SCIENCE DAILY As transistor dimensions within integrated circuits continue to shrink, smooth metallic lines are required to interconnect these devices. If the surfaces of these tiny metal lines aren't smooth enough, it substantially reduces their ability to conduct electrical and thermal energy -- decreasing functionality. Engineers report an advance in modeling results that establish electrical surface treatment of conducting thin films as a physical processing method for reducing surface roughness. 3 months
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New theory describes liquid droplet behavior on solid surfaces
PHYS.ORG Japanese researchers have succeeded in deriving a theoretical formula that quantitatively predicts the wetting and spreading behavior of droplets that collide with the flat surface of a solid material. Although... 4 days
astronauts to replace faulty electronics unit in unscheduled iss spacewalk Astronauts to replace faulty electronics unit in unscheduled ISS spacewalk
SPACE NEWS NASA astronauts on the International Space Station will carry out an unplanned spacewalk May 23 to... 6 days
Turmoil in sluggish electrons' existence
PHYS.ORG An international team of physicists has monitored the scattering behavior of electrons in a non-conducting material in real-time. Their insights could be beneficial for radiotherapy. 5 days
Less Invasive Autopsy Should Be Standard Practice, Study Says
LIVE SCIENCE A new, less invasive method of conducting autopsies could one day replace the traditional procedure for diagnosing the causes of many deaths, according to a new study. 1 day
Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles
PHYS.ORG Microsoft is refreshing its Surface Pro tablet with longer battery life and faster processors. 4 days
Sony chief promises profitability, but is short on specifics
PHYS.ORG Sony's leader promised a comeback for the Japanese electronics and entertainment company having its best profitability in two decades. 5 days
Research uncovers role of gut microbiota in anti-obesity effects of dietary capsaicin
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have discovered a dietary strategy that may address obesity by reducing endotoxemia, a major contributor to chronic, low-grade inflammation (CLGI). 4 days
Study emphasises the human dimension of a warmer climate
PHYS.ORG New research shows how reducing carbon emissions can prevent billions of people from being exposed to unheard-of changes in climate in the coming decades. 4 days
Research makes topological insulators magnetic well above room temperatures
PHYS.ORG In the world of electronics, where the quest is always for smaller and faster units with infinite battery life, topological insulators (TI) have tantalizing potential. 3 days
Water is surprisingly ordered on the nanoscale
SCIENCE DAILY The surface of minuscule water drops with a 100 nm size is surprisingly ordered, new research shows. At room temperature, the surface water molecules of these droplets have much stronger interactions than a normal... 2 days
Scientists borrow from electronics to build circuits in living cells
PHYS.ORG Living cells must constantly process information to keep track of the changing world around them and arrive at an appropriate response. 3 days
Research suggests eating beans instead of beef would sharply reduce greenhouse gasses
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from four American universities says the key to reducing harmful greenhouse gases (GHG) in the short term is more likely... 5 days
Simple change in eating habits would sharply reduce greenhouse gases, suggest researchers
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers from four American universities says the key to reducing harmful greenhouse gases (GHG) in the short term is more likely... 5 days
Understanding stars: How tornado-shaped flow in a dynamo strengthens the magnetic field
PHYS.ORG The massive, churning core of conducting liquids in stars and some planets creates a dynamo that generates the planetary body's magnetic field. Researchers aim... 4 days
Samsung investigating Galaxy S8 'iris hack'
PHYS.ORG Samsung Electronics is investigating claims by a German hacking group that it fooled the iris recognition system of the new flagship Galaxy S8 device, the firm said Wednesday. 4 days
New metamaterial-enhanced MRI technique tested on humans
PHYS.ORG Scientists from the Netherlands and Russia have designed and tested a new metasurface-based technology for enhancing the local sensitivity of MRI scanners on humans for the first time. The metasurface consists of thin resonant... 2 days
Bouldering may be used to effectively treat symptoms of depression, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL A growing body of research suggests that bouldering, a form of rock climbing, can help build muscle and endurance while reducing stress -- and... 2 days
Scientists borrow from electronics to build circuits in living cells
SCIENCE DAILY Synthetic biology researchers have demonstrated a new method for digital information processing in living cells, analogous to the logic gates used in electric circuits. The circuits are the... 2 days
study finds history of titan s landscape resembles that of mars not earth Study Finds History of Titan’s Landscape Resembles that of Mars, not Earth
ASTRO WATCH The environment on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, may seem surprisingly familiar: Clouds condense and rain down on the surface, feeding rivers that flow into... 1 week
'Sticky' particles promise more precise drug delivery for brain cancer
PHYS.ORG A Yale research team has found that by tinkering with the surface properties of drug-loaded nanoparticles, they can potentially direct these particles to specific cells in the brain. 5 days
Opportunity Knocks! Farthest-Driving Mars Rover Explores Eroded Valley
SPACE.COM NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has reached its next destination — a valley called Perseverance, where the long-lived robot will scour the surface for clues about how the vast crevice formed. 4 days
Research could bring 'drastically' higher resolution to your TV and smartphone
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a new color changing surface tunable through electrical voltage - a breakthrough that could lead to three... 2 days
'Alien' Director Challenges Actors Like a Xenomorph, Star Says
SPACE.COM asked the cast of Ridley Scott's new sci-fi horror film "Alien: Covenant" how they prepared for roles in which they have to put themselves in the shoes of superhumans... 4 days
Image: Slim crescent of Enceladus
PHYS.ORG The low angle of sunlight along the slim crescent of Saturn's moon Enceladus (313 miles or 504 kilometers across) highlights the many fractures and furrows on its icy surface. 4 days
Bioadhesive nanoparticles show potential for drug delivery to specific cells in the brain
NEWS MEDICAL A Yale research team has found that by tinkering with the surface properties of drug-loaded nanoparticles, they can potentially direct these particles... 3 days
Spray-On Touch Screens? How to Turn Any Flat Surface into a Touchpad
LIVE SCIENCE With just a can of spray paint, researchers can turn flat surfaces of any shape or size into touchpads. 1 day
Scientists discover receptor protein that promotes chronic heart failure
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers in Japan have identified a receptor protein on the surface of heart cells that promotes chronic heart failure. 1 day
Roger Moore, Who Took James Bond to Space, Dies at 89
SPACE.COM During his prolific film career, Moore starred in seven James Bond films between 1973 and 1985. But for space fans, it was Moore's turn as secret... 4 days
Micro delivery service for fertilizers
PHYS.ORG Plants can absorb nutrients through their leaves as well as their roots. However, foliar fertilization over an extended period is difficult. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, German researchers have now introduced an efficient delivery system for micronutrients based... 5 days
New Neliota project detects flashes from lunar impacts
PHYS.ORG Using a system developed under an ESA contract, the Greek NELIOTA project has begun to detect flashes of light caused by small pieces of rock striking the moon's surface. NELIOTA is the... 2 days
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Expressing genetic interactions through music
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