 9.5 billion people?
When did humans settle down? The house mouse may have the answer
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Citizen search for new planet in solar system
Flying Through Aurora: Airline Carries Passengers into Southern Lights
Docking Port Relocated at Space Station to Support Commercial Spacecraft
What about a mission to Titan?
Archival photos offer research value
NASA tests observing capability on Hawaii's coral reefs
35 years of chiptune's influence on electronic music
Neil deGrasse Tyson's Words Inspire Cosmic Song and Music Video for Kids
President Trump Hails NASA's Space Exploration Spirit in Weekly Address