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Study examines how higher-order gene combinations help maintain normal cell physiology
NEWS MEDICAL We inherit many traits from our parents including the color of our eyes and hair. Unfortunately, we also inherit risk factors for certain diseases such as... 1 hour
Unhealthy diet damages the development of immature fat cells, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL 24 hours. This is all it takes for a so-called precursor fat cell to have its 'epigenetic recipe' on how to correctly develop into a mature... 2 hours
north korea s freeze on nuclear testing isn t a victory it s negotiation North Korea’s freeze on nuclear testing isn’t a victory — it’s negotiation
THE VERGE North Korea will be pressing pause on its nuclear and missile tests this weekend in advance of summits with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in... 3 hours
Pot is getting more personalized - CNET
CNET The race is on to develop a 23andMe-type genetics test for cannabis, with the goal of breeding marijuana for specific ailments. 7 hours
Seinfeld's Patrick Warburton Showed Up As Puddy At A Red Devils Game, And It Was Amazing
CINEMA BLEND Patrick Warburton reprised his... 8 hours
The role of electron irradiation history in liquid cell transmission electron microscopy
Science Magazine In situ liquid cell transmission electron microscopy (LC-TEM) allows dynamic nanoscale characterization of systems in a hydrated state. Although powerful, this technique remains impaired... 9 hours
democratic national committee sues russia wikileaks and the trump campaign over 2016 hack Democratic National Committee sues Russia, WikiLeaks, and the Trump campaign over 2016 hack
THE VERGE The Democratic National Committee has accused the Russian Federation, the... 9 hours
Medical chemists discover peptic ulcer treatment metallodrug effective in 'taming' superbugs
SCIENCE DAILY A novel solution to antimicrobial resistance -- medical chemists discover peptic ulcer treatment metallodrug effective in 'taming' superbugs. 10 hours
The future of medicinal marijuana is personalized pot video - CNET
CNET The race is on to develop a 23andMe-type system for cannabis. The goal will be to breed cannabis for specific ailments. 11 hours
Mysterious red spots on Mercury get names – but what are they?
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but far from being a dull cinder of a world, it has instead turned out to... 12 hours
New imaging technology to effectively screen for colorectal cancer among young adults
NEWS MEDICAL Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the country. While the rates of colorectal cancer among patients older than 50... 11 hours
EPFL becomes part of Chan Zuckerberg’s project to develop Human Cell Atlas
NEWS MEDICAL "The automated single-cell analysis pipeline is a software tool that catalyzes interdisciplinary work as it allows non-expert labs to engage in high-level genomic research... 11 hours
UConn researchers develop new composite for healing broken load-bearing bones
NEWS MEDICAL University of Connecticut researchers have created a biodegradable composite made of silk fibers that can be used to repair broken load-bearing bones without the complications sometimes presented by... 12 hours
Innovative imaging technology leads to automated pathological diagnosis
PHYS.ORG FUJIFILM Corporation has developed surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) imaging technology capable of analyzing large areas of unlabeled/unstained tissue metabolites with high precision using SERS that enhances the Raman scattering light when the... 13 hours
Two Trailers for 'The Equalizer 2' Again Starring Denzel Washington
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "They're tying up loose ends." "Exactly." Sony Pictures has unveiled the first official trailer for the sequel The Equalizer 2, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Olympus Has Fallen, Southpaw,... 13 hours
Novel microscope allows real-time, 3-D visualization of cells
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Janelia Research Campus have developed a microscope which combines two imaging techniques to capture live 3-D images of cells. 13 hours
Archaeologist finds red and yellow paint on antonine wall
PHYS.ORG University of Glasgow archaeologist using cutting edge technology on remnants of the Antonine Wall has shown parts of it were painted in bright colours. 13 hours
The challenges of an alien spaceflight program—escaping super-Earths and red dwarf stars
PHYS.ORG Since the beginning of the Space Age, humans have relied on chemical rockets to get into space. While this method is certainly effective, it... 13 hours
Airbus, Bill Gates and others back video imaging satellite venture
PHYS.ORG Airbus, Bill Gates and Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son have joined to back a spinoff from Bellevue, Wash.-based Intellectual Ventures that aims to launch a constellation of imaging satellites... 14 hours
Mint SIM vs. Red Pocket: Which carrier has the better $240 annual plan? - CNET
CNET If you're willing to pay for a year in advance, you can score a pretty robust plan. So... 14 hours
Researchers develop new drug-testing platform for epilepsy
NEWS MEDICAL For more than a third of children living with epilepsy, the currently approved medications do not stop their seizures. This statistic has not changed for the past five decades, despite the development of many... 19 hours
AYOXXA to develop multiplex immunoassay to support treatment of sepsis patients
NEWS MEDICAL AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH, an international biotechnology company, will develop a multiplex assay to support the treatment of sepsis patients as part of the project "SepsisData.Net.NRW -... 20 hours
Study provides guidance on using cannabis for treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression
NEWS MEDICAL In a first-of-a-kind study, Washington State University scientists examined how peoples' self-reported levels of stress, anxiety and depression were affected by smoking... 20 hours
Scientists develop tiny fluorescent probe that seeks out GLUT5 and detects cancer cells
NEWS MEDICAL Determining the presence of cancer, as well as its type and malignancy, is a stressful process for patients that can take up... 20 hours
GNA Biosolutions and project partners launch new research project to develop TB diagnostic platform for POC applications
NEWS MEDICAL Molecular technology company GNA Biosolutions GmbH and its project partners announced the launch of... 20 hours
How to set custom iPhone ringtones and text tones per contact
Apple offering battery replacement program for some 13-inch MacBook Pros
Flickr acquired by professional photo hosting service SmugMug
New Official Trailer for Ryuhei Kitamura's Sniper Thriller 'Downrange'
Video: iPhone app icon management tips – do you know them all?
'We need to rethink the entire plastics industry': Why banning plastic straws isn't enough
Let McLaren's new titanium exhaust sing you the song of its people - Roadshow
Mysterious red spots on Mercury get names – but what are they?
Sweden's new road powers electric vehicles – what's the environmental impact?
Porsche 911 GT3 RS dominates Nürburgring with sub-7-minute lap - Roadshow
Feature Request: Many more HomeKit icons for easier at-a-glance control
Motorola’s Moto G6 and Moto E5 won’t get monthly security updates, but the G6 will get Android P (eventually)
Novel microscope allows real-time, 3-D visualization of cells
Trailer for Underrated Filmmaking Doc 'Filmworker' About Leon Vitali
MacBook Pro Diary: My dream monitor still doesn’t exist, but ultra-wide ones wow me