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best buy discounts apple s 10 5 inch ipad pro by up to 150 Best Buy discounts Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro by up to $150
9to5Mac Best Buy is currently taking up to $150 off Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro in various... 4 hours
Grim Fandango Remastered Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
CINEMA BLEND This is the first time that Grim Fandango Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and gamers looking for some... 9 hours
how to find your home on pangea How to find your home on Pangea
THE VERGE Before there were the continents, there was Pangea. Two hundred million years ago, the enormous land mass began to break apart and... 10 hours
Chime in: Is Intel losing its relevancy in the Windows world?
Windows Central Intel has always been the cornerstone of Windows PCs, is that beginning to fade? There has been a lot of focus recently on competitors to Intel's... 10 hours
Medical News Today: What to know about Freon poisoning
MNT Chemicals used as cooling agents in refrigeration and air-conditioning units can be deadly if inhaled. This rarely occurs by accident, but some people inhale these chemicals, commercially known as Freon,... 12 hours
Fields of dreams: Texas researchers seek to redefine U.S. whiskey
REUTERS COLLEGE STATION, Texas (Reuters) - A master distiller and a crop scientist who specializes in corn... 13 hours
TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield is coming soon to Beirut, São Paolo and Lagos
TechCrunch Everyone knows there are thriving startup communities outside of obvious hubs, like San Francisco, Berlin, Bangalore and Beijing, but they don’t always get the... 15 hours
study may help humans colonize mars and hunt for alien life Study May Help Humans Colonize Mars and Hunt for Alien Life
ASTRO WATCH Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have contributed to an international study that... 15 hours
New method makes weather forecasts right as rain
SCIENCE DAILY Meteorologists have known for some time that rainfall forecasts have flaws, as failure to take into account factors such as evaporation can affect their accuracy. Now, researchers have developed a system that... 22 hours
Researchers find combination can enhance ipilimumab immunotherapy
SCIENCE DAILY Using a targeted therapy to block a protein that suppresses T cell activity could improve cancer treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors, researchers report. 22 hours
Study with implications for opioid crisis finds opioids raise risk of fracture nonunion
SCIENCE DAILY Not only may opioid use increase the risk of bone fractures, but opioids may also impair healing. The authors of a new... 22 hours
Greater levels of vitamin D associated with decreasing risk of breast cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers suggest higher levels of vitamin D are associated with decreasing risk of breast cancer. 22 hours
Meat sensitivity spread by ticks linked to heart disease
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have linked sensitivity to an allergen in red meat -- a sensitivity spread by tick bites -- with a buildup of fatty plaque in the arteries of the heart.... 22 hours
New compound as effective as FDA-approved drugs against life-threatening infections
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have identified a new compound that in preliminary testing has shown itself to be as effective as antibiotics approved by the FDA to treat life-threatening infections while... 22 hours
Camouflaged nanoparticles used to deliver killer protein to cancer
SCIENCE DAILY A biomimetic nanosystem can deliver therapeutic proteins to selectively target cancerous tumors, according to a team of Penn State researchers. 1 day
Squeezing light at the nanoscale
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a new technique to squeeze infrared light into ultra-confined spaces, generating an intense, nanoscale antenna that could be used to detect single biomolecules. 24 hours
Brromeliads contribute to mosquito breeding in Miami
SCIENCE DAILY With vector-borne diseases posing an increasing public health threat to communities in South Florida and elsewhere, a new study led by public health researchers has revealed that ornamental bromeliad plants contribute to breeding of... 1 day
Microsoft Wants To Get The Adaptive Controller On Other Consoles
CINEMA BLEND Microsoft feels as if the other consoles could also use the Adaptive Controller and wants to... 1 day
Physiological and social determinants of children's sharing behavior
SCIENCE DAILY When are primary school children willing to share valuable resources with others and when are they not? Researchers have investigated this question in a controlled behavioral experiment. The motivation to share seems... 1 day
Critical plant gene takes unexpected detour that could boost biofuel yields
SCIENCE DAILY For decades, biologists have believed a key enzyme in plants had one function -- produce amino acids, which are vital to plant survival and also essential... 1 day
Novel method for investigating pore geometry in rocks
SCIENCE DAILY In a fusion of mathematics and earth science, researchers have proposed a novel method for characterizing pore geometry in rock, based on persistence diagram analysis and a newly proposed parameter, the distance... 1 day
itc suggests apple infringed on qualcomm battery patent as potential import ban looms ITC suggests Apple infringed on Qualcomm battery patent as potential import ban looms
9to5Mac As Apple’s legal battle with Qualcomm continues to drag on,... 1 day
dust clouds can explain puzzling features of active galactic nuclei Dust Clouds Can Explain Puzzling Features of Active Galactic Nuclei
ASTRO WATCH Many large galaxies have a bright central region called an active galactic nucleus (AGN), powered by... 1 day
research shows short gamma ray bursts do follow binary neutron star mergers Research Shows Short Gamma-Ray Bursts Do Follow Binary Neutron Star Mergers
ASTRO WATCH Researchers at Oregon State University have confirmed that last fall’s union of two neutron... 1 day
cybermom on the run this week in tech 20 years ago Cybermom on the run: this week in tech, 20 years ago
THE VERGE VIDEO This week in 2018 has been dominated by video game news, since the E3... 1 day
Watch: 80's Arcade Throwback Short Film 'Tank' from Stu Maschwitz
Watch: 80's Arcade Throwback Short Film 'Tank' from Stu Maschwitz
First International Trailer for Oz Ensemble Comedy 'Ladies in Black'
Deadpool joining the Avengers? Ryan Reynolds wants it to happen - CNET
Here are all of Jack-Jack’s powers in the Incredibles 2
Cybermom on the run: this week in tech, 20 years ago
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET