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xenon1t the most sensitive detector on earth searching for wimp dark matter releases its first result XENON1T, the Most Sensitive Detector on Earth Searching for WIMP Dark Matter, Releases its First Result
ASTRO WATCH “The best result on... 6 days
Astronomers use bubbles to look for WIMPs
PHYS.ORG Invisible, imperceptible and yet far more common than ordinary matter, dark matter makes up an astounding 85 percent of the universe's mass. Physicists are slowly but steadily tracking down the nature of this unidentified... 4 days
The World's Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Is Now Up and Running
SPACE.COM The XENON1T detector hasn't detected any dark matter particles yet. But it has carried out a 30-day science run, and project scientists are optimistic... 2 days
cast project places new limitations on dark matter CAST Project Places New Limitations on Dark Matter
ASTRO WATCH Axions are particles whose hypothetical existence was introduced in 1977 by Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn. The particles have been... 2 days
Gray matter density increases during transition from childhood to young adulthood, study reveals
NEWS MEDICAL For years, the common narrative in human developmental neuroimaging has been that gray matter in the brain - the tissue found in... 1 day
High quality microplate readers built to last decades by German manufacturer BMG Labtech
NEWS MEDICAL From the outset BMG LABTECH’s mission was to develop microplate readers guaranteed to provide optimum performance for years. BMG LABTECH has continued... 2 days
Study reveals health effects of exposure to particulate matter from residential heating and traffic
NEWS MEDICAL A study by researchers at the University of Tartu found that exposure to traffic-related particulate matter (PM) could be associated... 4 days
Secondary mirror of ELT successfully cast—largest convex mirror blank ever created
PHYS.ORG The casting of the secondary mirror blank for ESO's Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) has been completed by SCHOTT at Mainz, Germany. The completed mirror will be... 5 days
US science agency: Selfies with seal pups a no-no
PHYS.ORG U.S. officials are warning people not to take selfies with seals, no matter how tempting. 11 hours
Study finds that speeding up sepsis care can save lives
ABC NEWS Minutes matter when it comes to treating sepsis, the killer condition that most Americans have probably never heard of _ and new research shows it's time they learn 6 days
Particulate matter from diesel vehicles linked to heart damage
NEWS MEDICAL Diesel pollution is linked with heart damage, according to research presented today at EuroCMR 2017. 20 hours
secondary mirror of elt successfully cast Secondary Mirror of ELT Successfully Cast
ASTRO WATCH The casting of the secondary mirror blank for ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) has been completed by SCHOTT at Mainz, Germany. The completed mirror... 4 days
A new view of tropical forest emissions
PHYS.ORG Emissions of isoprene, a compound from plant matter that wields great influence in the atmosphere, are up to three times higher in the Amazon rainforest than scientists have thought, according to new findings published... 21 hours
Conservation and nameless earthworms: Assessors in the dark?
PHYS.ORG Species that live exclusively in a single region are at a particular risk of extinction. However, for them to be protected, thorough assessments of the environmental impacts need to be performed. 5 days
Dark Energy May Lurk in the Nothingness of Space
LIVE SCIENCE The vacuum of empty space may be roiling with energy that drives the expansion of space itself, a new hypothesis proposes. 14 hours
Chemical potential effect found to depend on electronic structure of material
PHYS.ORG The chemical potential is a fundamental concept in condensed matter physics. While the relevant equations which define it can be found in any undergraduate physics textbook,... 3 days
Response to Comment on "Dissolved organic sulfur in the ocean: Biogeochemistry of a petagram inventory"
Science Magazine Dittmar et al. proposed that mixing alone can explain our observed decrease in marine dissolved organic sulfur with... 1 day
New UBC study reveals public attitudes toward under-vaccinated children and their parents
NEWS MEDICAL Mothers are viewed negatively if their child hasn't been vaccinated, no matter the reason. But mothers who outright refuse to vaccinate their children are viewed in... 3 days
The Big One is going to happen, no matter how much you want to deny it, California scientists say
PHYS.ORG Fear of earthquakes is part of life in California. But... 2 days
scientists study neutralizer free plasma propulsion for spacecraft Scientists Study Neutralizer-Free Plasma Propulsion for Spacecraft
ASTRO WATCH Plasma propulsion is an important and efficient technology used to control spacecraft for Earth observation, communications and fundamental exploration of outer space.... 2 days
Star-forming filaments
PHYS.ORG Interstellar molecular clouds are often seen to be elongated and "filamentary" in shape, and come in a wide range of sizes. In molecular clouds, where stars form, the filamentary structure is thought to play an important role in star formation... 5 days
Study: Dark Chocolate Consumption May Decrease Risk of Irregular Heartbeat
SCI-NEWS.COM Consuming moderate amounts of chocolate with high cocoa content was associated with lower risk of being... 3 days
GOP health bill: 23M more uninsured; sick risk higher costs
ABC NEWS Congress' nonpartisan budget analysts have released a largely damaging report on the House-passed health care bill, saying the Republican measure would leave 23 million more Americans uninsured 2 days
Flight delay? Lost luggage? Don't blame airline mergers, research shows
PHYS.ORG It's often said that airline mergers lead to more headaches for travelers, including more flight delays, late arrivals and missed connections. But an analysis of 15 years of... 4 days
Why We Probably Can't Use Tech to Become More Moral
LIVE SCIENCE Could drugs or devices make people more moral? 5 days
Female STEM leaders more likely to back policies aiding women
PHYS.ORG For decades, higher ed administrators have talked about the need for more female professors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics departments. But what is the best way to... 5 days
Faster, more nimble drones on the horizon
MIT New algorithm quickly makes sense of incoming visual data. 2 days
Mettler Toledo GWP verification helps pharmaceutical company decide on weighing equipment
NEWS MEDICAL For more than 200 years, the German-based company Klosterfrau Healthcare Group has been developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products. Its portfolio combines traditional remedies with modern... 2 days
Knowledge gap on the origin of sex
SCIENCE DAILY There are significant gaps in our knowledge on the evolution of sex, according to a research review on sex chromosomes. Even after more than a century of study, researchers do not know enough about... 18 hours
Knowledge gap on the origin of sex
PHYS.ORG There are significant gaps in our knowledge on the evolution of sex, according to a research review on sex chromosomes from Lund University in Sweden. Even after more than a century of study, researchers... 1 day
There had better be no tapes Fine Spoofs Logo
The mystery of quantum computers
Conch shells spill the secret to their toughness
Minimizing the risk of electric shock around pools and lakes
'As soon as I could walk, I started to collect rocks'
Designing games that change perceptions, opinions and even players' real-life actions
Tornado spawning Eastern US storms examined by GPM satellite
Scientists warn of sleepless nights in a warming world
Science Magazine
Magnetism disrupts winds on ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet
Pregnant rays and babies pay a price after 'catch and release' from fishing trawlers
New technique could increase success rate, life span of implantable devices