SCIENCE DAILY Addiction-related memories are exceptionally strong and stable, suggesting that addictive drugs remodel the brain’s circuitry in a prominent and lasting way. In the past decade, researchers have used mouse models to unravel how cellular changes in the nucleus accumbens (NAc), a brain structure involved in action selection associated with arousal and reward, may contribute to addiction-related behavior. Whereas neuronal remodeling in the NAc explains a wide range of addictive behaviors, it is not 5 months
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High pressure key to lighter, stronger metal alloys, scientists find
SCIENCE DAILY Subjecting complex metal mixtures called high-entropy alloys to extremely high pressures could lead to finer control over the arrangement of their atoms, which in turn can result in... 2 days
High voltage for tomorrow's particle accelerator
PHYS.ORG On behalf of CERN, researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a high-tech device for the production of extremely precise, high voltage pulses that could be used in the next generation of particle accelerators. 4 days
Air pollution may disrupt sleep
SCIENCE DAILY High levels of air pollution over time may get in the way of a good night's sleep, according to new research. 5 days
Solar Eclipse Glasses: Where to Buy the Best, High-Quality Eyewear
SPACE.COM Whether you're looking for a new pair of eclipse glasses or you've already purchased some form of eye protection, here's what you need to know to avoid burning... 3 days
Exposure to air pollution may disturb good night's sleep
NEWS MEDICAL High levels of air pollution over time may get in the way of a good night's sleep, according to new research presented at the ATS 2017 International Conference. 5 days
SoftBank-Saudi high-tech Vision fund raises $93bn
PHYS.ORG Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank said, with Saudi partners, it has raised nearly $100 billion in pledges to launch a major global fund for long-term, high-tech investments. 6 days
Mountain honey bees have ancient adaptation for high-altitude foraging
SCIENCE DAILY Mountain-dwelling East African honey bees have distinct genetic variations compared to their savannah relatives that likely help them to survive at high altitudes, report researchers. 2 days
High pressure key to lighter, stronger metal alloys, scientists find
PHYS.ORG High pressure could be the key to making advanced metal mixtures that are lighter, stronger and more heat-resistant than conventional alloys, a new study by Stanford researchers suggests. 2 days
Research develops world's highest gain high-power laser amplifier
PHYS.ORG The world's highest gain high power laser amplifier - by many orders of magnitude - has been developed in research led at the University of Strathclyde. 16 hours
The Latest: Health professor says WHO travel costs are high
ABC NEWS Devi Sridhar, a professor in global public health at the University of Edinburgh, has described the yearly $200 million travel costs of the World Health Organization as documented... 5 days
The competition between airlines and high-speed trains
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from two Spanish universities, UPM and URJC, in collaboration with MIT researchers, has developed a mathematical model that assesses the competition between both legacy and low-cost airlines, and high-speed trains.... 3 days
Oh baby! DC zoo officials hoping to get panda pregnant
PHYS.ORG Zoo officials in Washington are hoping to get panda mom Mei Xiang pregnant—again. 16 hours
High systolic blood pressure in young adults linked to increased risk of cardiovascular problems
NEWS MEDICAL Otherwise healthy young people with high systolic blood pressure over 140 are at greater risk for future artery stiffening linked to an... 1 week
Mountain honey bees have ancient adaptation for high-altitude foraging
PHYS.ORG Mountain-dwelling East African honey bees have distinct genetic variations compared to their savannah relatives that likely help them to survive at high altitudes, report Martin Hasselmann of the University of... 2 days
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Study finds high volume ICUs to have lower mortality rates from ARDS
NEWS MEDICAL In a new study that analyzed data from the large French CUB-REA database, high volume intensive care units (ICUs) were found to have lower... 5 days
Who needs to know where species live?
Science Magazine 1 day
9 Craziest Skydives of All Time
LIVE SCIENCE A history of risky high-altitude stunts. 3 days
petite parrots provide insight into early flight Petite parrots provide insight into early flight
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO High-speed video shows that tiny parrots direct their hops to use the least amount of energy necessary. 3 days
Woman Has Sextuplets: The Science of Multiple Births
LIVE SCIENCE A woman in Virginia recently gave birth to sextuplets, but how does such a high-order pregnancy happen? 10 hours
Star that spurred alien megastructure theories dims again
Science Magazine Astronomers rush to get spectra after “Tabby’s star” drops in brightness 4 days
Trouble Sleeping? Air Pollution Could Be the Culprit
LIVE SCIENCE People in a new study who lived in areas with high levels of air pollution slept worse. 2 days
Facebook's Zuckerberg to give Harvard graduation speech
PHYS.ORG Mark Zuckerberg is giving a commencement address at Harvard, where he dropped out 12 years ago to focus on Facebook. 2 days
Announcing the 2017 ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest!
Science Magazine Get dancing, and submit your video by 29 September 3 days
Where body fat is carried can predict cancer risk
SCIENCE DAILY Carrying fat around your middle could be as good an indicator of cancer risk as body mass index (BMI), according to new research. 2 days
Mouse sperm survive space to spawn
SCIENCE-NEWS Sperm freeze-dried and sent into space for months of exposure to high levels of solar radiation later produced healthy baby mice. 5 days
Where you grow what you grow: Camelina's varied response to location
PHYS.ORG Camelina: Have you heard of it? It's an emerging alternative oilseed crop in parts of the Great Plains. 3 days
Research makes topological insulators magnetic well above room temperatures
PHYS.ORG In the world of electronics, where the quest is always for smaller and faster units with infinite battery life, topological insulators (TI) have tantalizing potential. 2 days
How food gardens based on traditional practice can improve health in the Pacific
PHYS.ORG Around 70 percent of deaths in Pacific Island countries are due to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. 3 days
Medical News Today: Eating more fiber may lower risk of osteoarthritis
MNT A new meta-analysis of two large cohort studies finds a link between a high intake of fiber and painful osteoarthritis of the knee. 3 days
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The problem of treating play like work – how esports can harm well-being
Magnetism disrupts winds on ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet
Pregnant rays and babies pay a price after 'catch and release' from fishing trawlers
Minimizing the risk of electric shock around pools and lakes
The mystery of quantum computers
New technique could increase success rate, life span of implantable devices
'As soon as I could walk, I started to collect rocks'
Has Everest's famous Hillary Step really collapsed? Here's the science
Australian satellite in orbit
Designing games that change perceptions, opinions and even players' real-life actions