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SCIENCE DAILY Addiction-related memories are exceptionally strong and stable, suggesting that addictive drugs remodel the brain’s circuitry in a prominent and lasting way. In the past decade, researchers have used mouse models to unravel how cellular changes in the nucleus accumbens (NAc), a brain structure involved in action selection associated with arousal and reward, may contribute to addiction-related behavior. Whereas neuronal remodeling in the NAc explains a wide range of addictive behaviors, it is not 1 month
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Swedish supermarket tests lasers to label organic produce
PHYS.ORG Something high-tech is happening in the produce aisle at some Swedish supermarkets, where laser marks have replaced labels on the organic avocados and sweet potatoes. 6 days
Researcher works with NASA to study using Martian soil to build human habitats
PHYS.ORG It's hard enough to transport humans to Mars. But once they get there, where will they live? 5 days
Ionicon to showcase high-resolution PTR-TOFMS instrument at Pittcon 2017
NEWS MEDICAL The world’s smallest, commercial high-resolution PTR-TOFMS instrument for VOC monitoring IONICON Analytik, the Austrian based leading manufacturer of real-time trace VOC analyzers, introduces a new compact high-resolution instrument. 21 hours
Remembering the need to forget
PHYS.ORG We are built to forget – it is a psychological necessity. But in a social media world that captures – and, more importantly, remembers – everything we say and do, forgetting is becoming a thing of the past.... 4 days
Communicating health risks in a post-truth world
SCIENCE DAILY Public officials faced with the tough task of communicating risk on contentious issues like vaccination or fluoridation -- where the actual risk is low but public concern remains high -- need to show that... 6 days
Study identifies protein in tumor microenvironment that promotes breast cancer spread
NEWS MEDICAL To understand what makes breast cancer spread, researchers are looking at where it lives - not just its original home in the breast but its new... 4 days
How temperature guides where species live and where they'll go
PHYS.ORG For decades, among the most enduring questions for ecologists have been: "Why do species live where they do? And what are the factors that keep them there?" A... 6 days
High rates of satisfaction for applicator free local estrogen softgel ovule
SCIENCE DAILY A new investigational delivery method for localized vaginal estrogen therapy received high rates of patient satisfaction among post-menopausal women, according to post-trial survey results. 5 days
Technique to characterize electrical potential distribution in composite electrodes of solid state lithium ion batteries
PHYS.ORG Major advancement in understanding the cause of high resistivity at the electrode–electrolyte interfaces, which has been hindering the... 20 hours
Promega introduces new Spectrum Compact CE System for high quality DNA analysis
NEWS MEDICAL Soon scientists will be able to perform efficient DNA analysis right at their bench. Promega Corporation has announced the development of a benchtop capillary... 4 hours
High-dose B vitamins can effectively reduce schizophrenia symptoms, research finds
NEWS MEDICAL A review of worldwide studies has found that add-on treatment with high-dose b-vitamins - including B6, B8 and B12 - can significantly reduce symptoms of schizophrenia more than... 5 days
How mobility may affect future transit use
PHYS.ORG Where is travel demand going to be in the future and do changes in America's population matter? Ten or 20 years from now, any movement could influence where to send bus lines and other... 5 days
Scientists predict new high-energy compounds
PHYS.ORG Using theoretical methods, an international group of scientists led by Artem R. Oganov, Professor of Skoltech, Stony Brook University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology predicted unusual nitrides of hafnium and chromium with the chemical formulae HfN10... 7 days
Combining contact tracing with targeted indoor residual spraying significantly reduces dengue transmission
Science Magazine The widespread transmission of dengue viruses (DENV), coupled with the alarming increase of birth defects and neurological disorders associated with Zika virus, has put... 3 days
Microscope cameras with CMOS sensor and high acquisition speed released by Zeiss
NEWS MEDICAL ZEISS introduces two new digital microscope cameras; ZEISS Axiocam 702 mono and ZEISS Axiocam 512 color complement the current portfolio of high-speed USB 3.0... 5 days
How temperature guides where species live, where they'll go
SCIENCE DAILY A new study could prove significant in answering among the most enduring questions for ecologists: Why do species live where they do, and what are the factors that keep them... 6 days
Scientists identify genetic signature of risk for type 2 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL Why do some people get Type 2 diabetes, while others who live the same lifestyle never do? For decades, scientists have tried to solve this mystery - and... 6 days
Study investigates impact of strip tillage on a high-value crop
PHYS.ORG VIDEO A study done by researchers at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Uvalde may help producers in the Texas Winter Garden region and other areas... 7 days
Sex risk behaviors more prevalent among delinquent youth as they age, study reveals
NEWS MEDICAL Delinquent youth are more likely to have high-risk HIV/AIDS sexual behaviors as they age, including multiple sexual partners and unprotected vaginal sex... 6 days
New toolset evaluates economic impacts of ozone reduction policies for nine income groups
PHYS.ORG One of the two top air pollutants in the U.S., ground-level ozone is harmful not only to your health but also to... 5 days
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