NEWS MEDICAL Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have been implicated in the development of obesity, diabetes and cancer and are found in a wide array of products including pesticides, plastics and pharmaceuticals. 5 months
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Bacteria with multicolor vision
MIT Red, green, and blue light can be used to control gene expression in engineered E. coli. 17 hours
Scientists investigate how the sense of smell works in bacteria
PHYS.ORG Scientists from MIPT, in collaboration with international colleagues, have proposed a universal mechanism for the sense of smell in bacteria. The researchers obtained the structure of the NarQ... 5 days
Rethinking role of viruses in coral reef ecosystems
PHYS.ORG Conventional wisdom has it that within virus-bacteria population dynamics, viruses frequently kill their host bacterial cells—a process called lysis—especially when there's a large concentration of bacteria. A different dynamic called lysogeny, in... 4 days
Multi-protein biomarker blood test to detect breast cancer can potentially reduce use of biopsy
NEWS MEDICAL A new study published in Clinical Breast Cancer demonstrates that Videssa® Breast, a multi-protein biomarker blood test to detect breast... 3 days
Bacteria can paint with light, thanks to genetic engineering
Science Magazine New paint-by-light process could help manufacture chemicals, drugs 5 days
Modifying cell wall can increase bacterial lipids
PHYS.ORG If you want to create sustainable biofuels from less and for less, you've got a range of options. And one of those options is to go microbial, enlisting the help of tiny but powerful... 20 hours
researchers show laser induced graphene kills bacteria resists biofouling Researchers show laser-induced graphene kills bacteria, resists biofouling
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Scientists at Rice University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have discovered that laser-induced graphene (LIG) is a highly effective anti-fouling material and, when electrified, bacteria zapper. 5 days
Triple combination of ineffective antibiotics provides new weapon to fight against super bacteria
NEWS MEDICAL In the fight against super bacteria, University at Buffalo scientists are relying on strength in numbers to win the battle against drug resistance. 2 days
Ancient genetic markers in sockeye salmon can help manage healthier fish stocks
SCIENCE DAILY A recent study identifies new genetic markers in sockeye salmon that can help improve management of fish populations. 1 day
Ancient genetic markers in sockeye salmon can help manage healthier fish stocks
PHYS.ORG A recent study from UBC's Okanagan campus identifies new genetic markers in sockeye salmon that can help improve management of fish populations. 2 days
Secret weapon of smart bacteria tracked to 'sweet tooth'
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have figured out how a once-defeated bacterium has re-emerged to infect cotton in a battle that could sour much of the Texas and US crop. And it boils down... 2 days
Healthy fatty acids can suppress dangerous listeria bacterium
NEWS MEDICAL Certain fatty acids are not just part of a healthy diet. They can also neutralize the harmful listeria bacterium, a new study shows. This discovery could eventually lead to improved methods to... 4 days
Labeling a bacterial cell 'jacket': Team invents scientific method to track cells implicated in immune diseases
PHYS.ORG You have three to five pounds of bacteria living in and on your body right now.... 2 days
Body fat can help treat bone joint injuries and osteoarthritis
NEWS MEDICAL Body fat now can help treat bone joint conditions, including injuries and osteoarthritis – the type of arthritis caused by wear and tear in tissue between joints, which... 1 week
Sub-zero waters a barrier to oil spill recovery
PHYS.ORG Sub-zero temperatures in the deep waters of the North Atlantic would significantly hamper the ability of oil-eating bacteria to help the ocean recover from a major oil spill, according to new research. 3 days
Can bitcoin’s cryptographic technology help save the environment?
Science Magazine Ecologist proposes ways that the “blockchain” can restore trust to voting, environmental incentives, and more 5 days
Biofilm discovery suggests new way to prevent dangerous infections
PHYS.ORG Microbial biofilms—dense, sticky mats of bacteria that are hard to treat and can lead to dangerous infections—often form in medical equipment, such as flexible plastic tubing used in catheters or... 5 days
New Neliota project detects flashes from lunar impacts
PHYS.ORG Using a system developed under an ESA contract, the Greek NELIOTA project has begun to detect flashes of light caused by small pieces of rock striking the moon's surface. NELIOTA is the... 2 days
Chemical potential effect found to depend on electronic structure of material
PHYS.ORG The chemical potential is a fundamental concept in condensed matter physics. While the relevant equations which define it can be found in any undergraduate physics textbook,... 3 days
Mice study may help explain why dieting can be inefficient way to lose weight
NEWS MEDICAL A study carried out in mice may help explain why dieting can be an inefficient way to lose weight: key... 4 days
Luminous bacteria will help to measure radioactivity
PHYS.ORG In a new study, scientists asked the following questions, which are important in the field of radiobiology: What are the effects of low-dose gamma radiation on living creatures? What are the differences between gamma,... 5 days
New Map Tracks Germs' Travels Around Hospitals
LIVE SCIENCE In a yearlong study, researchers watched bacteria populate a newly opened hospital. 3 days
Here's how we can detect plants on extrasolar planets
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The past year has been an exciting time for those engaged in the hunt for extra-solar planets and potentially habitable worlds. In August of 2016, researchers from the European Southern... 3 days
Bioelectricity new weapon to fight dangerous infection
SCIENCE DAILY Changing natural electrical signaling in non-neural cells improves innate immune response to bacterial infections and injury. Tadpoles that received therapeutics, including those used in humans for other purposes, which depolarized their cells had higher... 18 hours
New, highly-detailed hay fever map of Britain may help allergy sufferers avoid hotspots
NEWS MEDICAL A hay fever map of Britain - with the first ever guide to the location of plants in the UK that can... 5 days
Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy could help protect children against asthma
NEWS MEDICAL A new study published today in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has found that taking Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy can positively modify the... 15 hours
school based intervention could help children make informed decisions about health treatments School-based intervention could help children make informed decisions about health treatments
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO School lessons can successfully teach primary school children to critically evaluate health claims, and could help children make more informed decisions about health treatments and behaviours,... 4 days
Nonlocally sensing the magnetic states of nanoscale antiferromagnets with an atomic spin sensor
Science Magazine The ability to sense the magnetic state of individual magnetic nano-objects is a key capability for powerful applications ranging from readout of... 14 hours
Cognitive behavioral therapy can help cure many common phobias
NEWS MEDICAL Everyone fears something. In fact, it is estimated that more than 19 million Americans suffer from specific phobia. 2 days
Probiotics could help improve gut symptoms and psychological issues in IBS, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL Probiotics may relieve symptoms of depression, as well as help gastrointestinal upset, research from McMaster University has found. 4 days
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Minimizing the risk of electric shock around pools and lakes
The problem of treating play like work – how esports can harm well-being
Magnetism disrupts winds on ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet
Pregnant rays and babies pay a price after 'catch and release' from fishing trawlers
The mystery of quantum computers
New technique could increase success rate, life span of implantable devices
'As soon as I could walk, I started to collect rocks'
Has Everest's famous Hillary Step really collapsed? Here's the science
Launch of space-debris-removal experiment delayed due to safety reviews
Designing games that change perceptions, opinions and even players' real-life actions