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A call to arms against the other retrovirus
Science Magazine 49 minutes
400 million year-old evolutionary arms race helps researchers understand HIV
PHYS.ORG Understanding the evolution of a 400 million-year-old anti-viral protein that first emerged in marine life, is helping researchers get the upper-hand on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 2 hours
Dragonfly enzymes point to larger evolutionary dynamics
PHYS.ORG Although evolution has left dragonflies virtually unchanged for roughly 300 million years, new research by a UTM biologist reveals that understanding small physiological activities in these insects could reveal a deeper understanding of how... 5 hours
First Detailed Anatomical Study of Bonobos Contradicts Key Dogmas about Human Evolution
SCI-NEWS.COM Bonobos (Pan paniscus) and other apes, such as common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and gorillas (Gorilla sp.), have muscles long-believed to be only present in humans... 6 hours
Most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites
SCIENCE DAILY A new study puts forth the most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites to date. Among the researchers' findings is that the diverse malaria parasite genus Plasmodium (which includes those species... 18 hours
Evolutionary divergence in competitive mating success through female mating bias for good genes
Science Magazine Despite heritable variation for univariate sexually selected traits, recent analyses exploring multivariate traits find evidence consistent with the lek paradox in showing... 1 day
Upstarts emerge to chase Tesla’s lead in electric vehicles
TechCrunch A slew of well-funded new entrants backed by massive amounts of capital are chasing Tesla’s lead in an effort to power the next generation of the electric vehicle industry. Electric... 1 day
Chimpanzee calls differ according to context
PHYS.ORG An important question in the evolution of language is what caused animal calls to diversify and to encode different information. A team of scientists led by Catherine Crockford of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology... 1 day
Deadly malaria's evolution revealed
SCIENCE DAILY The evolutionary path of the deadliest human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, has been revealed for the first time. This parasite is a member of the Laverania parasite family that only infect the great apes including humans, chimpanzees and gorillas. Scientists... 3 days
Twin sportscar-sized satellites to chase water changes on Earth
PHYS.ORG A pair of identical, sportscar-sized satellites are poised to zoom around the Earth and track changes in water and ice, offering new insights into global warming and sea level rise,... 3 days
Study shows Plasmodium falciparum emerged earlier than thought and gives clues to how deadly parasites arise
PHYS.ORG The evolutionary path of the deadliest human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, has been revealed for the... 3 days
Scientists collate evidence for mismatch between past evolutionary adaptation and modern lives
NEWS MEDICAL The transition to modernity - largely driven by the Industrial Revolution - provided us with easier access to food and clean water, with antibiotics,... 3 days
The dark side of our genes -- healthy aging in modern times
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists collate the evidence for the mismatch between past evolutionary adaptation and our modern lives. They also ask whether natural selection linked to modernization... 6 days
Pesticides: What happens if we run out of options?
SCIENCE DAILY What happens when pests resist all forms of herbicides and pesticides? To slow the evolutionary progression of weeds and insect pests gaining resistance to herbicides and pesticides, policymakers should provide... 7 days
Pesticide resistance needs attention, large-scale study
PHYS.ORG To slow the evolutionary progression of weeds and insect pests gaining resistance to herbicides and pesticides, policymakers should provide resources for large-scale, landscape-level studies of a number of promising but untested approaches for slowing pest evolution.... 1 week
Genomic insights into the emergence and spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacterial pathogens
Science Magazine Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) has been vital for revealing the rapid temporal and spatial evolution of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacterial pathogens. Some antimicrobial-resistant pathogens have outpaced... 1 week
We Still Don't Know Why These Lizards Have Lime-Green Blood
LIVE SCIENCE A new evolutionary investigation finds that skinks likely evolved to have green blood a total of four different times throughout history. 1 week
Science Says: Green-blooded lizards pose evolutionary puzzle
ABC NEWS Scientists are gaining evolutionary insights into why a group of lizards in New Guinea have green blood 1 week
Society needs the Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act now
TechCrunch On December 31, 2015, I published my original call to arms for society’s rational regulation of artificial intelligence before it is too late. 1 week
Savanna chimpanzees suffer from heat stress
PHYS.ORG During their evolutionary history hominins underwent physiological and behavioral changes to cope with and adapt to more open and hotter environments. These changes include increased sweat capacity and loss of hair coverage, but are difficult to... 1 week
Enzyme adopts dynamic structure to function in hot, salty sea
PHYS.ORG For the microbes that dwell in the hot, salty depths of the Red Sea, life is a delicate evolutionary balancing act. Just for these critters to replicate their... 1 week
Robot teaches itself how to dress people
SCIENCE DAILY A robot is successfully sliding hospital gowns on people's arms. The machine doesn't use its eyes as it pulls the cloth. Instead, it relies on the forces it feels as it guides the garment... 1 week
Observations reveal complex environment of HD 50138
PHYS.ORG Using European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT) European astronomers have uncovered a complex circumstellar environment of the star HD 50138. The finding, which could provide important clues about the evolutionary status of this... 1 week
China's first home-built aircraft carrier begins sea trials
PHYS.ORG China's first entirely home-built aircraft carrier began sea trials Sunday in a sign of the growing sophistication of the country's domestic arms industry. 2 weeks
Gillmor Gang: Pop-Up Shop
TechCrunch The Gillmor Gang — Doc Searls, Frank Radice, Esteban Kolsky, Michael Markman, and Steve Gillmor . Recorded live Friday, May 11, 2018. Audio networks, a new Beatles, and other digital cliffhangers @stevegillmor, @dsearls, @fradice, @mickeleh, @ekolsky Produced and directed by... 2 weeks
Have a stomach ache? Swallow a sensor
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NASA satellites provide a 3-way analysis of Tropical Cyclone Mekun
Speaker manufacturer Leon details challenges of designing Apple Park’s audio system [Video]
BlackBerry Key2 teased in new video, shows off refreshed design and keyboard, dual-cameras
Mophie unveils new on-the-go wireless charging kit, includes car and hotel chargers
Video: Chameleons are masters of nanotechnology
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Second Teaser Trailer for Mystery 'A Simple Favor' with Anna Kendrick
Apple now discounting refurbished iMac Pros including upgraded 18-core models
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Spiral' About Anti-Semitism in France
Versions of Han Solo's blaster exist – and they're way more powerful than real lightsabers would be
How researchers are teaching AI to learn like a child
Science Magazine
Westworld’s digital marketing is giving fans sneak peeks at the show’s biggest secrets
LG V35 ThinQ leaks out in alleged live image, reported debut in June alongside LG X2 and X5