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Scientists make leap in simulating quantum particles
PHYS.ORG New quantum theory research, led by academics at the University of St Andrews' School of Physics, could transform the way scientists predict how quantum particles behave. 56 minutes
Researchers strengthen DNA nanostructures to help them survive harsh environments
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed a way to strengthen DNA nanostructures for improved survival under harsh environmental conditions. In their... 56 minutes
Researchers create the world’s first artificial retina
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have developed an ultrathin artificial retina that could provide a superior alternative to the visual implants currently available to the blind. 17 minutes
E-cigarettes can damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer, say researchers
NEWS MEDICAL The chemicals present in e-cigarettes can alter DNA in oral cells and increase the risk of cancer, according a new study. 17 minutes
Strawberries could mitigate colonic inflammation
NEWS MEDICAL Inflammatory bowel disease is a set of painful conditions that can cause severe diarrhea and fatigue. Treatments can include medications and surgery. But now researchers report that a simple dietary intervention could mitigate colonic inflammation and improve gut... 39 minutes
Scientists identify enzyme that could accelerate biofuel production
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology report on an enzyme belonging to the glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAT) family as a promising target for increasing biofuel production from the red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae. 28 minutes
BOOST-3 clinical trial aims to improve outcomes for severe TBI patients
NEWS MEDICAL An estimated 2.5 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Severe TBI contributes... 2 hours
Vaping may modify DNA
NEWS MEDICAL The popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to grow worldwide, as many people view them as a safer alternative to smoking. But the long-term effects of e-cigarette usage, commonly called "vaping," are unknown. Today, researchers report that vaping may modify the... 2 hours
A new generation of artificial retinas based on 2-D materials
PHYS.ORG Scientists report they have successfully developed and tested the world's first ultrathin artificial retina that could vastly improve on existing implantable visualization technology for the blind. The flexible... 3 hours
Saliva could influence taste preferences
PHYS.ORG Saliva is crucial for tasting and digesting food, but scientists have now found that it may have another, more subtle role. Salivary proteins could be part of a feedback loop that influences how food tastes to people—and by... 3 hours
New drug could prevent debilitating side effect of cancer treatment
PHYS.ORG About 50,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed annually with head, neck, nasal and oral cancers. Most are treated with radiation, and of those, 70-80 percent develop a... 4 hours
Thrombospondin-1 contributes to development of aortic aneurysm in mice and humans, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers centered at the University of Tsukuba and Kansai Medical University in Japan reveal matricellular protein Thrombospondin-1 (Thbs1) contributes to the development... 4 hours
Next-gen insect repellents to combat mosquito-borne diseases
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Nearly 700 million people suffer from mosquito-borne diseases—such as malaria, West Nile, Zika and dengue fever—each year, resulting in more than 1 million deaths. Increasingly, many species of mosquitoes have become resistant to the... 3 hours
Brain tumors trap immune cells needed to fight cancer in the bone marrow, finds research
NEWS MEDICAL Certain brain cancers are associated with low numbers of immune system T-cells circulating in the peripheral blood. Low... 5 hours
Medical News Today: Why a low-carb diet may not be so good for you
MNT A new study may have found the 'sweet spot' of carb intake. The researchers point out that both too much... 4 hours
how flushed contact lenses add to microplastic pollution in waterways How flushed contact lenses add to microplastic pollution in waterways
CBC Researchers say there is a simple way to convince people to stop flushing their contact lenses... 5 hours
Techniques for reducing sugar content in dairy products show promise
PHYS.ORG Dairy foods are popular among consumers, and sales gross more than $125 billion per year (IDFA, 2017). With dairy product popularity comes new demands from consumers for healthier,... 6 hours
Common antidepressant restores significant degree of lost plasticity to aging brain cells in mice
NEWS MEDICAL A new study provides fresh evidence that the decline in the capacity of brain cells to change, called "plasticity," rather... 6 hours
Researchers review various options to reduce sugar in dairy products
NEWS MEDICAL Dairy foods are popular among consumers, and sales gross more than $125 billion per year. With dairy product popularity comes new demands from consumers for healthier, low-calorie products... 6 hours
Don't flush contact lenses after use - bad for environment
NEWS MEDICAL Nearly 45 million Americans use soft disposable contact lenses and after use flush them down the toilet. Researchers at the Arizona State University have requested people not to... 8 hours
A paper battery powered by bacteria
SCIENCE DAILY In remote areas of the world, everyday items like electrical outlets and batteries are luxuries. Health care workers in these areas often lack electricity to power diagnostic devices, and commercial batteries may be too expensive. Today,... 17 hours
Medical News Today: Prolonged sitting: Short bouts of activity reduce health risks
MNT Following a recent meta-analysis, researchers conclude that even short bouts of movement can reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting. 1 day
astronomers observe cosmic steam jets and molecules galore Astronomers Observe Cosmic Steam Jets and Molecules Galore
ASTRO WATCH A team of scientists using the highest-frequency capabilities of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has uncovered jets of warm... 2 days
Students more likely to eat school breakfast when given extra time, new study finds
SCIENCE DAILY Using food weighting stations, the researchers collected information on the number of students who ate a school breakfast, how much... 2 days
A valley so low: Electrons congregate in ways that could be useful to 'valleytronics'
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have made a finding that could help usher in new area of technology called 'valleytronics.' The study found that... 2 days
How hydrogen could shake up Canada's energy sector
Medical News Today: Soleus strains and calf injuries: What to know
Next-gen insect repellents to combat mosquito-borne diseases
Jack Ryan review: Amazon's action analyst ain't that interesting - CNET
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
Two Brothers Spot UFOs in First Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi 'Watch the Sky'
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