SPACE NEWS A new policy President Trump will sign May 24 will implement a series of regulatory reforms to support commercial space recommended by the National Space Council earlier this year. 3 months
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NASA assigns crews to first test flights, missions on commercial spacecraft
SCIENCE DAILY NASA has introduced the first U.S. astronauts who will fly on American-made, commercial spacecraft to and from the International Space Station -- an endeavor that will... 2 weeks
nasa funds commercial technology development and market studies NASA funds commercial technology development and market studies
SPACE NEWS NASA announced more than 20 contracts valued at $55 million Aug. 8 intended to develop commercial technologies for space exploration... 5 days
commercial space technologies a key theme in air force intelligence and data strategy Commercial space technologies a key theme in Air Force intelligence and data strategy
SPACE NEWS There will be tens of thousands of commercial satellites mapping... 2 weeks
Commercial Crew Astronauts Prepare for Launch — What Will They Wear?
SPACE.COM SpaceX and Boeing are working to launch commercial crewed vehicles into space — so what will the astronauts wear? 2 weeks
The US Would Need a Mega-Constellation to Counter China's Hypersonic Weapons
SPACE.COM Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Griffin: "Our response has to be a proliferated space sensor layer, possibly based off commercial space developments." 4 days
noaa rejects one size fits all solution for data protection NOAA rejects one-size-fits-all solution for data protection
SPACE NEWS The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs office plans to roll out a tiered approach to evaluating company... 6 days
commercial space bill clears senate committee Commercial space bill clears Senate committee
SPACE NEWS The Senate Commerce Committee approved a bill Aug. 1 that would streamline commercial launch and remote sensing regulations but also includes language conflicting with... 2 weeks
and the winners are nasa announces first astronauts to fly under commercial crew program And the Winners Are… NASA Announces First Astronauts to Fly Under Commercial Crew Program
ASTRO WATCH The race to develop new U.S. spacecraft to... 2 weeks
How Boeing's Commercial CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft Works
SPACE.COM The Boeing CST-100 Starliner is one of two commercial spacecraft types that NASA plans to use for International Space Station flights. Here's a brief overview of how it works. 2 weeks
Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner: A 21st Century Space Capsule in Photos
SPACE.COM Boeing's CST-100 Starliner is a 21st century space capsule designed to launch NASA astronauts into orbit on commercial trips to the International Space Station and beyond. See photos... 2 weeks
Deportation and family separation impact entire communities, researchers say
PHYS.ORG The deportation and forced separation of immigrants has negative effects that extend beyond individuals and families to entire communities in the United States, according to a division of the American... 2 weeks
Trump appoints Oklahoma professor to lead science policy office
PHYS.ORG President Donald Trump's appointment of a University of Oklahoma professor as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is being cheered by a leading scientific society. 2 weeks
Scientists map regulatory landscape of mouse genome at single-cell resolution
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have completed a major effort to map the regulatory landscape of the mouse genome at a single-cell resolution. 2 weeks
capella s first satellite launching this fall Capella’s first satellite launching this fall
SPACE NEWS Capella Space is preparing for its first launch on a SpaceX rocket this fall, an important milestone in the company’s plan to build a... 7 days
Cygnus Spacecraft Successfully Concludes Ninth Cargo Supply Mission to ISS
ASTRO WATCH Northrop Grumman Corporation announced that its “S.S. J.R. Thompson” Cygnus spacecraft successfully completed its ninth cargo... 2 weeks
NASA Unveils First Commercial Crew Astronauts Today: How to Watch Live
SPACE.COM Today (Aug. 3), NASA will announce the first astronauts who will fly in SpaceX and Boeing spacecraft for the agency's Commercial Crew Program. 2 weeks
nasa assigns astronauts to first commercial crew missions NASA assigns astronauts to first commercial crew missions
SPACE NEWS NASA announced Aug. 3 the assignment of eight agency astronauts, a mix of veterans and rookies, as well as one... 2 weeks
Governors say ban on land deals could hurt beleaguered bird
PHYS.ORG Some governors in the U.S. West say a new Trump administration directive threatens to undermine a hard-won compromise aimed at saving a beleaguered bird scattered across their region. 2 days
Here's Why Boeing Used an Inflatable Spaceship to Test 'Starliner' Landing Recovery Plans
SPACE.COM Search-and-rescue teams with NASA, Boeing and the U.S. Army hustled to assist an imaginary crew out of an inflatable space capsule at... 2 weeks
NASA Created a Rare, Exotic State of Matter in Space
SPACE.COM A special device aboard the International Space Station has produced Bose-Einstein condensates in space for the first time ever. 1 week
NASA Announces First Astronaut Crews to Fly on Boeing and SpaceX Spaceships
SPACE.COM After years of vehicle development and building anticipation, NASA has now put the crew in commercial crew spacecraft. The space agency announced the nine... 2 weeks
NASA Created a Rare, Exotic State of Matter in Space
LIVE SCIENCE A special device aboard the International Space Station has produced Bose-Einstein condensates in space for the first time ever. 2 weeks
On This Day In Space! Aug. 8, 1977: Salyut 5 Space Station Burns Up
SPACE.COM On Aug. 8, 1977, the Salyut 5 space station fell out of space and burned up in Earth's atmosphere. See... 7 days
sn military space space force a political football the next big thing in space missile defense how to make satellites defendable SN Military.Space | Space Force a political football • The next big thing in space missile defense • How to make satellites ‘defendable’
SPACE NEWS ... 13 hours
Shuttle Test Pilot Bob Crippen's Advice for NASA's Commercial Crews
SPACE.COM The last time NASA assigned astronauts to the first test flight of a new U.S. spacecraft — as it plans do for the first time in 40 years... 2 weeks
historic space weather could clarify what s next Historic Space Weather Could Clarify What’s Next
ASTRO WATCH Historic space weather may help us understand what’s coming next, according to new research by the University of Warwick. Professor Sandra Chapman,... 2 days
The U.S. plan for a Space Force risks escalating a 'space arms race'
PHYS.ORG ,United States Vice President Mike Pence has confirmed overnight plans to create a "Space Force" as the sixth branch of the US... 5 days
nasa confirms delays in boeing and spacex commercial crew flights NASA confirms delays in Boeing and SpaceX commercial crew flights
SPACE NEWS NASA released an updated schedule of commercial crew test flights Aug. 2 that confirms Boeing’s revised... 2 weeks
sn military space space reorganization reform fatigue already smd symposium underway in huntsville darpa soon to announce blackjack winners SN Military.Space | Space reorganization: Reform fatigue already? • SMD Symposium underway in Huntsville • DARPA soon to announce Blackjack winners
SPACE NEWS ... 1 week
Psychologists keep policy on U.S. detainees, but issue remains open wound
Science Magazine Governing body goes into secret session during heated debate 5 days
Space-based tracker to give scientists a beyond-bird's-eye-view of wildlife
The Parker Solar Probe has launched and is on its way to explore the sun
With launch looming, the Parker Solar Probe is ready for its star turn
What ‘The Meg’ gets wrong — and right — about megalodon sharks
Ready for its day in the sun—the SWEAP investigation
Getting more out of microbes—studying Shewanella in microgravity
Army's new 3-D printed shape-shifting soft robots crawl, jump, grab
Good news for fishermen—'browning' impacts fish less than expected
Space probe to plunge into fiery corona of the sun
Designed features can make cities safer, but getting it wrong can be plain frightening
Take a Walk Through SpaceX's Crew Dragon Spaceship
Study expands what we know about natural, low-cost ways to remove pollutants from water
Video: Next-generation spacesuit design
High Throughput Biophysical Screening for Development and Formulation of Biologics
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