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PHYS.ORG Just like former NBA MVP Steve Nash, who famously improved the output of his teammates whenever he was on the court, some employees could have a halo effect on their peers, according to new research from the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. 1 month
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Flirting on the 'fly:' what blow flies can tell us about attraction, dating apps
SCIENCE DAILY The photoreceptors in blow fly eyes do more than help them navigate the environment, research shows. They're also used in... 6 days
Bee decline threatens US crop production
SCIENCE DAILY The first-ever study to map US wild bees suggests they are disappearing in the country's most important farmlands. 1 day
Spooked by spike in cyber extortion, businesses are stockpiling bitcoin for payoffs
PHYS.ORG U.S. corporations that have long resisted bending to the demands of computer hackers who take their networks hostage are increasingly stockpiling bitcoin, the digital... 1 hour
New Zealand judge upholds Kim Dotcom extradition ruling
PHYS.ORG A New Zealand judge has upheld an earlier ruling that flamboyant internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and three of his colleagues can be extradited to the U.S. to face criminal charges. 1 day
Medical News Today: Cholesterol test: Uses, what to expect, results
MNT What are the risks of cholesterol and who should have a test? Learn about what to expect with the test, what the results mean, and treatment options. 18 hours
What we know so far about problems at the tallest US dam
PHYS.ORG It's been more than a week since engineers at the nation's tallest dam noticed damage to an emergency spillway, starting a series of events... 5 days
Astronomers observe black hole producing cold, star-making fuel from hot plasma jets and bubbles
PHYS.ORG The Phoenix cluster is an enormous accumulation of about 1,000 galaxies, located 5.7 billion light years from Earth. At its... 7 days
Medical News Today: Natural remedies for dry eyes
MNT What causes dry eye, what home remedies may help to reduce symptoms, and how might it be prevented? Learn about the lifestyle changes that could help. 4 days
Setting the record straight on some common beliefs about food and health
SCIENCE DAILY When it comes to what certain foods can do to or for you, it’s probably best to take motherly advice, familiar sayings and other... 7 days
Medical News Today: What to Do If You Catch a Cold When Pregnant
MNT Learn about how colds are treated during pregnancy and how they may be prevented. What are the similarities between cold and pregnancy... 6 days
Medical News Today: Which eye drops are best for dry eyes?
MNT In this article, learn about what causes dry eye, which eye drops are available, what to consider when choosing eye drops, and alternative treatments. 4 days
Digital fabrication in architecture
PHYS.ORG Many building processes still involve sub-standard working conditions and are not compellingly sustainable. Current research on the integration of digital technologies within construction processes promises substantial contributions to sustainability and productivity, while at the same time enabling completely new forms... 3 days
Scientists report ocean data from under Greenland's Petermann Glacier
PHYS.ORG In August 2015, University of Delaware oceanographer Andreas Muenchow and colleagues deployed the first UD ocean sensors underneath Petermann Glacier in North Greenland, which connects the great Greenland ice sheet... 6 days
Artificial intelligence grows a nose
Science Magazine New program can tell what an unknown molecule smells like 1 day
Bee decline threatens US crop production
PHYS.ORG The first-ever study to map U.S. wild bees suggests they are disappearing in the country's most important farmlands—from California's Central Valley to the Midwest's corn belt and the Mississippi River valley. 2 days
Podcast: Recognizing the monkey in the mirror, giving people malaria parasites as a vaccine strategy, and keeping coastal waters clean with seagrass
Science Magazine This week, we chat... 5 days
When Will Augmented Reality Get Real?
LIVE SCIENCE Pokémon Go may be popular, but ask people about other augmented reality applications and most draw a blank. 3 days
New study reveals what penguins eat
PHYS.ORG The longest and most comprehensive study to date of what penguins eat is published this month. The study, published in the journal Marine Biology, examines the diets of gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) at Bird Island, South... 6 days
3-D reconstruction of skull suggests a small crocodile is a new species
PHYS.ORG A small crocodile discovered in Germany's Langenberg Quarry may be a new species, according to a study published February 15, 2017 in the open-access... 6 days
Mutilation and social determination of female Diacamma ants
PHYS.ORG Social insects, such as ants, bees and wasps, display an organizational complexity, called eusociality, where individual members of a colony act more like parts of a whole rather than independent organisms. In... 4 days
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