PHYS.ORG Just like former NBA MVP Steve Nash, who famously improved the output of his teammates whenever he was on the court, some employees could have a halo effect on their peers, according to new research from the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. 3 months
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Argon is not the 'dope' for metallic hydrogen
PHYS.ORG Hydrogen is both the simplest and the most-abundant element in the universe, so studying it can teach scientists about the essence of matter. And yet there are still many hydrogen secrets to... 5 days
[Remote Sensing] It's easier to see green
Science Magazine Green pixels in remote sensing data that estimate plant production can tell us much about Earth's ecosystems. However, one needs to know what proportion of the surface captured by the – [Read More] 5 days
Making 'mulch' ado of ant hills: Ant hill mulch improves soil moisture
PHYS.ORG Ants can be annoying little insects. In your home, they make army-like lines to any crumbs on your floor. In your home's frame, carpenter... 6 days
How the word 'you' helps us deal with negative experiences
MNT 'You' is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. New research examines its psychological importance and how it helps us cope. 2 days
Medical News Today: Lung cancer in pictures: What does it look like?
MNT In this article, learn about the different types of lung cancer, what tests are available, what the symptoms are, and what treatments are available. 5 days
Medical News Today: How the word 'you' helps us deal with negative experiences
MNT 'You' is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. New research examines its psychological importance and how it... 2 days
Satellite launch shelved over strikes
PHYS.ORG After three days of delays caused by worker strikes in French Guiana, rocket firm Arianespace opted Thursday to postpone indefinitely the launch of satellites for South Korean and Brazilian clients. 5 days
Zika hot spots in the US predicted
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers predicted the places in the continental US where Zika is most likely to be transmitted are along the Mississippi delta and southern states extending northward along the Atlantic coast and in southern California. 2 hours
Reporter's notebook: What I learned from being in a metabolic chamber
ABC NEWS ABC News' Mara Schiovacampo shares what she learned about how she uses energy. 3 hours
Study compares arm measures to BMI for assessing nutritional status of leukemia survivors
NEWS MEDICAL Arm anthropometry is a simple method to determine if a person is overweight or obese, and because it can distinguish between fat... 5 days
The Latest: PAC pulls support from health bill opponent
ABC NEWS Opposition to House Speaker Paul Ryan's health care bill is costing an Iowa congressman some valuable campaign support 5 days
A new web of life
PHYS.ORG For the first time biologists have made a full family tree of the world's spiders, giving us knowledge about venoms that can be useful in medicine. And we might be able to develop silk just as good as... 5 days
astronomers find unexpected dust obscured star formation in normal distant galaxy Astronomers Find Unexpected, Dust-obscured Star Formation in Normal Distant Galaxy
ASTRO WATCH Pushing the limits of the largest single-aperture millimeter telescope in the world, and coupling it with... 3 days
Largest survey to date of patient and family experience at US children's hospitals
SCIENCE DAILY A survey of more than 17,000 parents of hospitalized children gives mixed responses about the quality of the inpatient experience at 69... 5 days
Medical News Today: What is cholesterol ratio and why is it important?
MNT In this article, learn about the difference between "good" and "bad" cholesterol. How do they affect the body? How can you manage high cholesterol? 2 days
Brain activity of children can be used for long-range predictions about reading success
NEWS MEDICAL By measuring brainwaves, it is possible to predict what a child's reading level will be years in advance, according to research from... 15 hours
Euclid: ESA's Search for Dark Matter & Dark Energy
SPACE.COM Euclid is a mission that aims to learn more about the parts of the universe we can't see — dark energy and dark matter, which are thought to make up... 5 days
The Latest: Trump offers support to Paul Ryan
ABC NEWS President Donald Trump says, "we'll see what happens," in response to a question about what happens if the vote on the Republican-backed health care bill fails in the House 4 days
Neurological diseases cost the US Nearly $800 billion per year
SCIENCE DAILY A new article reports the most common neurological diseases pose a serious annual financial burden for the nation. 35 minutes
Medical News Today: Atrial fibrillation: Natural treatments, remedies, and tips
MNT Learn about A-fib and the natural treatments available. What herbs and supplements may be used to treat A-fib and what substances should be avoided? 4 days
Babies Understand More About the World Than Once Thought
LIVE SCIENCE A revolution in the tools and techniques developmental psychologists use to investigate kids' knowledge and capabilities is rewriting what we know about how and when children understand their world. 6 days
A new web of life: First full family tree of the world's spiders
SCIENCE DAILY For the first time biologists have made a full family tree of the world's spiders, giving us knowledge about venoms that can... 5 days
MindMetre research note highlights exposure of oncology nurses to harmful effects of cytotoxic drugs
NEWS MEDICAL Independent research organisation MindMetre, which regularly addresses patient and healthcare worker safety across Europe, has examined evidence from qualitative interviews,... 6 days
Regression to the mean, or why perfection rarely lasts
PHYS.ORG Statistics is a useful tool for understanding the patterns in the world around us. But our intuition often lets us down when it comes to interpreting those patterns. In this... 1 day
Scientists reveal novel drug delivery approach to fight swine flu at gene level
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University together with their colleagues from St. Petersburg and London have elaborated a new approach to deliver anti-viral... 4 hours
China's ZTE pleads guilty to violating US sanctions on Iran, N.Korea
PHYS.ORG Chinese telecom giant ZTE has pleaded guilty in a US court to violating US export controls by selling goods to Iran and North Korea over several... 5 days
video what s the best way to cook pasta Video: What's the best way to cook pasta?
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Pasta noodles contain only three ingredients: eggs, water and flour. But how can you achieve a tasty result every time? Cooking pasta chemically changes how the proteins and starches interact, making the... 7 days
Molecular 'treasure maps' to help discover new materials
PHYS.ORG Scientists at the University of Southampton working with colleagues at the University of Liverpool have developed a new method which has the potential to revolutionise the way we search for, design and... 6 days
Scientists report genetic test to help predict men at most risk from aggressive prostate cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists are reporting a test which can predict which patients are most at risk from aggressive prostate cancer,... 1 day
Scientists make new discovery about bird evolution
SCIENCE DAILY A team of scientists has described the most exceptionally preserved fossil bird discovered to date, in a newly published article. The new specimen from the rich Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota (approximately 131 to 120... 4 days
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Docking Port Relocated at Space Station to Support Commercial Spacecraft
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