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Watch how Steven Spielberg framed ‘Ready Player One’ shots in VR
TechCrunch Despite plenty of skepticism over early trailers and the source material itself, Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One has been doing very well at the box office.... 2 hours
Exclusive: This is how you'll likely earn EXP in the new Xbox Career system
Windows Central Microsoft is working on an all new "career" system for Xbox, which will sit alongside Gamerscore to showcase player's dedication... 1 hour
Exclusive: This is how you'll earn EXP in the new Xbox Career system
Windows Central Microsoft is working on an all new "career" system for Xbox, which will sit alongside Gamerscore to showcase player's dedication to gaming.... 2 hours
Syfy Wants You To Attend A ‘Deadly Class’ With The Russo Brothers
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Russo Brothers are still working on comic adaptations but their next outing won’t be from Marvel. Right now they are working with Syfy... 2 hours
Amazon worker's median pay in 2017: $28,446
PHYS.ORG Amazon says its median employee pay was $28,446 last year. 9 hours
GNA Biosolutions to display Pharos V8 Laser PCR instrument at Analytica trade fair
NEWS MEDICAL GNA Biosolutions GmbH will be showcasing the Pharos V8, the world’s first Laser PCR instrument based on the company’s proprietary Pulse Controlled... 11 hours
Sensirion to present single-use liquid flow sensor at COMPAMED 2017
NEWS MEDICAL Sensirion, the market and innovation leader for digital microsensors, will be attending the COMPAMED 2017 trade fair in order to present its single-use liquid flow sensor LD20 aimed... 11 hours
tim cook says merging the mac and ipad would require trade offs and compromises Tim Cook says merging the Mac and iPad would require ‘trade offs and compromises’
9to5Mac Amid reports that Apple is planing to support... 19 hours
proton m launches blagovest 12l satellite for russian aerospace forces Proton-M Launches Blagovest 12L Satellite for Russian Aerospace Forces
ASTRO WATCH The Russian military has expanded its fleet of communications satellites with the launch of the Blagovest 12L spacecraft... 20 hours
Study predicts 2018 flu vaccine will likely have 20 percent efficacy
SCIENCE DAILY A new study of 6,610 human flu sequences predicts that this fall's flu vaccine will likely have the same reduced efficacy against the dominant circulating strain... 21 hours
Nommo Nominations
SF SITE The African Speculative Fiction Society (ASFS) has announced the nominees for the Nommo Awards. The nominees are speculative fiction published in 2017, and are considered to be by Africans as defined by the ASFS and Nommo Awards Guidelines. The winners... 22 hours
apple shares 2018 environmental report with details on daisy recycling robot progress on closed loop supply chain Apple Shares 2018 Environmental Report With Details on Daisy Recycling Robot, Progress on Closed-Loop Supply Chain
MacRumors Apple today shared its... 23 hours
Microsoft reports record low for police data requests - CNET
CNET In 2017, the number of customer-data requests from law enforcement and other government agencies worldwide was lower than it's been in five years. 23 hours
Hurricane Harvey: Most fatalities occurred outside flood zones, Dutch-Texan research shows
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists found that most Houston-area drowning deaths from Hurricane Harvey occurred outside the zones designated by government as being at higher risk of flooding: the 100-... 23 hours
Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter In Talks To Join Film Sequel
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Lynda Carter, who portrayed the iconic character of ‘Wonder Woman’ in the 1970s TV... 24 hours
Microsoft reports lowest government data requests in five years - CNET
CNET Microsoft released its biannual transparency report on Thursday, with 2017 setting a record low for requests. 1 day
Not A Solo Effort: Ron Howard Speaks On How He Still Used What Miller And Lord Produced For ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’
What The Heck Is Going On With This Sebastian Stan Avengers Interview?
CINEMA BLEND I'm starting to believe that Infinity War is actually going to be bigger and ore epic than we had imagined. As if that's even... 1 day
irobot ceo says the future of the smart home is going to mean making friends with robots iRobot CEO says the future of the smart home is going to mean making friends with robots
THE VERGE What is... 1 day
google updated maps earth 3d 2d imagery for 40 of the world s population in the past year Google updated Maps, Earth 3D/2D imagery for 40% of the world’s population in the past year
9to5Google VIDEO For Earth Day 2017,... 1 day
Researchers present case study of management of rheumatic mitral regurgitation in woman contemplating pregnancy
NEWS MEDICAL In the current issue of Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (Volume 2, Number 4, 2018, pp 439-446(8); DOI:, researchers Yee-Ping... 1 day
Your next pilot could be drone software
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Would you get on a plane that didn't have a human pilot in the cockpit? Half of air travelers surveyed in 2017 said they would not, even if the ticket was cheaper. Modern pilots... 1 day
lyft will invest millions in effort to become completely carbon neutral Lyft will invest ‘millions’ in effort to become completely carbon neutral
THE VERGE Lyft announced a multimillion-dollar investment to become a completely carbon-neutral transportation service. The ride-hailing... 1 day
New data: Americans filling far fewer opioid prescriptions
ABC NEWS New data show that prescriptions for opioid painkillers filled in the U.S. had their biggest drop in 25 years in 2017 1 day
NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Heads for Final Science Orbit after Successful Launch
SCI-NEWS.COM NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) was delivered to space Wednesday,... 1 day
'We need to rethink the entire plastics industry': Why banning plastic straws isn't enough
Let McLaren's new titanium exhaust sing you the song of its people - Roadshow
Mysterious red spots on Mercury get names – but what are they?
Sweden's new road powers electric vehicles – what's the environmental impact?
Porsche 911 GT3 RS dominates Nürburgring with sub-7-minute lap - Roadshow
Feature Request: Many more HomeKit icons for easier at-a-glance control
Motorola’s Moto G6 and Moto E5 won’t get monthly security updates, but the G6 will get Android P (eventually)
Novel microscope allows real-time, 3-D visualization of cells
Trailer for Underrated Filmmaking Doc 'Filmworker' About Leon Vitali
MacBook Pro Diary: My dream monitor still doesn’t exist, but ultra-wide ones wow me