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Specific immune cells may help slow progression of ALS, research shows
NEWS MEDICAL New research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - also known as motor neuron disease - shows that specific immune cells may help slow progression of the... 3 hours
Research suggests low density of snow leopards in Nepal`s Conservation Area
SCIENCE DAILY The snow leopard is a mammal species of the cat family found at high altitudes in Nepal and other countries around the Himalayan range. However, it... 6 hours
Epidural stimulation shown to normalize blood pressure following spinal cord injury
SCIENCE DAILY Working with human research participants, researchers have found that spinal cord epidural stimulation can safely and effectively elevate blood pressure in individuals with SCI along with... 6 hours
uk team to lead european mission to study new planets UK Team to Lead European Mission to Study New Planets
ASTRO WATCH The ARIEL (Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey) mission was selected as the next European Space Agency... 7 hours
Deep impact: Deep-sea wildlife more vulnerable to extinction than first thought
SCIENCE DAILY The existence of the unusual yeti crabs (Kiwaidae) -- a family of crab-like animals whose hairy claws and bodies are reminiscent of the abominable snowman --... 7 hours
Bacteria eat greenhouse gas with a side of protein
SCIENCE DAILY With the ability to leech heavy metals from the environment and digest a potent greenhouse gas, methanotrophic bacteria pull double duty when it comes to cleaning up the environment. But... 8 hours
Bioinspired spring origami
Science Magazine Origami enables folding of objects into a variety of shapes in arts, engineering, and biological systems. In contrast to well-known paper-folded objects, the wing of the earwig has an exquisite natural folding system that cannot be sufficiently described by current... 10 hours
A research behemoth is born in Britain
Science Magazine 10 hours
Stifling accounting rules threaten jobs and science at Spanish institutes
Science Magazine Staff at centers for solar energy research and oceanography raise alarm 11 hours
Updated: U.S. spending deal contains largest research spending increase in a decade
Science Magazine The National Institutes of Health gets $3 billion increase, and other agencies get raises, too 10 hours
Genetic cause of deadly skin condition afflicting bull terriers discovered
PHYS.ORG In a new study published March 22nd, 2018 in PLOS Genetics, Anina Bauer of the University of Bern and a large international research team, report the discovery of... 11 hours
A new angle on gerrymanders
SCIENCE DAILY A mathematician has developed a new tool to identify gerrymandered voting districts. The research shows Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina strongly gerrymandered for Republicans, while Maryland's and California's voting districts have been strongly tipped in favor of Democrats.... 10 hours
Attacking lymphoma at the source
SCIENCE DAILY The efficacy of target specific therapies in lymphoma is limited to subgroups of patients. Scientists have identified a mechanism that confers resistance against a common therapy for lymphoma. They propose an alternative treatment that targets lymphoma signaling at... 11 hours
Whether sustained or sporadic, exercise offers same reductions in premature death risk
SCIENCE DAILY Despite confusing messages, new data shows all moderate or vigorous activity -- even when done in short bursts throughout the day -- can reduce... 11 hours
Stopping exercise can increase symptoms of depression
SCIENCE DAILY Stopping exercise can result in increased depressive symptoms, according to new mental health research. 11 hours
Being hungry shuts off perception of chronic pain
SCIENCE DAILY Finding food is a necessary survival skill, but so is avoiding pain. Research using mice showed that being hungry activates a neural pathway that inhibits the perception of and response to chronic... 11 hours
Cessation of exercise can result in increased depressive symptoms
NEWS MEDICAL Stopping exercise can result in increased depressive symptoms, according to new mental health research from the University of Adelaide. 12 hours
Probing RNA epigenetics and chromatin structures to predict drug resistance in leukemia
SCIENCE DAILY A research team has begun to unravel the role of RNA epigenetics and chromatin structure in the regulation of 5-azacytidine, a DNA hypomethylating agent... 11 hours
The circadian clock controls the cell cycle and tumor growth in plants
PHYS.ORG Biological rhythms are ubiquitous in nature, from the beating of the heart to the rhythms of flowering plants. This rhythmicity is in some instances... 13 hours
Expectations are high for UKRI, the United Kingdom’s new £6 billion research behemoth
Science Magazine UKRI will seek to provide a voice for science, foster interdisciplinary research, and kickstart the economy 12 hours
gender confirmation surgery improves transgender people s lives research confirms Gender confirmation surgery improves transgender people’s lives, research confirms
THE VERGE Gender confirmation surgeries can improve the quality of life of transgender people, according to new research. Researchers in... 12 hours
Long thought to only cause a rare disease, this mutation may ward off malaria
PHYS.ORG A genetic mutation that may protect people from malaria, but was thought to be rare, is surprisingly common, suggest the... 13 hours
Early numeracy performance of young kids linked to specific math activities at home
SCIENCE DAILY New research finds links between certain math skills in young children and specific numerical activities undertaken at home with parents. The study... 13 hours
Medical News Today: These plant-based fats could help you live longer
MNT Research on more than 90,000 people shows that diets rich in plant-based — but not animal-based — monounsaturated fats are linked to lower risk of death. 13 hours
Targeting immune cells to slow progression of ALS
SCIENCE DAILY New research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - also known as motor neuron disease - shows that specific immune cells may help slow progression of the disease, an important step towards developing... 14 hours
Was Uber's driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes - CNET
Huawei dealt a blow, loses Best Buy as retail partner - CNET
Gun channel moves to Pornhub after YouTube gun video ban - CNET
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I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery
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