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SCIENCE DAILY Peering for the first time into the workings of tiny chemical catalysts, scientists observed that the 'defective' structure on their edges enhances their reactivity and effectiveness. This finding that could lead to the design of improved catalysts that make industrial chemical processes greener, by decreasing the amount of energy needed for chemical reactions, and preventing the formation of unwanted and potentially hazardous products. 6 days
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Some catalysts contribute their own oxygen for reactions
SCIENCE DAILY New research shows that metal-oxide catalysts can sometimes release oxygen from within their structure, enhancing chemical activity. 1 week
Study: Some catalysts contribute their own oxygen for reactions
MIT Finding may help researchers fine-tune metal-oxide catalysts to enhance energy storage technology. 1 week
Experiments confirm that structural defects at the periphery are key in catalyst function
PHYS.ORG Defects and jagged surfaces at the edges of nanosized platinum and gold particles are key hot spots for chemical reactivity, a team... 6 days
Medical News Today: Daily supplement of folic acid recommended to prevent birth defects
MNT New state-issued report recommends a daily supplementary intake of folic acid to women capable of being pregnant in order to prevent neural... 1 week
Molecular ligand modulation of palladium nanocatalysts for highly efficient and robust heterogeneous oxidation of cyclohexenone to phenol
Science Magazine Metallic nanoparticles are emerging as an exciting class of heterogeneous catalysts with the potential... 1 week
[Report] Braiding a molecular knot with eight crossings
Science Magazine Knots may ultimately prove just as versatile and useful at the nanoscale as at the macroscale. However, the lack of synthetic routes to all but the simplest molecular knots currently prevents systematic... 5 days
Going inside to get a more efficient catalyst
PHYS.ORG New research shows that the phases that nano-structured materials go through to become an efficient catalyst are as good as gold. 5 days
Researchers reveal why temperatures drop inside a vortex
PHYS.ORG With winter upon us in full force, outdoor temperatures are plummeting. But inside an intense tornado, it's always chilly—no matter the time of year. A new study from Concordia proves why that's... 5 hours
Research reveals causes of motor abnormalities in low birth weight babies
NEWS MEDICAL In the February issue of the American Journal of Pathology, new research from the University of Chicago shows motor abnormalities frequently associated with low birth weight... 2 weeks
Nano-chimneys can cool circuits
PHYS.ORG A few nanoscale adjustments may be all that is required to make graphene-nanotube junctions excel at transferring heat, according to Rice University scientists. 2 weeks
For first time ever, x-ray imaging captures material defect process
SCIENCE DAILY A new approach has been uncovered to detail the formation of material defects at the atomic scale and in near-real time, an important step that could assist in... 22 hours
Wearable sensors can tell when you are getting sick, study shows
PHYS.ORG Wearable sensors that monitor heart rate, activity, skin temperature and other variables can reveal a lot about what is going on inside a person, including the... 5 days
A breath of fresh air: Improving zinc-air batteries
SCIENCE DAILY A three-layer nanoparticle catalysts improve zinc-air batteries, report scientists. 3 days
Nanoscale view of energy storage
SCIENCE DAILY Through long shifts at the helm of a highly sophisticated microscope, researchers have recorded reactions at near-atomic-scale resolution. Their success is another step toward building a better battery. 22 hours
First look at new, extremely rare galaxy
SCIENCE DAILY Approximately 359 million light-years from Earth, there is a galaxy with an innocuous name (PGC 1000714) that doesn't look quite like anything astronomers have observed before. New research provides a first description of a... 2 weeks
Three-layer nanoparticle catalysts improve zinc-air batteries
PHYS.ORG Nanoparticles containing three different layers of material can help to boost the performance of a zinc-air battery, A*STAR researchers have found. 2 weeks
Some catalysts contribute their own oxygen for reactions
PHYS.ORG Chemical reactions that release oxygen in the presence of a catalyst, known as oxygen-evolution reactions, are a crucial part of chemical energy storage processes, including water splitting, electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction, and... 1 week
Nanoscale view of energy storage
PHYS.ORG In a lab 18 feet below the Engineering Quad of Stanford University, researchers in the Dionne lab camped out with one of the most advanced microscopes in the world to capture an unimaginably small reaction. 2 days
Measuring trees with the speed of sound
SCIENCE DAILY Foresters and researchers are using sound to look inside living trees. A new study presents methods for use of sonic tomography, which measures wood decay by sending sound waves through tree trunks. The new... 2 weeks
Theoretical model reveals how droplets grow around tiny particles on a surface
PHYS.ORG A mathematical model that predicts how water condenses around tiny particles could help to improve chemical industrial processes, including the production of drug tablets,... 6 days
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