CINEMA BLEND Though it's as slow as the undead, Cargo is an effective horror-drama that takes a more cerebral approach to the zombie apocalypse. 3 months
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The Meg film review: Jason Statham vs a giant shark
SCI FI NOW Jason Statham takes on a megalodon in The Meg. Here's our review... 6 days
Banquet for the Damned by Adam Nevill
SFF WORLD Here’s Randy’s latest review, a book from a UK author that deserves more recognition elsewhere.  2 weeks
Like Father Review
CINEMA BLEND If you're looking for a well-crafted, adult-oriented comedy, Like Father will do the trick. 2 weeks
BlacKkKlansman Review
CINEMA BLEND If you can allow Spike Lee to take you on the journey, BlacKkKlansman is undoubtedly one of the most powerful films of the year. 5 days
What Keeps You Alive Fantasia 2018 first look review
SCI FI NOW What Keeps You Alive is a tense, dizzying exploration of emotional - and emotionless - betrayal, expressed in the language of genre 2 weeks
Dog Days Review
CINEMA BLEND If you want to laugh, cry, and celebrate the animals in your life, Dog Days will have you sitting and staying with very little problem. 7 days
The Darkest Minds film review: the next generation rise up
SCI FI NOW Hunted teenagers are forced to forge their own future in YA adaptation The Darkest Minds 7 days
Capcom Wants To Make Games That Review Well Even If They Sell Poorly
CINEMA BLEND Sometimes it's hard to tell if a developer/publisher would prefer... 1 week
The Darkest Minds Review
CINEMA BLEND If we hadn't already been down this road so many times there might be more fun to be had with The Darkest Minds, but being a better than... 2 weeks
Christopher Robin Review
CINEMA BLEND Christopher Robin is a warm blanket of a film that makes you feel like you're spending time with an old friend, putting a smile on your face that's hard to... 2 weeks
The Meg Review
CINEMA BLEND In the process of attempting to make The Meg a movie full of stupid fun, they forgot to have fun, but stayed square in the lane of stupid. 6 days
Teen Titans Go! To The Movies film review: fast and funny superheroics
SCI FI NOW The Teen Titans come to the big screen in this wickedly funny and inventive adventure 2 weeks
Okami HD Switch Review: A Work Of Art
CINEMA BLEND Not all great games are built to last. Okami was considered an instant classic when it launched back in 2006... 5 days
Mercenary Mischief: Check Out Some Of The ‘Deadpool 2’ Gag Reel!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Deadpool 2’ finally available for digital download (and available on Blu-Ray and DVD... 1 week
Movie Review: ‘The Darkest Minds’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM How’s this for an original idea: an inexplicable pandemic hits the world and 98% of children die without warning. The remaining 2% gain various superpowers but... 2 weeks
Movie Review: ‘The Meg’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When Steven Spielberg directed a film about a shark based on a best-selling Peter Benchley book of the same name, he had no way of knowing that it... 5 days
Review: Turteltaub's 'The Meg' Movie is Fun, Dumb, and Full of Chum
FIRSTSHOWING.NET After seeing Steven Spielberg's Jaws as a teenager, Steve Alten went straight to his local public library and checked out every book he could... 5 days
A24's Full-Length Trailer for Gaspar Noé's Dance Horror Film 'Climax'