CINEMA BLEND Tom Cruise is known for his desire to do his own stunts on film, but that dedication resulted in a broken ankle on the set of Mission: Impossible - Fallout. 4 weeks
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Why Tom Cruise Wanted Mission: Impossible Fallout To Reveal Its Villain In The Trailers
CINEMA BLEND If Tom Cruise had gotten his way, the... 2 weeks
The First Word Podcast - 'Mission: Impossible', feat. Leigh Whannell
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Your mission, should you choose to accept it." Our latest fun episode of The First Word podcast is a fun discussion about the Mission: Impossible movie series, with... 1 week
Weekend Box Office (8/3-8/5): It Was Impossible To Dethrone ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ is performing the best out of... 1 week
Mission: Impossible Fallout Screened On A Cliff And It Was Madness
CINEMA BLEND Mission: impossible - Fallout had an impressive opening weekend and is poised for another... 2 weeks
Will Christopher McQuarrie Return To Direct Mission: Impossible 7?
CINEMA BLEND Mission: Impossible -- Fallout is yet another huge movie in the massive franchise. This, of course, leads to... 1 week
Wait, Mission: Impossible Fallout Originally Wanted To Kill Off Jeremy Renner?
CINEMA BLEND Jeremy Renner didn't end up reprising William Brandt in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, but... 2 weeks
Chris McQuarrie Has Surprising Thoughts About Death In The Mission: Impossible Series
CINEMA BLEND Mission: Impossible -- Fallout has been on fire since it landed in theaters. It has won the box office charts in back-to-back weekends, holding... 1 week
The Men In Black Spinoff Has Cast A Mission: Impossible Fallout Star
CINEMA BLEND The latest addition to the Men in Black spinoff hails from the Mission: Impossible world. 2 weeks
15 Iconic Film Roles Tom Cruise Turned Down
CINEMA BLEND Tom Cruise remains one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars, but there are quite a few iconic roles he's turned down... 1 week
‘Mission: Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson Lands Sweet Roles In ‘Men In Black’ Spin-Off And ‘Doctor Sleep’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Rebecca Ferguson has many reasons to... 2 weeks
That Time Seth Rogen And Judd Apatow Taught Tom Cruise About Internet Porn
CINEMA BLEND According to Judd Apatow, Tom Cruise didn't know Internet porn... 2 weeks
6 Awesome Movies In Theaters Right Now That Need Your Support
CINEMA BLEND Sure, you could go see Mission: Impossible Fallout for the third time, and who... 1 week
Mission: Impossible Box Office: Fallout Beats Out The Return Of Winnie The Pooh
CINEMA BLEND You have probably never asked yourself who would win in... 1 week
Ranking The Mission: Impossible Movies, From Good To Mind-Blowing
CINEMA BLEND Since we're on the subject already, we're going to give you our ranking of Mission: Impossible films, from... 1 week
I Mustache You If Henry Cavill Could Play Geralt In ‘The Witcher’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix likely has a hit on their hands in their episodic adaptation of ‘The Witcher‘ and the ‘Man of Steel’ actor himself, Henry Cavill... 7 days
The Jungle Cruise Will Reportedly Feature Disney's First Openly Gay Character
CINEMA BLEND Disney's Jungle Cruise movie is shaping up to be something quite big from the... 2 days
The Rock Reveals The Massive Set Of Disney’s Jungle Cruise
CINEMA BLEND Filming is currently underway on Jungle Cruise, Disney's latest film to be based on one of... 4 days
Mamma Mia 2! Has Quietly Made A Lot Of Money
CINEMA BLEND Discussions of the recent box office have focused on movies like Mission: Impossible and the ever-present... 18 hours
How Topher Grace Feels About Tom Hardy’s Venom
CINEMA BLEND Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom is now just weeks away from hitting theaters - but fans will long remember... 1 week
How Avengers: Infinity War’s Directors Feel About Tom Holland’s Problem With Spoilers
CINEMA BLEND The Russo Brothers were recently asked Tom Holland's loose lips, and his penchant for accidentally revealing spoilers. 2 weeks
Official UK Trailer for WWII Fighter Plane Documentary Film 'Spitfire'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "They say she was beautiful. A dream. But for all her good looks, she was also a killer." The story of the fighter plane and pilots that helped... 2 weeks
Fallout 76 Won't Be On Steam
CINEMA BLEND Bethesda recently announced that Fallout 76 will not be coming to Steam. That's right, the game will be skipping out on appearing on Valve's... 6 days
The Cool Way Tom Hardy Created The Venom Voice On Set
CINEMA BLEND Venom is the story of two characters, Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote that... 1 week
Tom Everett Scott in Full Trailer for Dark Comedy Thriller 'Danger One'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "I want my moneyyy!!" Freestyle Digital Media has released an official trailer for an indie thriller titled Danger One, directed by filmmaker Tom Oesch... 7 days
Tom Holland Posted A Video Not Wearing The Iron Spider Suit From The Set Of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’; What Does That Mean?
Tom Hardy’s Venom Was Inspired By Three Very Different Guys
CINEMA BLEND In Venom Tom Hardy will play two different characters, but they were inspired by three different... 7 days
Don't Worry, Tom Hardy's Al Capone Probably Will Have A Strange Voice
CINEMA BLEND Tom Hardy's inspiration for his Al Capone voice for his upcoming film Fonzo might have you saying, 'What's Up Doc?' 1 week
Tom Payne Shares How Long Of A Time Jump To Expect On ‘The Walking Dead’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just as in ‘The Walking Dead‘... 1 week
Saturday Night Live Helped Bradley Cooper Nail An Important Scene In A Star Is Born
CINEMA BLEND The acclaimed comedy show lent a... 4 days
First Trailer for Special Forces Mission Zombie Action Film 'Redcon-1'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "War Has Just Evolved." Eagle Films has released an official trailer for a British zombie action horror film titled Redcon-1, opening in cinemas in the UK this September... 15 hours
Maika Monroe in Official Trailer for Indie Dramedy 'After Everything'
First Trailer for Special Forces Mission Zombie Action Film 'Redcon-1'
Another Red Band Trailer for Puppet Movie 'The Happytime Murders'
Official US Trailer for Mario Van Peebles' Conspiracy Thriller 'Armed'
New 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Preview Teases 'Slaughter Race' Scenes
Tom Everett Scott in Full Trailer for Dark Comedy Thriller 'Danger One'
Official UK Trailer for WWII Fighter Plane Documentary Film 'Spitfire'
Official Trailer for Young Scientists Documentary 'Inventing Tomorrow'
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