PHYS.ORG A research article recently published in Bangladesh Journal of Animal Sciences discusses the public health and environmental hazards of livestock rearing in urban areas. The article is made available online via Bangladesh Journals Online (BanglaJOL), supported by INASP. 8 months
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Trump's 'dying in the streets' line vs. health care reality
ABC NEWS Trump often says he doesn't want people "dying in the streets" for lack of health care, but in the US people decline slowly from chronic conditions that having... 5 days
Trump's no 'dying in the streets' pledge faces reality check
ABC NEWS Trump often says he doesn't want people "dying in the streets" for lack of health care, but in the U.S. people decline slowly from chronic conditions that having... 5 days
Feed intake study in beef cattle could lead to more efficient breeds
SCIENCE DAILY A change is coming to the cattle seedstock industry. Breed associations have long been interested in finding the genetic basis for feed efficiency, with... 3 hours
Molting feathers may help birds deal with environmental contaminants
SCIENCE DAILY Mercury is a ubiquitous environmental contaminant that affects the health of birds and other wild animals. 2 hours
Kenyan cattle herders defend 'necessary' land invasions
PHYS.ORG Close by a narrow, rickety bridge in Kenya's central Laikipia highlands two herders sit on blistering hot rock next to the muddy trickle of the Ewaso Nyiro river to explain why they routinely break... 15 hours
Environmental pollution exposure during pregnancy increases asthma risk for three generations
SCIENCE DAILY Exposure to environmental pollutants during pregnancy may increase the risk of asthma for as many as three consecutive generations, according to new research. 2 days
Molting feathers may help birds deal with environmental contaminants
PHYS.ORG Mercury is a ubiquitous environmental contaminant that affects the health of birds and other wild animals. Two varieties of songbird—zebra finch and European starling—were found to shed mercury accumulation with... 7 hours
Experts develop first freely available data network for Huntington's disease research
NEWS MEDICAL Huntington's disease is a hereditary disorder of the nervous system caused by a faulty gene on chromosome four. 1 week
Better method for identifying aquatic species using environmental DNA
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have improved their method of tracking species by using the biological material those organisms leave behind known as environmental DNA (eDNA). 3 days
Ozone pollution connected to cardiovascular health
SCIENCE DAILY Exposure to ozone, a risk for impaired lung function, is also connected to health changes that can cause cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, according to a new study of Chinese... 3 days
Trustees project biggest Social Security increase in years
ABC NEWS The trustees who oversee Social Security say the millions of people who rely on the program can expect to receive their biggest payment increase in years come January. 1 week
Reducing hospital readmissions does not increase mortality rates
SCIENCE DAILY Recent advances in reducing hospital readmission rates for three key medical conditions occurred without causing an increase in death rates, according to a new study. 2 days
New data network for Huntington's disease research
SCIENCE DAILY The first data network for research into Huntington's disease has been created by an international team, now freely available to all scientists in this field. 1 week
Video: Developing carbon management solutions
PHYS.ORG Global consumption of fossil fuels is causing atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to rise to levels that threaten human and environmental sustainability. These gases warm the planet and negatively impact food production, water availability, ocean health,... 10 hours
The Latest: Analysts say new bill would leave 22M uninsured
ABC NEWS The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a revised version of the Senate Republican health care bill would increase the number of uninsured people by 22 million by 2026 6 hours
Researchers to study environmental, human impacts of nuclear war
PHYS.ORG Scientists and students led by the University of Colorado Boulder and Rutgers University are calculating the environmental and human impacts of a potential nuclear war using the most sophisticated scientific... 2 days
Evaluating low-dose toxicity from endocrine active chemicals
SCIENCE DAILY A new report proposes a strategy that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should use to evaluate the evidence of adverse human health effects from low doses of exposure to chemicals that can disrupt... 2 days
Low-dose diazepam can increase social competitiveness
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have discovered how low-dose anxiolytics increase the social competitiveness of high-anxious individuals by boosting the energy output of mitochondria in an area of the mammalian brain that controls motivation and reward. 2 days
New model projects an increase in dust storms in the US
SCIENCE DAILY A new statistical model predicts that climate change will amplify dust activity in parts of the U.S. in the latter half of the 21st century, which... 3 days
Mount Sinai Health System honored with 2017 Most Wired award
NEWS MEDICAL Mount Sinai Health System has been named among "Health Care's Most Wired®," according to 2017 survey results released this week by the American Hospital Association's (AHA) Health Forum,... 7 days
Flawed environmental justice analyses
Science Magazine 4 hours
New report proposes strategy to evaluate low-dose toxicity of endocrine disruptors
NEWS MEDICAL A new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine proposes a strategy that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should use to evaluate the... 2 days
'It's raining needles': Drug crisis creates pollution threat
PHYS.ORG They hide in weeds along hiking trails and in playground grass. They wash into rivers and float downstream to land on beaches. They pepper baseball dugouts, sidewalks and streets. Syringes left by... 3 days
Epigenetic plasticity and the hallmarks of cancer
Science Magazine Chromatin and associated epigenetic mechanisms stabilize gene expression and cellular states while also facilitating appropriate responses to developmental or environmental cues. Genetic, environmental, or metabolic insults can induce overly restrictive or overly permissive epigenetic... 4 hours
Postcard from Capitol Hill: Lawmakers put women’s health care in its place
NEWS MEDICAL The atmosphere at a House Appropriations Committee lunch meeting on women's health midday Wednesday was predictably charged. 20 hours
Millions more uninsured could impact health of those with insurance, too
NEWS MEDICAL Much has been written lately about how individuals' health could suffer if they lose insurance under the health proposals circulating in the U.S. House and Senate. 6 days
The Latest: Senators end meeting stalemated on health care
ABC NEWS Around two dozen Republican senators have ended a private meeting on the party's stalemated health care bill with no visible signs of progress 19 hours
Finding leaks while they're easy to fix
SCIENCE DAILY A newly developed system can inspect water or gas pipes from the inside and find even tiny leaks. The robotic device enters the pipes via a fire hydrant, avoiding the need to dig up... 20 hours
GOP leaders plan Tuesday health vote, it's an uphill climb
ABC NEWS Republicans leaders are pushing toward a Senate vote next week on resurrecting their nearly flat-lined health care bill 1 hour
Postcard from Capitol Hill: When health care takes a breather
NEWS MEDICAL As one senator's health care emergency upended what was supposed to be an action-packed week for the Senate health care bill, Capitol Hill's denizens began rebooking Monday. 3 days
NASA looks to solar eclipse to help understand Earth's energy system
Telescope design promises to revolutionize amateur astronomy
Growing organic rice for market niche not simple
Nontoxic underwater adhesive could bring new surgical glue
This Midcentury Show Turned Unhappy Housewives into TV Royalty
Watch a shape-shifting robot extend its tentacle
Science Magazine
Video: The chemistry of fried chicken
Removing CO2 from the air required to safeguard children's future
Low doses of radiation exposure linked to increased cardiovascular health risk
Space station project seeks to crystalize the means to counteract nerve poisons
Snip, snip, cure—correcting defects in the genetic blueprint
The great galactic recession
Researchers study lengths of restroom queues
Running light around a tetrahedron
20 million engineered and bacteria charged mosquitoes to be released in California