PHYS.ORG When it comes to hookups in the animal world, casual sex is common among chimpanzees. In our closest animal relatives both males and females mate with multiple partners. But when taking the plunge into parenthood, they're more selective than it seems. 6 months
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Medical News Today: Mosquito repellents: How to choose the most effective one
MNT Mosquito repellents are an essential protection against mosquito bites. Learn how to choose the most effective repellent, and how they may prevent disease. 6 days
A common underlying genetic basis for social behavior in dogs and humans
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified genetic changes that are linked to dogs' human-directed social behaviors and suggest there is a common underlying genetic basis for hyper-social... 2 days
Genetic study reveals ancestry of Madagascar people
PHYS.ORG (—A large team of researchers from France, Madagascar, Indonesia, Germany and Australia has conducted a genetic study of the native people that live on Madagascar. In their paper published in the Proceedings of the... 3 days
Wayne State researchers receive $1.9 million NIH grant to better understand rare genetic disorders
NEWS MEDICAL A team of Wayne State University researchers recently received a $1.9 million grant from the National Eye Institute of the... 9 hours
Many new genetic markers for lupus identified in large multi-ethnic study
SCIENCE DAILY A large number of new genetic markers that predispose individuals to lupus have been identified by scientists from an international consortium. 4 days
Protecting your smartphone from voice impersonators
PHYS.ORG It's a lot easier to talk to a smartphone than to try to type instructions on its keyboard. This is particularly true when a person is trying to log in to a device or a system:... 2 days
NIH researchers show how investigational drug works against rare, fatal genetic disease
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have demonstrated how an investigational drug works against a rare, fatal genetic disease, Niemann-Pick type C1 (NPC1). 4 days
Scientists uncover new genetic markers that predispose individuals to lupus
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists from an international consortium have identified a large number of new genetic markers that predispose individuals to lupus. 4 days
Large-scale genetic study of E. coli illustrates complexity of drug resistant 'superbugs'
NEWS MEDICAL The first large-scale genetic study of Escherichia coli (E. coli) cultured from patients with bloodstream infections in England showed that drug resistant 'superbugs' are... 3 days
Structural variants in genes associated with human Williams-Beuren syndrome underlie stereotypical hypersociability in domestic dogs
Science Magazine Although considerable progress has been made in understanding the genetic basis of morphologic traits (for example, body size... 2 days
Genetic therapy for two inherited neurologic diseases moves closer to human clinical trials
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at University of Massachusetts Medical School and Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine are nearing human clinical trials on a genetic... 3 days
Restaurant placemats can encourage children to choose healthier food options
NEWS MEDICAL Placemats can be used to encourage children to eat healthier food in restaurants, according to a new study by the University at Buffalo and Independent Health Foundation. 4 days
When evolution and biotechnologies collide
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Since 2012, genetic engineering has been revolutionised by CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing. The technology is based on an enzyme from a bacterial cell, whose work is to cut the information storing system of living beings, DNA, at one predefined location.... 10 hours
New bacterial defense mechanism of the CRISPR-Cas system uncovered
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found an unprecedented defense mechanism by which bacteria defend themselves against invading viruses. When the bacterial immune system gets overwhelmed, the CRISPR-Cas system produces a chemical signal that... 3 days
Genetic basis behind friendliness of dogs and humans uncovered in a new study
NEWS MEDICAL In a new study published in the journal Science Advances a connection was found between friendliness of dogs and a particular genetic... 2 days
Genetic predisposition to breast cancer due to non-BRCA mutations in Ashkenazi Jewish women
SCIENCE DAILY Genetic mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in Ashkenazi Jewish women. A new article pexamines... 1 day
New bacterial defense mechanism of the CRISPR-Cas system uncovered
PHYS.ORG Researchers led by Martin Jinek of the University of Zurich have found an unprecedented mechanism by which bacteria defend themselves against invading viruses. When the bacterial immune system gets overwhelmed,... 3 days
When sizing up potential friends and mates, the eyes of men and women move differently
SCIENCE DAILY Where do your eyes linger when judging a person for potential friendship? New research shows that people observe... 3 days
What makes dogs so friendly? Study finds genetic link to super-outgoing people
Science Magazine VIDEO Childlike affinity toward humans may have been a first step in domestication 2 days
Outcomes for long QT syndrome patients treated at specialty center are better
SCIENCE DAILY Sudden cardiac death, and episodes of fainting and seizures from long QT syndrome are significantly lower than previously thought when patients are diagnosed and... 4 days
Is bone strength hereditary?
SCIENCE DAILY A new study indicates that bone strength may be inherited and that its genetic determinants are to some extent shared with bone mineral density. 2 days
Why are dogs such doting companions? It's in their genes
PHYS.ORG Researchers have identified a genetic difference in domesticated dogs and wolves that could explain the canines' contrasting social interaction with humans. 2 days
These genes may be why dogs are so friendly
SCIENCE-NEWS Dog domestication may be the result of just a few genetic changes, including ones that made canines more interested in interacting with people. 2 days
Obese and overweight less likely to consider next meal when making portion size decisions
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found that people with obesity tend to ignore how long it will be until the next meal when... 3 days
Heart toxin reveals new insights into HIV-1 integration in T cell genome
SCIENCE DAILY Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 may have evolved to integrate its genetic material into certain immune-cell-activating genes in humans, according to new research. 6 hours
Medical News Today: Marsupialization: What to expect
MNT What is marsupialization and when is it used? Learn about possible complications, when to see a doctor about a cyst, and alternative treatments. 4 days
Standardized policies needed for how and when police interact with trauma patients
SCIENCE DAILY Injured people often interact with police and other law enforcement agents before and during their injury care, particularly when their injuries are due to... 4 days
Medical News Today: Genetic factors may link early menopause with diabetes
MNT Early menopause correlates with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, but the cause for both might be found in the DNA, a current study suggests. 3 days
Late-breaking mutations may play an important role in autism
SCIENCE DAILY Mutations that occur after conception play an important role in autism, suggests a new study of nearly 6,000 families, combining three genetic sequencing technologies. 4 days
Eat more chicken: Scientists hone in on genetics behind chicken weight adaptation
SCIENCE DAILY Taking advantage of a special experimentally-bred population, the Virginia chicken lines, scientists have now achieved a better understanding of the genetic architecture behind chicken... 2 days
When evolution and biotechnologies collide
Strengthening 3-D printed parts for real-world use
What makes dogs so friendly? Study finds genetic link to super-outgoing people
Science Magazine
Snip, snip, cure—correcting defects in the genetic blueprint
Researchers study lengths of restroom queues
Uncovering the connection between negative stiffness and magnetic domain walls