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Postimpact earliest Paleogene warming shown by fish debris oxygen isotopes (El Kef, Tunisia)
Science Magazine Greenhouse warming is a predicted consequence of the Chicxulub impact, but supporting data are sparse. This shortcoming compromises understanding of the impact’s... 53 minutes
Beyond fossil fuel-driven nitrogen transformations
Science Magazine Nitrogen is fundamental to all of life and many industrial processes. The interchange of nitrogen oxidation states in the industrial production of ammonia, nitric acid, and other commodity chemicals is largely powered by fossil fuels. A key goal... 55 minutes
FDA warns: don’t let your children sink their teeth into benzocaine
ABC NEWS The FDA says benzocaine-based products should no longer be used for teething. 19 minutes
Home-based telehealth therapy program effective for stroke rehabilitation, shows study
NEWS MEDICAL In-home rehabilitation, using a telehealth system and supervised by licensed occupational/physical therapists, is an effective means of improving arm motor status in stroke survivors, according to findings presented... 25 minutes
An ingestible bacterial-electronic system to monitor gastrointestinal health
Science Magazine Biomolecular monitoring in the gastrointestinal tract could offer rapid, precise disease detection and management but is impeded by access to the remote and complex environment. Here, we present an ingestible micro-bio-electronic device... 55 minutes
Google opens its G Suite for Education to home-school co-ops
TechCrunch Google today announced that it is changing the eligibility guidelines of its free G Suite for Education service to include home-school co-ops. Parents and teachers who run home-school co-ops... 2 hours
New app offers customized advice to improve learning
PHYS.ORG University of Colorado researchers have created on-demand, voice-activated apps to enhance learning and teaching for members of CU Anschutz Medical Campus and CU Denver. 2 hours
Medical News Today: Scientists find cell types behind schizophrenia
MNT A study that compares hundreds of schizophrenia-related genes with gene maps of brain cell types locates the few cell types behind the disease's biology. 1 hour
Medical News Today: What are the health benefits of balsamic vinegar?
MNT Balsamic vinegar is a food cupboard staple in many kitchens. It can be used on roasted vegetables, salads, and as a marinade. In this article, we... 1 hour
Microsoft’s Twitch rival Mixer gets a revamp, including new developer tools for interactive gameplay
TechCrunch Microsoft is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its game streaming service and Twitch competitor, Mixer, with a host of new features,... 3 hours
Inside Facebook’s anti-sex trafficking hackathon
TechCrunch Tech giants put their rivalries aside for two days this week to code for a common cause: protecting children on the Internet. Deep inside Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, teams drawn from Uber, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest worked... 2 hours
Medical News Today: How using your legs keeps your brain healthy
MNT New research shows how restricting movement in legs impairs brain health over time. A certain kind of leg exercise, by contrast, keeps neurons healthy. 2 hours
Researchers reveal stimulatory effects of myelin on young neural cells
NEWS MEDICAL Recovery after severe spinal cord injury is notoriously fraught, with permanent paralysis often the result. In recent years, researchers have increasingly turned to stem cell-based therapies as a... 3 hours
Cold production of new seafloor
SCIENCE DAILY Magma steadily emerges between oceanic plates. It pushes the plates apart, builds large underwater mountains and forms new seafloor. This is one of the fundamental processes that constantly change the face of the Earth. But there are also... 3 hours
US probe to determine if car imports 'impair the national security' - Roadshow
CNET It could lead to tariffs on imported vehicles, and foreign OEM stocks are already slipping. 4 hours
Medical News Today: Carcinogens in BBQ smoke absorbed more by skin than lungs
MNT A new study examines how carcinogens enter our bodies when exposed to fumes from a barbecue. They find that more enter through... 3 hours
Capturing CO2 using heat pumps
PHYS.ORG Capturing the greenhouse gas CO2 from industrial processes such as cement manufacture is a demanding and therefore expensive exercise. However, by introducing a renewable powered heat pump in the capture system, the energy required to capture CO2 is... 5 hours
Orchard-specific fruit tree management
PHYS.ORG Chemical applications to vineyards are currently based on land area. New technology that takes into account foliage dimensions will save on chemicals and reduce impact on the environment. 5 hours
Anti-theft sticker protects your valuables without revealing their location
PHYS.ORG VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Streamr have developed a prototype adhesive ID tag based on blockchain technology, which enables valuable goods to be protected without revealing their location.... 5 hours
Adorable Christopher Robin Poster Reminds Us Of Scary IT Poster
CINEMA BLEND Based on the first trailer, Disney's live-action Christopher Robin is set to be a cute, and... 5 hours
Medical News Today: Bladder spasms: Everything you need to know
MNT When the bladder contracts involuntarily, causing pain and urine leakage, this is called a bladder spasm. Here, learn why these spasms occur and how to identify them. We... 4 hours
First Detailed Anatomical Study of Bonobos Contradicts Key Dogmas about Human Evolution
SCI-NEWS.COM Bonobos (Pan paniscus) and other apes, such as common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and gorillas (Gorilla sp.), have muscles long-believed to be only present in humans... 6 hours
the ticwatch pro uses a transparent second display to save power The TicWatch Pro uses a transparent second display to save power
THE VERGE Aside from seeing the name go from Android Wear to Wear OS, not much... 6 hours
MATHUSLA—a new idea proposed to spot long-lived particles at LHC
PHYS.ORG A small team of physicists that includes Jessie Shelton of the University of Illinois and David Curtin of the University of Toronto has written a paper and presented... 5 hours
Complementing conventional antibiotics
SCIENCE DAILY Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major medical problem worldwide, impacting both human health and economic well-being. Scientists have now developed a new strategy for fighting bacteria. The scientists revealed the molecular action mechanism of a Legionella toxin and developed a... 5 hours
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