CINEMA BLEND Ubisoft is exploring the design concept of having future Assassin's Creed games make it possible for you to travel between different time periods, and experience more than just one open-world adventure in a single epoch. 1 month
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How Assassin's Creed Odyssey Is Switching Up Combat
CINEMA BLEND In Assassin's Creed: Origins Ubisoft overhauled the entire thing to play like Dark Souls, and now the company has decided... 1 week
The Setting Of The Next Assassin's Creed May Have Been Revealed
CINEMA BLEND After the success of Origins, Ubisoft decided to set its sights on the next... 2 weeks
Jordan Vogt-Roberts Is Convinced That ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Will Be The “First Great Video Game Movie”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Video games are one... 1 week
Justin Hartley in Trailer for Indie Time Travel Romance 'Another Time'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "I can't send you back... Look, these equations - they're still unsolved!" Gravitas Ventures has released an official trailer for a time travel indie romance titled... 2 days
First Creed 2 Images Reunite Rocky And Adonis
CINEMA BLEND The sequel to Creed has released new images for the upcoming boxing film. 1 week
Overwatch's Summer Games Are Coming Back
CINEMA BLEND Summer is still in the air, which means it's a perfect time for Blizzard to roll out its annual Summer Games celebration in Overwatch. 2 weeks
Big FIN-ish: Check Out The DINOSAURS In The ‘Sharknado 6’ Trailer!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, at long last SYFY is bringing an end to the ridiculous franchise known... 6 days
Here What's New To Xbox Game Pass In August
CINEMA BLEND The appeal for the Xbox Game Pass comes in the form of its ever-expanding library of games each... 1 week
Overwatch Reveals New Summer Games Skins
CINEMA BLEND Blizzard Entertainment recently unveiled that one of the popular events from before is making a return in the form of the Overwatch Summer Games,... 1 week
ABC Is Developing A New Marvel Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While the future of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ – which is currently in the midst of production on its sixth season – is... 6 days
Germany Lifts Ban On Nazi Images In Video Games
CINEMA BLEND Recently the USK decided to reverse its decision on allowing games to display Nazi imagery by lifting the... 3 days
Tom Payne Shares How Long Of A Time Jump To Expect On ‘The Walking Dead’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just as in ‘The Walking Dead‘... 1 week
PlayStation Plus Members Get Mafia III And More In August
CINEMA BLEND This month, gamers are quite excited about the line-up of games that will be available as... 2 weeks
Okami HD Switch Review: A Work Of Art
CINEMA BLEND Not all great games are built to last. Okami was considered an instant classic when it launched back in 2006... 5 days
How The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy Changed The Way EA Makes Games
CINEMA BLEND The fallout from the decision to add loot boxes to... 4 days
Why Christopher Lloyd Was Really Nervous About Coming Back For Back To The Future 2
CINEMA BLEND It took four years for the... 1 day
Xbox Adds A Pair Of Splinter Cell Games To Backwards Compatibility
CINEMA BLEND Two more games have actually been added to the ever-growing line-up of Xbox One... 2 weeks
Gamefly Is Shutting Down Its Streaming Service
CINEMA BLEND While some believe streaming is the future of gaming, that future will not include Gamefly. It was announced today that, at the... 2 weeks
2K Games Founder Joins Amazon Game Studios
CINEMA BLEND The founder of 2K Games, Christoph Hartmann, has joined Amazon's ever-growing video game studio... the Amazon Game Studios. 2 days
I Mustache You If Henry Cavill Could Play Geralt In ‘The Witcher’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix likely has a hit on their hands in their episodic adaptation of ‘The Witcher‘ and the ‘Man of Steel’ actor himself, Henry Cavill... 7 days
The Back To The Future Cast Reunited And Great Scott!
CINEMA BLEND It's great seeing the cast back together, but you don't want to see Back to the... 2 days
Karan Soni’s Dopinder Is “Absolutely A Part Of X-Force’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Karan Soni (‘The Goldbergs’,’Office Christmas Party’) cracked audiences up when he was introduced as Dopinder in ‘Deadpool‘ and... 2 weeks
2018 Teen Choice Awards: Marvel Was The Clear Choice… Except When It Came To ‘Riverdale’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s not exactly the Oscars, but... 2 days
Steven Moffat Is Adapting ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ For HBO
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just because Steven Moffat left ‘Doctor Who’ behind doesn’t mean he’s done dabbling in time streams. ... 2 weeks
The Walking Dead Reveals How Long The Season 9 Time Jump Will Be
CINEMA BLEND The time jump may last longer than you expected. 1 week
Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Becoming A Board Game
CINEMA BLEND The popularity and marketplace presence of the brand has led to Guerrilla Games moving forward with a brand new venture... 1 week
This Is Us Creator Reveals How Long The Flash Forward Mystery Will Last
CINEMA BLEND Dan Fogelman shed some more light on This Is Us... 2 weeks
MoviePass Has Come Out Swinging Against Claims It Is Failing
CINEMA BLEND After a rough week, the theatergoing subscription service remains defiant and bullish on its future. 2 weeks
Why Disney And Fox Haven't Announced Their Plans For The Merger
CINEMA BLEND Although the deal has been approved by shareholders, what the future holds for the... 6 days
Capcom Wants To Make Games That Review Well Even If They Sell Poorly
CINEMA BLEND Sometimes it's hard to tell if a developer/publisher would prefer... 1 week
First Trailer for Robot Friend Animated Movie 'Next Gen' from Netflix
Justin Hartley in Trailer for Indie Time Travel Romance 'Another Time'
Watch: Superb 'Cloverfield'-Inspired Sci-Fi Action Short Film 'Megan'
New 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Preview Teases 'Slaughter Race' Scenes
Official Trailer for Michael Moore's New Documentary 'Fahrenheit 11/9'
Magical New Trailer for Disney's 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms'
Second Trailer for Drama 'The Hate U Give' Starring Amandla Stenberg
The Predator has cut Edward James Olmos completely
The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time posters go heavy on the puns
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