FIRSTSHOWING.NET "The Panthers... You shall all be warriors once more!" 20th Century Fox UK has unveiled an official trailer for a feel-good, cheesy comedy titled Walk Like A Panther, which opens in UK cinemas in March (but no US release planned yet). The film stars Stephen Graham and Dave Johns (the lead of I, Daniel Blake) as a father-son duo who must team up to help save their local pub when it's threatened. They gather up their old wrestling friends to put on one big show dressed up in their goofy 80's wrest 1 month
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Final Trailer for Crazy Action Comedy 'Gringo' Starring David Oyelowo
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Somebody's going down!" Amazon Studios & STX Entertainment have debuted a final trailer for the dark comedy Gringo, the latest film directed by Nash Edgerton, brother of Joel... 1 week
Toni Collette & Harvey Keitel in Trailer for Parisian Comedy 'Madame'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "It's like a slow motion car crash..." Blue Fox Entertainment has debuted an official US trailer for the indie comedy Madame, set in Paris, starring two... 2 weeks
Another New Trailer for That 'Overboard' Remake Starring Anna Faris
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "I have an idea... that is poetic in its justice." Pantelion Films has unveiled a official trailer for the comedy remake Overboard, updating the 1987 movie with Goldie... 2 weeks
The First Word Podcast - 'Black Panther' + Marvel, feat Amon Warmann
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "The world is changing. Soon there will only be the conquered and the conquerors. You are a good man, with a good heart. And... 4 days
Smashing New Japanese 'Rampage' Trailer Featuring Dwayne Johnson
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "This movie will excite more than just the kaiju fans." Warner Bros Japan has released an official Japanese trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation Rampage, starring the always-badass Dwayne Johnson. We... 4 days
Mackenzie Davis in Official Trailer for 'Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Nothing's over until I say it is." Shout Studios has unveiled the official trailer for an indie comedy titled Izzy Gets the F*ck Across... 2 days
Berlinale 2018: Thomas Stuber's 'In the Aisles' is a Bitter Sweet Comedy
FIRSTSHOWING.NET There's nothing like an entertaining romantic comedy to instill some warmth and hope in the hearts of all those hopeless romantics out there. In... 19 minutes
Toni Collette & Matthew Goode in First Trailer for Indie 'Birthmarked'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "You can't raise kids like caged animals!" Vertical Entertainment has debuted an official trailer for an indie comedy titled Birthmarked, about the trials and tribulations and... 4 days
What’s Better Than Watching The ‘Deadpool’ 2 Trailer? Watching It Recreated With LEGOs!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM I’m pretty sure that fans of ‘Deadpool‘ were dying of... 2 days
US Trailer for Claire Denis' 'Let the Sunshine In' with Juliette Binoche
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "If I were you, I wouldn't torture myself." Sundance Selects + IFC Films have released an official US trailer for the latest film from... 2 hours
Someone Recut The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer With The Beastie Boys And It's Great
CINEMA BLEND If the first trailer... 1 day
Fun Olympics Spot for Animated 'The Grinch' Movie is Our First Look
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Home stay home." Universal has debuted a new TV spot to promote the Olympics featuring footage from the new animated version of The Grinch.... 2 weeks
Always Room For Thor: New Trailer Promotes Release of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Bloopers And Gag Reel!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With all eyes on ‘Black Panther‘... 2 days
‘Good Omens’: The Road To Hell Is Paved In Motivational Posters
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Neil Gaiman has teased a fun new minor detail from his upcoming release of... 1 week
How Fight Club Influenced Comedy Central’s Corporate
CINEMA BLEND CinemaBlend recently chatted with the stars of Comedy Central's new series Corporate, and they explained how David Fincher's Fight Club influenced the... 2 days
First Trailer for Occult Horror Film 'Pyewacket' Starring Nicole Muñoz
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Pyewacket can take many forms, don't trust your lying eye." IFC Midnight has released an official trailer for a horror thriller titled Pyewacket, which first premiered at the... 1 day
Official Trailer for 'Ramen Heads' Documentary About the Best Ramen
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "It's worth waiting a whole day just to eat this ramen." FilmBuff has released the trailer for a delectable documentary titled Ramen Heads from Japan, profiling five of... 2 weeks
Mark Hamill Is Getting A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
CINEMA BLEND The Star Wars star is set to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 1 day
First Trailer for Bizarre, High Concept Drone Romance 'Eye on Juliet'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Everytime I see you, it feels good, and it hurts at the same time." Entertainment One has debuted the first official trailer for a very bizarre,... 5 days
Ryan Coogler Reveals The Original Ending Of ‘Black Panther’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As the title suggests, this article will include spoilers for ‘Black Panther’. You have been warned. – –... 2 days
The Amazing Black Panther Set That Led Daniel Kaluuya To Recognize The Epicness Of Black Panther
CINEMA BLEND As many people discovered... 4 days
Rise Of The Black Panther writer Evan Narcisse on his favourite Black Panther comics
SCI FI NOW We talk to Evan Narcisse about Black Panther's legacy, the key comics and writing T'Challa in the midst of his... 1 week
Monsters Reign in Second Trailer for 'Rampage' with Dwayne Johnson
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "We've created the next chapter in natural selection." Warner Bros has unleashed the second official trailer for Brad Peyton's adaptation of the video game Rampage, starring Dwayne Johnson... 1 week
Full-Length Trailer for Netflix's New 'Benji' Film Starring Kiele Sanchez
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "He's not just any dog - he's Benji." Netflix has debuted the full-length trailer for their new Benji movie, an update/remake of the original classic dog hero movie... 2 weeks
Review: Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther' is Gorgeous, Engaging, and Culturally Significant
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Originally co-created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and published by Marvel Comics, Black Panther made his first appearance in 1966's Fantastic Four #52. The first... 1 week
First Short TV Spot for Animated 'The Grinch' Movie is Our First Look
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Home stay home." Universal has debuted a new TV spot to promote the Olympics featuring footage from the new animated version of... 2 weeks
Vuyo Dabula in Official Trailer for Western 'Five Fingers for Marseilles'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Marseilles was never free, but it will be. Change is coming." EntertainmentOne has unveiled a new full-length official trailer for the action western film Five Fingers... 5 days
Rise Of The Black Panther’s Evan Narcisse on T’Challa’s legacy and the Black Panther comics you need to read
SCI FI NOW We talk to Evan Narcisse about Black Panther, the key... 1 week
Mr. Incredible Becomes Mr. Mom In New ‘Incredibles 2’ Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Has it really been 14 years since we last saw Pixar’s first family with superpowers on... 1 week
How Much Black Panther Made On Opening Night
CINEMA BLEND It was originally unclear how the less popular hero would fare at the box office, but it's becoming clear that... 1 week
Trailer for Hip-Hop Biopic 'Roxanne Roxanne' About the NYC Musician
US Trailer for Claire Denis' 'Let the Sunshine In' with Juliette Binoche
First Trailer for Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller 'What Still Remains'
US Trailer for 'Our Blood Is Wine' Documentary About Georgian Wine
First Trailer for Occult Horror Film 'Pyewacket' Starring Nicole Muñoz
Forest Whitaker & Eric Bana in Official Trailer for 'The Forgiven' Drama
Teaser for Indian Filmmaker Q's Film 'Garbage' Premiering at Berlinale
First Trailer for Idris Elba's Directorial Debut 'Yardie' with Aml Ameen
Saoirse Ronan in Official Trailer for Dominic Cooke's 'On Chesil Beach'
Meet Foley Artists Making Sounds for Films in 'Actors of Sound' Trailer