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Researchers deliver open-source simulator for cyber physical systems
PHYS.ORG Cyber physical systems (CPS) are attracting more attention than ever thanks to the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its combination with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the... 3 hours
god of war and yakuza 6 show how games can tell great stories about parents God of War and Yakuza 6 show how games can tell great stories about parents
THE VERGE About midway through Yakuza 6, longtime... 4 hours
Trailer for Underrated Filmmaking Doc 'Filmworker' About Leon Vitali
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Stanley assigned Leon to me." Kino Lorber has debuted a trailer for the indie documentary Filmworker, telling the story of "filmworker" and Stanley Kubrick's right-hand man Leon Vitali. This is... 4 hours
This home theater has a secret feature that hides something god-awful - CNET
CNET Show Us Yours: Joe and his wife wanted to replace their unattractive entertainment system with something better. See how they said goodbye... 7 hours
God of War: Giving gaming new emotions
BBC The team behind God of War tell Newsbeat the gaming industry is maturing to tackle more complex emotions than ever before. 10 hours
New non-invasive nerve stimulation may offer relief for people with hand tremor
NEWS MEDICAL People with tremors in their hands from a condition called essential tremor may find some relief from a new, non-invasive type of nerve stimulation,... 12 hours
Atoms may hum a tune from grand cosmic symphony
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers playing with a cloud of ultracold atoms uncovered behavior that bears a striking resemblance to the universe in microcosm. Their work forges new connections between atomic physics and the... 20 hours
Vast stellar nursery of Lagoon Nebula
SCIENCE DAILY This colorful cloud of glowing interstellar gas is just a tiny part of the Lagoon Nebula, a vast stellar nursery. This nebula is a region full of intense activity, with fierce winds from hot stars, swirling... 21 hours
Centrify gives states a deal on identity management software to secure midterm elections
TechCrunch To secure U.S. election systems from the very real threat of targeted cyberattacks, states might need to reframe their security practices to... 22 hours
apple s cloud database foundationdb now open source Apple’s cloud database FoundationDB now open source
9to5Mac Apple has just released a new open source project on Github. FoundationDB is described as “a distributed database designed to handle large volumes... 1 day
Microsoft's refocusing on the cloud will have personal and far-reaching impacts
Windows Central For many Microsoft watchers, the company's cloud focus has set it on a course toward inevitable irrelevance. That's a profoundly misguided assessment. Microsoft fans are painfully... 1 day
Deepwater horizon—the lasting impact of America's largest oil spill
PHYS.ORG On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil platform operated by BP, was disconnecting from a recently discovered oil reservoir 50 miles south of Louisiana when a cascade of equipment... 1 day
Atoms may hum a tune from grand cosmic symphony
PHYS.ORG Researchers playing with a cloud of ultracold atoms uncovered behavior that bears a striking resemblance to the universe in microcosm. Their work, which forges new connections between atomic physics and... 1 day
First Teaser for Lars von Trier's Cannes Film 'The House That Jack Built'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "The old cathedrals often have sublime artworks hidden away, in the darkest corners for only God to see. The same goes for... 1 day
Let this $45 Black+Decker cordless vacuum help keep your car clean
Windows Central No more crumbs. Amazon has Black+Decker's cordless hand vacuum on sale for just $44.99 today as part of its Gold Box deals of the day. This... 1 day
Natalia Reyes Has The Starring Role In The ‘Terminator’ Reboot
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Casting has been firming up for the reboot of ‘Terminator‘ and we’ve just learned that Natalia... 2 days
Defense contract pits Amazon against the rest of Big Tech
PHYS.ORG A wide range of technology giants find themselves unified by a single concern: that Amazon has the inside track to win a huge winner-take-all government cloud-computing contract that... 2 days
Study: How to calculate pricing and resources for cloud computing
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Researchers in the University at Buffalo School of Management have developed a new algorithm that cloud computing service providers can use to establish pricing and allocate resources. 2 days
enhancia s wireless midi ring for musicians is now on kickstarter Enhancia’s wireless MIDI ring for musicians is now on Kickstarter
THE VERGE French company Enhancia’s MIDI ring, which The Verge first saw at this year’s NAMM show, has... 2 days
the xbox one is the best console if you don t care about exclusive new games The Xbox One is the best console if you don’t care about exclusive new games
THE VERGE This week’s slate of new releases... 2 days
Russia takes heavy hand to internet to block messaging app
ABC NEWS The chief of the Russian communications watchdog has admitted to blocking access to millions of IP addresses in a so far futile attempt to block a popular messaging... 2 days
Cloud Foundry Foundation looks east as Alibaba joins as a gold member
TechCrunch Cloud Foundry is among the most successful open source project in the enterprise right now. It’s a cloud-agnostic platform-as-a-service offering that helps businesses develop... 2 days
Microsoft Translator gets offline AI translations
TechCrunch Chances are you mostly need a translator app on your phone while you are traveling. But that’s also when you are most likely to not have any connectivity. While most translation apps still work when they... 2 days makes Cloud Foundry easier to adopt for government agencies
TechCrunch At the Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston, the team behind the U.S. government’s application platform announced that it is now a certified Cloud Foundry platform that is... 2 days
Five ID@Xbox games to watch out for in 2018
Windows Central After getting hands-on with the Xbox One's upcoming ID@Xbox lineup, these are five games to watch out for throughout 2018. Microsoft's ID@Xbox has been a gateway for some of the... 2 days
'We need to rethink the entire plastics industry': Why banning plastic straws isn't enough
Let McLaren's new titanium exhaust sing you the song of its people - Roadshow
Mysterious red spots on Mercury get names – but what are they?
Sweden's new road powers electric vehicles – what's the environmental impact?
Porsche 911 GT3 RS dominates Nürburgring with sub-7-minute lap - Roadshow
Feature Request: Many more HomeKit icons for easier at-a-glance control
Motorola’s Moto G6 and Moto E5 won’t get monthly security updates, but the G6 will get Android P (eventually)
Novel microscope allows real-time, 3-D visualization of cells
Trailer for Underrated Filmmaking Doc 'Filmworker' About Leon Vitali
MacBook Pro Diary: My dream monitor still doesn’t exist, but ultra-wide ones wow me