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How The Simpsons' Hank Azaria Responded To The Latest Apu Controversy
CINEMA BLEND Hank Azaria had some things to say regarding the way The Simpsons addressed The... 35 minutes
Microsoft's 'intelligent edge,' and how it impacts the world
Windows Central Microsoft's recent reorganization emphasizes the company's focus on the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. Cloud computing has moved from "the idealistic next step in computing" advocated by tech companies, to... 1 hour
Didi appoints one of its execs to lead ride-hailing service 99
TechCrunch Didi, the Chinese transportation behemoth that acquired Brazilian ride-hailing service 99 back in January, has replaced 99’s chief executive with one of its own, Recode first reported.... 2 hours
IT: Chapter 2 Is Going To Be Even Scarier, According To The Director
CINEMA BLEND IT became a surprise smash hit last fall when the... 2 hours
bmw s ix3 is the company s first normal looking all electric car BMW’s iX3 is the company’s first normal-looking all-electric car
THE VERGE BMW kicked off this week’s Beijing Motor Show with two announcements today. The company unveiled a concept version... 2 hours
Nanowires could make lithium ion batteries safer
SCIENCE DAILY From cell phones and laptops to electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are the power source that fuels everyday life. But in recent years, they have also drawn attention for catching fire. In an effort to... 4 hours
New research shows how brain-computer interaction is changing cinema
PHYS.ORG Over the past few years, we have seen the extraordinary development of neural prosthetic technologies that can replace or enhance functions of our central nervous system. For example, devices like... 5 hours
Nanowires could make lithium ion batteries safer
PHYS.ORG From cell phones and laptops to electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are the power source that fuels everyday life. But in recent years, they have also drawn attention for catching fire. In an effort to... 5 hours
Best gaming headset for Xbox One and PC streamers
Windows Central In an age when content creation is more accessible than ever, taking your production values to the next level can be a confusing task. One of the most annoying things... 5 hours
an ode to god of war s leviathan axe An ode to God of War’s Leviathan Axe
THE VERGE There are many reasons why the new God of War is good: the revamped combat, the closer camera, the astonishing... 5 hours
India’s Jugnoo adopts a unique take on ride-hailing to help fill Singapore’s Uber void
TechCrunch Another contender is throwing its hat into the ring to replace Uber in Southeast Asia after India’s Jugnoo, a startup... 6 hours
Alexa is going kid-friendly
TechCrunch In a briefing earlier this week, Amazon told TechCrunch that it was surprised by how Alexa has been embraced by families. But while the smart assistant isn’t exactly risqué (with a couple of notable exceptions), there are certainly things you... 6 hours
Chris Evans Reveals The Secret Origin Of Captain America’s Beard
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Whether its Spider-Man’s costume or the newly blonde Black Widow, plenty of characters are getting a... 8 hours
google and facebook adopt water gun emoji leaving microsoft holding the pistol Google and Facebook adopt water gun emoji, leaving Microsoft holding the pistol
THE VERGE Google is the latest company to ditch the pistol with a new emoji update for Android users. The switch to a bright orange and... 9 hours
House Democrats talk to Cambridge Analytica whistleblower
PHYS.ORG House Democrats, frustrated by what they see as GOP inaction and with an eye on midterm elections, on Tuesday held the first of what they hope to be several interviews with witnesses who have... 11 hours
Fat Lama, the online marketplace for renting out things you own, raises $10M
TechCrunch Fat Lama, the startup that offers a fully insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace for almost anything, is getting a little fatter. The London-based... 11 hours
Marvel Isn’t Announcing Their Phase 4 Plans Until After ‘Avengers 4’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM You may have heard that Marvel Studios is skipping their customary presentation in Hall... 18 hours
6 things to know about the new free Spotify - CNET
CNET The world's largest music-streaming service just amped up its freebie options. Here's what you need to know. 21 hours
IoT ‘conversation’ and ambient contextuality
TechCrunch A few years back, I wrote about the way we communicate with our technology. It was obvious even then that a big game-changer would be enabling a reliable conversational interaction with technology in order to overcome the friction humans experience... 21 hours
TV Review: ‘Lucifer: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “It’s Chloe’s love. Think about it; she loves you, you bleed. Now she loves... 21 hours
the epa s deputy chief may be an even bigger threat to the environment than scott pruitt The EPA’s deputy chief may be an even bigger threat to the environment than Scott Pruitt
THE VERGE Scott Pruitt, the head... 23 hours
Joss Whedon Reveals Why He Left ‘Batgirl’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A lot of things are happening behind-the-scenes at Warner Bros. these days. The studio is looking to dive deep into the world... 23 hours
Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X make taking vacation photos so easy - CNET
CNET Going on a trip? Ditch that expensive DSLR and use the latest smartphone cameras on your next adventure. 1 day
Uber diversity report: Staff slightly less white and male - CNET
CNET Over the past year, the ride-hailing company has been working to make things right around inclusion. Its diversity report shows some incremental progress. 1 day
Uber’s first diversity report under new CEO shows slight progress
TechCrunch Under the leadership of Travis Kalanick, Uber was late to the game in producing its first diversity report. Now, under the leadership of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, things are starting... 1 day
Asteroids could have delivered water to the early Earth
Facebook made an ad about how bad Facebook has become
US Justice Department reportedly investigating Huawei for violating Iran sanctions
3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
Spectacles 2 reportedly coming this week as Snapchat takes second shot at wearables
ESA's new Milky Way map shines with 1.7 billion stars - CNET
New galactic map shows the positions and brightness of 1.7 billion stars
Google shares a fun design trailer while you wait for Gmail’s new UI [Video]
Netflix has ordered Follow This, a short-form documentary series from BuzzFeed
Snapchat update introduces Snappables — a new way to play fun AR games with your friends
The Brother P-Touch personal label printer is a steal at $9.99 - CNET
Beaches are becoming safer for baby sea turtles, but threats await them in the ocean
Spinning high-strength polymer nanofibers
Some neat and clever creations people have made with Nintendo Labo so far