ASTRO WATCH A groundbreaking new optical device, developed at NJIT’s Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) to correct images of the Sun distorted by multiple layers of atmospheric turbulence, is providing scientists with the most precisely detailed, real-time pictures to date of solar activity occurring across vast stretches of the star’s surface.The observatory’s 1.6-meter New Solar Telescope can now produce simultaneous images, for example, of massive explosions such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections 5 months
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Opportunity Knocks! Farthest-Driving Mars Rover Explores Eroded Valley
SPACE.COM NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has reached its next destination — a valley called Perseverance, where the long-lived robot will scour the surface for clues about how the vast crevice formed. 3 days
In fruit fly and human genetics, timing is everything
SCIENCE DAILY Using fruit flies, researchers have discovered a cascade of molecular signals that program gene activity to drive the fly from one stage of maturation to the next, like a baby... 2 days
NASA Sun Observatory Sees Partial Solar Eclipse in Space
SPACE.COM NASA's powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory may seem to have a boring job: staring at the sun as a space weather sentinel. But every now and then, the observatory gets a... 10 hours
SDO sees partial eclipse in space
PHYS.ORG On May 25, 2017, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, saw a partial solar eclipse in space when it caught the moon passing in front of the sun. The lunar transit lasted almost an hour, between... 16 hours
New Method Builds Bricks Using Fake Lunar Soil, Heat from Sun
SPACE.COM Moon explorers could one day build their houses from bricks made out of lunar soil, or regolith, using just the energy of the sun, according to... 4 days
Insurers continue to hike prices, abandon ACA markets
ABC NEWS People shopping for insurance through the Affordable Care Act in yet more regions will be facing higher prices and fewer choices next year as insurance companies lay out their early plans for... 2 days
High voltage for tomorrow's particle accelerator
PHYS.ORG On behalf of CERN, researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a high-tech device for the production of extremely precise, high voltage pulses that could be used in the next generation of particle accelerators. 4 days
Meet 'The Mars Generation': In Documentary, It's Red Planet or Bust
SPACE.COM A new clip for the Netflix original documentary "The Mars Generation" — which focuses on the potential for today's teenagers to go to Mars in 20... 4 days
Turmoil in sluggish electrons' existence
PHYS.ORG An international team of physicists has monitored the scattering behavior of electrons in a non-conducting material in real-time. Their insights could be beneficial for radiotherapy. 5 days
Google aims to connect online ads to real-world sales
PHYS.ORG Google already monitors your online shopping—but now it's also keeping an eye on what you're buying in real-world stores as part of its latest effort to sell more digital advertising. 4 days
New model helps predict regional and seasonal sea ice extent
PHYS.ORG Scientists have developed a new method to forecast the extent of sea ice in some regions of the Arctic up to 11 months in advance. The method, which... 4 days
A 3-D look at the 2015 El Nino
PHYS.ORG El Niño is a recurring climate pattern characterized by warmer than usual ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific. Two back-to-back 3-D visualizations track the changes in ocean temperatures and currents, respectively, throughout... 16 hours
Facts About Sunscreen and Sun Protection
LIVE SCIENCE Sunscreen is the best line of defense against skin cancer. However, many people aren't using it correctly. 4 days
Seattle Children’s opens first clinical trial to study IBD and GVHD in pediatric patients
NEWS MEDICAL In an effort to find new strategies to personalize treatment for pediatric patients, Seattle Children's has opened the first clinical... 3 days
The deaf-blind can now 'watch' television without intermediaries
PHYS.ORG Today Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Telefónica and the Federation of Deaf-Blind Persons Associations has developed PervasiveSUB, groundbreaking software that allows deaf-blind persons to receive and enjoy television content without intermediaries... 5 days
Collecting real-time data for material microstructural evolution during radiation exposure
PHYS.ORG It may be surprising to learn that much remains unknown about radiation's effects on materials. To find answers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers are developing techniques to... 4 days
A user-controlled file security scheme for cloud services
PHYS.ORG By securing data files with a 'need-to-know' decryption key, researchers at Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have developed a way to control access to cloud-hosted data in real time,... 5 days
Near real-time genomic sequencing reveals how Zika virus entered into the U.S.
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by a multi-national research team, including scientists from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, explains how Zika virus entered the... 2 days
Facebook aims for broad views in 'trending topics' tweak
PHYS.ORG Facebook on Wednesday unveiled its latest redesign to its "trending topics" feature—its latest move to give users a variety of sources on important news events. 3 days
mda views digitalglobe merger as hedge against cyclical satellite market MDA views DigitalGlobe merger as hedge against cyclical satellite market
SPACE NEWS MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates told investors May 23 that its pending acquisition of geospatial imagery and... 4 days
The language of 'terror' serves political ends – we owe it to our children to find real answers
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The senseless attack on Manchester Arena left many of us reeling. My... 2 days
The Latest: Ethiopian candidate picked as next WHO chief
ABC NEWS Ethiopia's Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former minister of health, has been elected the next leader of the World Health Organization 4 days
the problem of treating play like work how esports can harm well being The problem of treating play like work – how esports can harm well-being
PHYS.ORG VIDEO We are mid-way through the annual esports calendar and South Korean team SK Telecom 1 recently scored a resounding victory at the... 19 hours
Fall calving season may yield higher returns for southeastern beef producers
PHYS.ORG The vast majority of cow-calf producers in Tennessee and the Southeast using a defined calving season have long favored spring calving; however, researchers at the University... 4 days
AMSBIO launch new sterilizer with UV and ozone cycles
NEWS MEDICAL AMSBIO announces its new generation laboratory benchtop sterilizer - the CoolCLAVE™ Plus. 3 days
How do we know the millennial generation exists? Look at the data
PHYS.ORG Cultures change, and new generations are born out of those changes. For many, this might sound obvious. 4 days
ERT’s Centralized LCI Services improve data quality to measure disease progression in respiratory clinical trials
NEWS MEDICAL ERT, a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials, today introduced an... 20 hours
WHO assembly set to choose next chief among 3 candidates
ABC NEWS Health ministers, diplomats and other high-level envoys are set to choose the next director-general of the World Health Organization among three finalists 4 days
Ethiopian leads race to be next leader of UN health agency
ABC NEWS Ethiopia's Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former health minister, is leading after two rounds of voting in the race to become the next director-general of the World... 4 days
Ethiopia's Tedros to be next leader of UN health agency
ABC NEWS Ethiopia's Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former health minister, wins the race to be next director-general of the World Health Organization 3 days
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The problem of treating play like work – how esports can harm well-being
Has Everest's famous Hillary Step really collapsed? Here's the science
Designing games that change perceptions, opinions and even players' real-life actions
Magnetism disrupts winds on ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet
Pregnant rays and babies pay a price after 'catch and release' from fishing trawlers
Minimizing the risk of electric shock around pools and lakes
The mystery of quantum computers
New technique could increase success rate, life span of implantable devices
Launch of space-debris-removal experiment delayed due to safety reviews
Tornado spawning Eastern US storms examined by GPM satellite