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improving land cover mapping with sentinel 2 Improving land cover mapping with Sentinel-2
ESA With the pair of Sentinel-2 satellites now in orbit, users are looking ahead to mapping global land cover at 10 m resolution. 4 days
Medical News Today: Zika virus: Cure steps closer with protein-mapping study
MNT By mapping the function of a key protein that helps the Zika virus replicate and spread, researchers open a path that could lead to new drugs... 25 minutes
New gel-like coating beefs up the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have developed an ultra-thin coating material that has the potential to extend the life and improve the efficiency of lithium-sulfur batteries, one of the most promising areas... 7 days
Research group developing a rechargeable magnesium/iodine battery for daily consumer use
PHYS.ORG Batteries – can you image how cumbersome the world would be without them? Without any moving parts, batteries convert chemical energy into electricity, making everyday life... 1 day
Clarifying how lithium ions ferry around in rechargeable batteries
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists observe the real-time ultrafast bonding of lithium ions with the solvents, in the same process that happens during charging and discharging of lithium batteries, and conclude that a new... 1 hour
Mapping the future of precision medicine in Parkinson's disease
SCIENCE DAILY A new transformative approach to defining, studying and treating Parkinson's disease has been revealed by investigators. Rather than approaching Parkinson's disease as a single entity, the international cadre of researchers... 5 days
Clarifying how lithium ions ferry around in rechargeable batteries
PHYS.ORG Although most of our electronic devices, like mobile phones, laptops and electric vehicles use lithium rechargeable batteries, what is going on inside them is not fully understood. Researchers from the... 2 hours
“Virtual batteries” could lead to cheaper, cleaner power
MIT Coordinating smart appliances and electric cars may help balance supply and demand in the power grid. 4 days
Supercritical carbon dioxide delivers protective molecules to semiconductor surfaces
PHYS.ORG A simple, green method that applies a protective coating to semiconductors could help to develop these materials for many applications, from batteries to biosensors. 6 days
Google Street View cars are eyes on the ground for urban methane leaks
PHYS.ORG A set of Google Street View mapping cars, specially equipped with cutting-edge methane analyzers, are allowing Colorado State University researchers to "see"... 6 days
Self-healing graphene holds potential for future use in artificial skin for robots
NEWS MEDICAL With the first ever documented observation of the self-healing phenomena of graphene, researchers from Hyderabad, India, hint at future applications for its use in... 5 days
Spacewalk Photos: Astronauts Prep Space Station for Future Commercial Spacecraft
SPACE.COM Space station astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Thomas Pesquet embarked on a spacewalk on March 24 to prepare the orbiting lab for the future docking of commercial spacecraft and... 20 hours
Watch Live @ 10 AM: House Science Committee Hearing on ISS Future through 2024
SPACE.COM On Wednesday, March 22, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology will hold a hearing on the future of... 6 days
watch live now house science committee hearing on iss future through 2024 WATCH LIVE NOW: House Science Committee Hearing on ISS Future through 2024
SPACE.COM VIDEO On Wednesday, March 22, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology will hold a hearing on the future of the International Space Station... 6 days
Upper part of Earth’s magnetic field reveals details of a dramatic past
SCIENCE DAILY Satellites have been mapping the upper part of the Earth magnetic field by collecting data for three years and found some amazing features about... 6 days
Unrestricted improvements in fishing technology threaten the future of seafood
PHYS.ORG A study conducted by ICTA-UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) researcher Eric Galbraith shows that future improvement of fishing technology poses a threat for the global fishery that could... 1 day
WATCH: Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is freezing her eggs
ABC NEWS The television personality announced she wants to "take control" of her future. 6 days
Researchers create self-sustaining bacteria-fueled power cell
PHYS.ORG Instead of oil, coal, or even solar energy, self-sustaining bacterial fuel cells may power the future. 6 days
elon musk not enthusiastic about nasa authorization bill Elon Musk not enthusiastic about NASA authorization bill
SPACE NEWS "Perhaps there will be some future bill that makes a difference for Mars, but this is not it," he wrote.... 6 days
WATCH: Rise of 'membership medicine' plans raise concerns
ABC NEWS Direct Primary Care provides alternate options for health care and some are calling it the future of medicine. 3 days
A step toward making crops drought tolerant
PHYS.ORG QUT researchers are part of an international consortium of researchers whose work hopes to future-proof crops against the impacts of global climate change. 3 hours
World's most efficient, environment-friendly solar cells
SCIENCE DAILY In the future, solar cells can become twice as efficient by employing a few smart little nano-tricks, suggest investigators in a new report. 7 days
California fuel standards to get critical review
PHYS.ORG A state review has found California is on track to meet its tougher car-emission standards and urges regulators to draft more ambitious environmental targets for the future. 4 days
Cancer in young women and teens may harm future pregnancies, study finds
ABC NEWS Study found women who had cancer in adolescence may have issues with pregnancy. 5 days
Manipulating magnetic textures
PHYS.ORG While the ability to easily control the magnetic properties of small electronic systems is highly desirable for future small electronics and data storage, an effective solution has proven to be extremely elusive. 7 days
Mitigating global warming by CO2 storage? Check for continental stress
PHYS.ORG If proposed CO2 sites are not properly assessed for long-term stability, future civilisations could still suffer the consequences of global warming. 4 days
T-Mobile moves the needle in its research lab to compete with larger rivals
PHYS.ORG For a couple of minutes in a small, nondescript T-Mobile US conference room, the future of wireless is here. 6 days
Age at immigration influences occupational skill development
PHYS.ORG The future occupations of U.S. immigrant children are influenced by how similar their native language is to English, finds a new study by scholars at Duke University and the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. 5 days
Spacewalking French, US astronauts to upgrade orbiting lab
PHYS.ORG A French and an American astronaut are scheduled to float outside the International Space Station Friday for a spacewalk aimed at upgrading the orbiting outpost for the arrival of future space crews. 4 days
Information storage with a nanoscale twist
PHYS.ORG Swirling objects known as magnetic vortices and skyrmions can be miniaturized without sacrificing mobility, a KAUST-led international research team has found. These findings are relevant for future "race-track" memory technologies that feature massive densities of moveable... 2 hours
In 30 years, can we sustainably meet the needs of 9.5 billion people?
Ubiquitous marine organism co-evolved with other microbes, promoting more complex ecosystems
Virtual museum brings extinct species back to life
How will Brexit impact life sciences in Wales?
Video: How do we measure temperature?
NASA tests observing capability on Hawaii's coral reefs
Archival photos offer research value
35 years of chiptune's influence on electronic music
Neil deGrasse Tyson's Words Inspire Cosmic Song and Music Video for Kids
Docking Port Relocated at Space Station to Support Commercial Spacecraft