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BOOST-3 clinical trial aims to improve outcomes for severe TBI patients
NEWS MEDICAL An estimated 2.5 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Severe TBI contributes... 2 hours
Elevated LDL cholesterol levels linked to higher risk of CVD death in young, healthy people
NEWS MEDICAL Young, healthy people may still face a lifetime risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease if they cannot... 2 hours
New research center aims to improve health outcomes for people with physical disabilities
NEWS MEDICAL Nationally, 1 in 5 adults lives with a disability. But knowing what it's like for those 53 million people to age -;... 3 hours
Apple cracks down on gambling apps in China
TechCrunch Apple is cracking down on illegal content in China after it removed potentially thousands of apps related to gambling. The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. phone-maker purged as many as... 3 hours
Next-gen insect repellents to combat mosquito-borne diseases
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Nearly 700 million people suffer from mosquito-borne diseases—such as malaria, West Nile, Zika and dengue fever—each year, resulting in more than 1 million deaths. Increasingly, many species of mosquitoes have become resistant to the... 3 hours
Type 2 diabetes on the rise among youngsters
NEWS MEDICAL According to a new study, more and more young people are being treated for Type 2 diabetes and this is cause for alarm. 8 hours
Passive smoking exposure among kids greatly increases COPD risk late in life
NEWS MEDICAL According to the latest research adults who do not smoke are at a greater risk of dying of serious lung disorders if they grew... 8 hours
Areas with high density of alcohol outlets have more hospital admission rates
NEWS MEDICAL Areas with a high density of alcohol outlets have higher drink-related hospital admission rates, a new study from the University of Sheffield has found. 8 hours
apple confirms removing as many as 25 000 illegal gambling related apps from app store in china Apple Confirms Removing as Many as 25,000 Illegal Gambling-Related Apps From App Store in China
MacRumors Apple today confirmed it has removed... 9 hours
Original Content podcast: ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is a charming high school romance
TechCrunch While Hollywood’s interest in romantic comedies seems to be fading, Netflix has been picking up some... 23 hours
Waterfield Design’s latest backpack won’t make you look like a teen at the office
THE VERGE The Pro Executive Laptop Backpack is a backpack for adults Continue reading… 1 day
Will Microsoft’s Movies Anywhere deal make you buy more movies?
Windows Central Movies Anywhere, Disney's attempt to create bridges between ecosystems when it comes to movies, has now been expanded to include Microsoft's Movies & TV service. Movies Anywhere essentially... 1 day
Conditions of first sexual encounter can be indicators of future HIV risk and gender-based violence
NEWS MEDICAL Adolescent girls and young women in Mombasa, Kenya are more likely to experience higher risks of HIV and... 2 days
Resistance training and exercise-motivation go hand-in-hand
SCIENCE DAILY A recent study suggests that resistance training improves exercise motivation and contributes to making exercise planning among older adults. Exercise motivation and exercise self-efficacy are key factors in continuing resistance training. 3 days
us reportedly pressuring facebook to break messenger s encryption over ms 13 investigation US reportedly pressuring Facebook to break Messenger’s encryption over MS-13 investigation
THE VERGE The US Department of Justice is reportedly trying to have Facebook break the end-to-end... 3 days
Cells agree: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
SCIENCE DAILY Brief exposures to stressors can be beneficial by prompting cells to trigger sustained production of antioxidants, molecules that help get rid of toxic cellular buildup related to normal metabolism --... 3 days
16 going on 66: Will you be the same person 50 years from now?
SCIENCE DAILY From 16 to 66 your personality will change and over time you will generally become more emotionally stable. But don't... 3 days
Yes, Don Cheadle Was Shocked That Mark Ruffalo Almost Spoiled Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Like Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo has a history of accidentally... 3 days
New statewide program in North Dakota aims to stem opioid misuse
NEWS MEDICAL Preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a nearly 7 percent increase in drug overdoses in 2017, with more than... 3 days
HSS takes young patients with physical challenges on a surfing trip
NEWS MEDICAL Hospital for Special Surgery made a splash this week with a surfing trip for young patients. Giving new meaning to the term "patient care," the Adaptive... 3 days
apple s upcoming drama based on child journalist hilde lysiak gains lead actress Apple's Upcoming Drama Based on Child Journalist Hilde Lysiak Gains Lead Actress
MacRumors Child actress Brooklynn Prince has been cast in the lead role of Apple's upcoming drama series that's based on the life of young journalist... 3 days
Before He Was Batman’s Butler He Was ‘Pennyworth’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM EPIX is putting ‘Pennyworth‘ into production on November 21st, 2018, which is their prequel story that puts a focus on... 3 days
brooklynn prince will play hilde lysiak in apple s upcoming tv series Brooklynn Prince will play Hilde Lysiak in Apple’s upcoming TV series
9to5Mac Variety reports that Brooklynn Prince from “The Florida Project” has been picked to play Hilde Lysiak in Apple’s upcoming TV... 3 days
TTUHSC El Paso recognized as ' Hispanic-Serving Institution'
NEWS MEDICAL The U.S. Department of Education has recognized Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso as a Title V Hispanic-Serving Institution, making it the second Health-Related Institution in the nation to receive... 3 days
ACA's Medicaid expansion associated with increase in prescriptions for opioid use disorder treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was associated with an overall increase in people filling prescriptions for buprenorphine with naloxone,... 3 days
How hydrogen could shake up Canada's energy sector
Medical News Today: Soleus strains and calf injuries: What to know
Next-gen insect repellents to combat mosquito-borne diseases
Jack Ryan review: Amazon's action analyst ain't that interesting - CNET
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
Two Brothers Spot UFOs in First Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi 'Watch the Sky'
Apple’s Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes