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SCIENCE-NEWS Ancient bird calls, the search for dark matter and more in reader feedback. 1 month
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Green light for next-generation dark matter detector
PHYS.ORG Construction will begin on a next-generation dark matter detector with the UK taking a leading role and providing vital hardware for the project. 7 days
Searching for axion dark matter with a new detection device
PHYS.ORG A detection device designed and built at Yale is narrowing the search for dark matter in the form of axions, a theorized subatomic particle that may make up... 7 days
Should Psychiatrists' Weigh in on Trump's Mental Health?
LIVE SCIENCE A long-standing code of ethics prohibits diagnosing public figures from afar. 5 days
when the lights went out in the universe When the Lights Went Out in the Universe
SPACE.COM VIDEO About 5 billion years ago, dark energy caused the universe's expansion to begin a period of rapid acceleration. As a result, regular matter has stopped forming larger and larger structures in the... 19 hours
Abbreviations exclude readers in scientific communication, experts say
PHYS.ORG The universal use of abbreviations in higher education is intended to simplify, but really they stifle scientific communication, according to Purdue University ostracism experts. 7 days
Ceres harbors homegrown organic compounds
SCIENCE-NEWS NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has detected organic matter — the building blocks of life — on the dwarf planet Ceres, a new study suggests. 5 days
On a South African farm, despair over armyworm attack
PHYS.ORG Peeling back the maize plant's leaves reveals a small brown caterpillar—an armyworm that writhes as it burrows into the heart of the crop, producing a sticky dark paste. 6 days
Mathematics is beautiful (no, really)
PHYS.ORG For many people, memories of maths lessons at school are anything but pretty. Yet "beautiful" is a word that I and other mathematicians often use to describe our subject. How on earth can maths be beautiful – and... 20 hours
Scientists seek to redeem Gitmo prison's dark history with research center and peace park
PHYS.ORG How do you redeem a place like Gitmo, the notorious U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba? 2 days
Creatures of the Night: How Shadow-Dwelling Animals See in the Dark
LIVE SCIENCE Animals that are active at night or in the ocean depths use their sight in sometimes unexpected ways to navigate the darkness. 5 days
How mobility may affect future transit use
PHYS.ORG Where is travel demand going to be in the future and do changes in America's population matter? Ten or 20 years from now, any movement could influence where to send bus lines and other... 5 days
Research team finds radial acceleration relation in all common types of galaxies
PHYS.ORG The distribution of normal matter precisely determines gravitational acceleration in all common types of galaxies, a team led by Case Western Reserve University researchers... 5 days
Real-time MRI analysis powered by supercomputers
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a new, automated platform capable of returning in-depth analyses of MRI scans in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days. The system has the potential to minimize patient callbacks, save millions... 4 days
Impact of surface roughness on liquid-liquid transition
Science Magazine Liquid-liquid transition (LLT) in single-component liquids is one of the most mysterious phenomena in condensed matter. So far, this problem has attracted attention mainly from the fundamental viewpoint. We report the first experimental study... 3 days
Radial acceleration relation found in all common types of galaxies
SCIENCE DAILY The distribution of normal matter precisely determines gravitational acceleration in all common types of galaxies, a team of researchers reports. This provides further support that the relation is... 4 days
In a possible step forward for gene therapy, researchers made mice glow like fireflies
PHYS.ORG Timothy Blake, a postdoctoral fellow in the Waymouth lab, was hard at work on a fantastical interdisciplinary experiment. He and... 5 days
Glowing mice could mark major step forward for new gene therapy
NEWS MEDICAL Timothy Blake, a postdoctoral fellow in the Waymouth lab, was hard at work on a fantastical interdisciplinary experiment. He and his fellow researchers were refining compounds... 4 days
If atoms are mostly empty space, why do objects look and feel solid?
PHYS.ORG Chemist John Dalton proposed the theory that all matter and objects are made up of particles called atoms, and this is still... 5 days
Superconductivity with two-fold symmetry—new evidence for topological superconductor SrxBi2Se3
PHYS.ORG The study of topological superconductors (TSCs) is a hotspot in the field of condensed matter physics, and has drawn great attention in recent years. Now, Prof. Hai-Hu Wen's group from... 7 days
research team finds radial acceleration relation holds in all common types of galaxies Research Team Finds Radial Acceleration Relation Holds in All Common Types of Galaxies
ASTRO WATCH The distribution of normal matter precisely determines gravitational acceleration in... 3 days
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