MNT A thoracotomy is a type of surgery that is carried out on the chest. It is often carried out as part of lung cancer treatment or in emergency situations. 1 month
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Medical News Today: What is a strangulated hernia?
MNT A look at strangulated hernia, a condition where herniated tissue has its blood supply cut off. Find out about types, complications, and recovery. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: How can I get rid of milia?
MNT Is it possible to remove milia? We look at home remedies, medical treatments, and ways to prevent these small, white bumps from occurring. 1 week
Medical News Today: Can dim light make us...dim?
MNT Bad news for introverts and romantics everywhere: dim lighting seems to have...undesirable effects on our brains and cognitive skills, says a new study. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Will eating slowly help you to lose weight?
MNT Causality is a rarely achievable feat in medical research, and while observational, a study offers strong evidence that eating slowly lowers obesity risk. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: What is golfer's elbow and how is it treated?
MNT In this article, we look at medial epicondylitis, its symptoms, and causes. We also provide information on treatment and exercises for it. 1 week
Medical News Today: What is a douche?
MNT A look at douches, devices used to wash the inside of the body – primarily the vagina. Included is detail on whether it is necessary and alternatives. 1 day
Medical News Today: How making fun of yourself can make you happy
MNT A new study has examined the psychological benefits and disadvantages of self-deprecating humor. The findings may come as a surprise for many. 6 days
Medical News Today: How too much TV could kill you
MNT You might think binge-watching your favorite show is harmless, but a new study finds that too much TV could raise the risk of potentially fatal blood clots. 1 day
Medical News Today: Natural remedies for constipation
MNT We look at some possible natural alternatives to laxatives for people looking to have a bowel movement. We also look at when to see a doctor. 1 week
Specialized nanotechnology could reduce pain, recovery time in oral surgery
NEWS MEDICAL A trip to the dentist or orthodontist usually instills a sense of dread in most patients, and that's before the exam even begins. Add to that the fear... 1 week
Medical News Today: What is the outlook for hydranencephaly?
MNT Learn more about hydranencephaly, a condition where a baby is born with part of the brain missing. We examine the symptoms and prognosis. 1 week
Medical News Today: How to cope with a breakup (the healthy way)
MNT We take a look at some helpful (and healthful) tips for coping with a breakup that will hopefully bring our heartbroken readers some much... 1 day
Medical News Today: Can't keep the weight off? This may be why
MNT Our bodies don't take well to repeated dieting, which they perceive as potentially dangerous. One protein, however, may be key to preventing weight loss. 1 week
Medical News Today: Marijuana: Good or bad?
MNT More and more, marijuana is being legalized for medicinal or recreational purposes, but what are the health benefits and risks of the drug? We investigate. 2 days
Medical News Today: Brain activity explains drunken aggression
MNT A new study examines what goes on inside the brains of intoxicated young men. The findings may help to reduce alcohol-related crime. 1 week
Medical News Today: What causes a buildup of pressure behind the eyes?
MNT In this article, we look at reasons for feelings of pressure behind the eye, including a migraine or sinus infection. When should you see... 1 week
Medical News Today: What to know about a pimple on the nipple
MNT Pimples on the nipple are common and usually not a cause for concern. Learn about types of bumps on the nipple, treatments, and when... 6 hours
Medical News Today: What is an esophageal spasm?
MNT A look at esophageal spasms, a condition where the food pipe in the throat twitches or convulses uncontrollably. Included is detail on diagnosis. 1 week
Medical News Today: Could your tears help to diagnose Parkinson's?
MNT A new study suggests that checking alpha-synuclein levels in tear samples may serve as a noninvasive test for Parkinson's disease before symptoms appear. 8 hours
Medical News Today: What are the effects of an enlarged prostate on sex?
MNT Learn about how benign prostatic hyperplasia can affect sexual function. We look at the effects and treatment options, including surgery, here. 4 days
Medical News Today: The road to wisdom runs through hardship, study finds
MNT What makes us wiser? A new study set out to answer that question and found that several factors are involved — all to do... 15 hours
Medical News Today: What can you do about a groin strain?
MNT A look at groin strains, a muscle injury that has many potential causes. Included is detail on diagnosis and exercises you can do to relieve a... 10 hours
Medical News Today: How do you get rid of puffy eyes?
MNT A look at periorbital edema, a condition where swelling around the eyes causes them to appear puffy. Included is detail on diagnosis and the outlook. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: What is cholinergic urticaria and how is it treated?
MNT Learn about cholinergic urticaria, a rash that can appear when the body gets warm and sweats. We look at symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. 1 week
Medical News Today: What is pneumococcal meningitis?
MNT Learn more about pneumococcal meningitis, a rare but life-threatening form of infection. We look at the causes, symptoms, and treatment options. 11 hours
Medical News Today: Do sad children overeat?
MNT Many adults overeat when they feel low, and some binge when they are elated. A new study investigates whether children do the same. 3 days
Medical News Today: What to do about tightness in the throat
MNT A look at tightness in the throat, an uncomfortable feeling that has a range of causes. Included is detail on anxiety and the symptoms of the... 1 week
Medical News Today: Cutting back on carbs could help treat fatty liver disease
MNT A new study reveals how reducing the intake of carbohydrates could help to reduce the buildup of liver fat in people who... 4 days
Medical News Today: What causes a tight foreskin?
MNT A tight foreskin is common in babies and young boys, and it can last into adulthood. We take a close look at types, causes, and treatment options. 1 day
Medical News Today: What to know about gas pain in the chest
MNT In this article we look at what causes uncomfortable gas in the chest, how to tell it apart from a heart attack, and how... 1 day
Medical News Today: What are the health benefits of being social?
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