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Bursts of brain activity linked to memory reactivation
SCIENCE DAILY Leading theories propose sleep presents an opportune time for important, new memories to become stabilized. And it's long been known which brain waves are produced during sleep. In a new study, researchers... 2 hours
first alert s all in one homekit enabled smoke detector speaker and alexa assistant now available to order First Alert's All-in-One HomeKit-Enabled Smoke Detector, Speaker, and Alexa Assistant Now Available to Order
MacRumors First Alert has announced that its Onelink Safe... 2 hours
google revamps play movies tv on roku w simplified design nav recommendations Google revamps Play Movies & TV on Roku w/ simplified design & nav, recommendations
9to5Google In March, Play Movies & TV received a... 2 hours
Study identifies key food allergy policies that parents want in schools to improve safety of kids
NEWS MEDICAL One in five parents did not feel that their child with food allergy was safe while... 17 hours
Study shows AVATS procedure as safe, effective alternative for patients deemed 'inoperable'
NEWS MEDICAL A new study demonstrates that awake video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery – a minimally invasive procedure that is done under local anesthesia and sedation – is... 17 hours
apple watch how to turn off nightstand mode Apple Watch: How to turn off Nightstand mode
9to5Mac Apple Watch is designed to be charged on a nightly basis. However, a small subset of users prefer to charge... 20 hours
'Virtual safe space' to help bumblebees
SCIENCE DAILY The many threats facing bumblebees can be tested using a 'virtual safe space.' 23 hours
[Editors' Choice] Opening the eyes on autism
Science Magazine Nine- to 10-month-old infants who develop autism show early enhanced pupillary light reflex compared with infants who did not develop autism. 1 day
Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend?
LIVE SCIENCE Good news for weekend snoozers. 1 day
Evening use of light-emitting tablets may disrupt healthy sleep
SCIENCE DAILY A new study reveals that evening use of light-emitting tablets can induce delays in desired bedtimes, suppress secretion of melatonin (the hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness), and impair next-morning... 1 day
Can weekend sleep make up for the detriments of sleep deprivation during the week?
SCIENCE DAILY In a recent study, short, but not long, weekend sleep was associated with an increased risk of early death in... 1 day
Review of biodegradable bags shows not enough is known to judge if they are safe for environment
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from the U.K. Austria and France has found that not... 1 day
'Virtual safe space' to help bumblebees
PHYS.ORG The many threats facing bumblebees can be tested using a "virtual safe space" created by scientists at the University of Exeter. Bumble-BEEHAVE provides a computer simulation of how colonies will develop and react to multiple factors... 2 days
safe sound smoke alarm with homekit and built in alexa now available airplay 2 promised ‘Safe & Sound’ smoke alarm with HomeKit and built-in Alexa now available, AirPlay 2 promised
9to5Mac VIDEO Introduced back in January at CES... 2 days
self driving car crashes put a dent in consumer trust poll says Self-driving car crashes put a dent in consumer trust, poll says
THE VERGE Trust in self-driving cars is slipping after several high-profile crashes, two of them fatal,... 2 days
new youtube music begins rolling out today w smart search new desktop app more New YouTube Music begins rolling out today w/ Smart search, new desktop app, more
9to5Google VIDEO After an announcement last week, the new YouTube... 2 days
Copenhagen best, Rome worst for clean, safe roads: study
PHYS.ORG Bike-friendly capitals Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Oslo have Europe's cleanest and safest transport systems while heavily congested Rome has the worst, a Greenpeace study found Tuesday. 2 days
Researchers find invasive seaweed makes fish change their behavior
PHYS.ORG When it comes to finding protection and a safe feeding ground, fish rely on towering blades of seaweed, like kelp, to create a three-dimensional hiding space. Kelp forests have been... 2 days
New report highlights danger of childhood drowning in open water
NEWS MEDICAL As summer swimming season kicks off this Memorial Day weekend, Safe Kids Worldwide and Nationwide's Make Safe Happen program are releasing a new report highlighting the danger of... 2 days
Scientists reveal mechanisms that may help preterm infants extend nephron development window
NEWS MEDICAL Nephrons are the microscopic blood-filtering units inside our kidneys that convert waste products into urine, regulate our electrolyte levels and our blood pressure. 2 days
Subscription video services’ recommendations aren’t working, study claims
TechCrunch Streaming video services invest heavily in technology to improve their ability to show users a set of personalized recommendations about what to what next. But according to a new research study released... 3 days
Sleep better, parent better: Study shows link between maternal sleep and permissive parenting
SCIENCE DAILY A new study looks at the link between maternal sleep and permissive parenting during late adolescence. Findings show that mothers who don't... 3 days
Immune cells hold promise in slowing down ALS
SCIENCE DAILY Recent research showed that a new immunotherapy was safe for patients with ALS and also revealed surprising results that could bring hope to patients who have this relentlessly progressive and fatal disease. 3 days
CPAP may reduce resting heart rate in prediabetic patients
SCIENCE DAILY Patients with prediabetes who also have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may improve their resting heart rate, an important measure of cardiovascular health, by using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to... 3 days
Minimizing exposure to common hormone-disrupting chemicals may reduce obesity rates
SCIENCE DAILY Everyday products carry environmental chemicals that may be making us fat by interfering with our hormones, according to new research. Following recommendations on how to avoid these chemicals... 3 days
Have a stomach ache? Swallow a sensor
Hands on: New YouTube Music puts audio first as recomendations front & center [Gallery]
NASA satellites provide a 3-way analysis of Tropical Cyclone Mekun
Speaker manufacturer Leon details challenges of designing Apple Park’s audio system [Video]
BlackBerry Key2 teased in new video, shows off refreshed design and keyboard, dual-cameras
Mophie unveils new on-the-go wireless charging kit, includes car and hotel chargers
Video: Chameleons are masters of nanotechnology
Another Lovely Trailer for Mr. Rogers Doc 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?'
Second Teaser Trailer for Mystery 'A Simple Favor' with Anna Kendrick
Apple now discounting refurbished iMac Pros including upgraded 18-core models