PHYS.ORG Germany has agreed a nine year deal worth over half a billion dollars to lease Israeli military reconnaissance drones capable of carrying missiles, the aircraft's manufacturers said Thursday. 5 days
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Drone forensics gets a boost with new data on NIST website
PHYS.ORG Aerial drones might someday deliver online purchases to your home. But in some prisons, drone delivery is already a thing. Drones have been spotted flying drugs,... 2 weeks
New report highlights how drones can be used for good of society
PHYS.ORG A new report demonstrating how drones can come to the rescue in natural disasters, help starving people in conflict and provide emergency medicine has... 2 weeks
Scientists in Germany seek to find mass of neutrino
PHYS.ORG Researchers in Germany have started collecting data with a 60 million euro ($71 million) machine designed to help determine the mass of the universe's lightest particle. 1 week
Germany wants EU-wide safety system for truck 'blind spots'
PHYS.ORG Germany's transport minister wants trucks fitted with compulsory 'blind spot' safety systems to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being killed by careless drivers. 4 days
Germany will fail 2020 climate goals, now eyes 2030 target
PHYS.ORG Germany's environment minister says the country will likely miss its target of cutting carbon emissions by 2020, an embarrassment for a government that wants to lead the charge... 20 hours
Germany hits Mercedes with mass diesel recall (Update)
PHYS.ORG Germany ordered Monday the recall of some 774,000 vehicles from Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler across Europe, citing illegal "defeat devices" designed to conceal high levels of harmful emissions from regulators' tests. 1 week
Switch to e-cars will cost Germany 75,000 jobs: study
PHYS.ORG The growing use of electrified vehicles is expected to cost Germany's crucial car sector some 75,000 jobs by 2030, a study found Tuesday, with smaller auto parts suppliers set to... 2 weeks
NASA science and NSF do well in Senate spending bill
Science Magazine Committee agrees with House of Representatives counterparts to ignore president’s request and boost current levels 6 days
Germany orders recall of 774,000 Daimler cars in Europe over emissions
PHYS.ORG Germany ordered Monday the recall of some 774,000 vehicles from Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler across Europe, citing illegal "defeat devices" designed to conceal high levels of harmful... 1 week
Could studying swarm behaviors teach us how to help drones fly safely?
PHYS.ORG Anyone who's seen a flock of starlings twist and turn across the sky may have wondered: How do they maneuver in such close formation... 6 days
Australia agrees Solomons internet cable after China concern
PHYS.ORG Australia will help fund and build an underseas communications cable to the Solomon Islands, it was agreed Wednesday, after the Pacific nation was convinced to drop a contract with Chinese company Huawei. 6 days
indonesia ordered to pay avanti 20 million for missed satellite lease payments Indonesia ordered to pay Avanti $20 million for missed satellite lease payments
SPACE NEWS Avanti has been awarded $20 million in a dispute with Indonesia's government over missed payments on a borrowed communications satellite, the British satellite operator... 2 weeks
ohb system to sign plato construction contract in june OHB System to sign PLATO construction contract in June
SPACE NEWS German satellite manufacturer OHB System expects to finalize a contract in June with the European Space Agency to... 2 weeks
Germany admits will fall far short of 2020 climate target
PHYS.ORG The German government acknowledged Wednesday that it will miss a 2020 target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but vowed to catch up "as quickly as possible". 6 days
This is what a stretchy circuit looks like
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have made a new hybrid conductive material -- part elastic polymer, part liquid metal -- that can be bent and stretched at will. Circuits made with this material can take most... 4 days
Germany's Bayer completes purchase of Monsanto
PHYS.ORG German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG says it has completed its purchase of U.S. seed and weed-killer maker Monsanto Co. 2 weeks
Crew from Germany, US, Russia board ISS
PHYS.ORG Two astronauts and a cosmonaut docked with the International Space Station on Friday and joined the current crew after blasting off two days earlier, Russia's space agency Roscosmos said. 2 weeks
This is what a stretchy circuit looks like
PHYS.ORG Researchers in China have made a new hybrid conductive material—part elastic polymer, part liquid metal—that can be bent and stretched at will. Circuits made with this material can take most two-dimensional shapes... 5 days
Regional inequalities within the EU have declined over the past 35 years
PHYS.ORG New research from the University of Oxford and UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Germany shows the gap between Europe's haves and have-nots... 2 weeks
Fluence Analytics announces distribution agreement with Nihon Rufuto in Japan
NEWS MEDICAL Fluence Analytics, a manufacturer of industrial and laboratory analytics products, today announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Nihon Rufuto, a Japanese company specializing in the import... 2 weeks
Germany's Continental bans WhatsApp from work phones
PHYS.ORG German car parts supplier Continental on Tuesday said it was banning the use of WhatsApp and Snapchat on work-issued mobile phones "with immediate effect" because of data protection concerns. 2 weeks
Dyaco unveils specialist medical and rehabilitation equipment range in the UK
NEWS MEDICAL Global fitness equipment manufacturer Dyaco has unveiled a range of specialist medical and rehabilitation equipment for UK healthcare providers and physiotherapy facilities. 22 hours
Patenting marine genetic resources: Who owns ocean biodiversity?
SCIENCE DAILY Marine organisms have evolved to thrive in various ocean environments, resulting in unique adaptations that make them the object of commercial interest. Researchers have identified 862 marine species, with a total of... 2 weeks
The Human Brain Project successfully enters the third phase
NEWS MEDICAL "This is a major step and the result of a lot of hard and excellent work by our members and partners all over Europe", says the HBPs Scientific Director, Katrin... 2 weeks
Patenting marine genetic resources: Who owns ocean biodiversity?
PHYS.ORG Marine organisms have evolved to thrive in various ocean environments, resulting in unique adaptations that make them the object of commercial interest. Researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and University of British... 2 weeks
Carbon nanotube optics poised to provide pathway to optical-based quantum cryptography and quantum computing
PHYS.ORG Researchers at Los Alamos and partners in France and Germany are exploring the enhanced potential of carbon nanotubes as single-photon... 10 hours
Changes to the immune system remain even after recovery from HCV infection, shows study
NEWS MEDICAL Changes to the immune system remain many years after a hepatitis C infection heals, a new study by researchers at... 1 week
Researchers discover clusters of galaxies in the early universe
PHYS.ORG With observations made with the Herschel Space Observatory, with the APEX antenna and with the ALMA interferometer it has been possible to observe the formation of a cluster of galaxies... 2 weeks
Boson sampling with photons found to produce useful output in spite of photon leaks for quantum supremacy
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers from China, Germany and the U.S. has found that boson... 1 week
Expedition measures solar motions seen during last summer's total solar eclipse
PHYS.ORG "During the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse, our dozens of telescopes and electronic cameras collected data during the rare two minutes at which we could see... 2 weeks
Purdue phoneme project creates new haptic communications future
New DNA synthesis technique promises rapid, high-fidelity DNA printing
Sounding rocket takes a second look at the Sun
Major work starts to boost the luminosity of the LHC
Antarctic experts offer two possible views of continent's future
E- textiles control home appliances with the swipe of a finger
Robotic work cell conducts high-throughput testing instantly
PNNL technology clears way for ethanol-derived jet fuel
'Jurassic park' made a dinosaur-sized leap forward in computer-generated animation on screen, 25 years ago
Video: Why seashells are tougher than chalk
Beaver dams without beavers? Artificial logjams are a popular but controversial restoration tool
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New tools reveal prelude to chaos
20 years of Earth data now at your fingertips
New WHO Global Action Plan for Physical Activity holds potential to protect millions of people from NCDs
ICE Cubes space research service open for business