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Sony’s ‘Masters of the Universe’ Lands Two Directors, Aaron And Adam Nee
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Directing brothers Aaron and Adam Nee are the latest to become attached to Sony’s ‘Masters of the Universe.’  The pair previously helmed the movie... 2 hours
Trees are not as 'sound asleep' as you may think
SCIENCE DAILY High-precision three-dimensional surveying of 21 different species of trees has revealed a yet unknown cycle of subtle canopy movement during the night. The 'sleep cycles' differed from one... 7 hours
harris says its weather sensors fit air force budget schedule Harris says its weather sensors fit Air Force budget, schedule
SPACE NEWS Harris Corp. plans to offer the U.S. Air Force an updated version of a legacy sensor... 9 hours
Experimental entanglement of 25 individually accessible atomic quantum interfaces
Science Magazine A quantum interface links the stationary qubits in a quantum memory with flying photonic qubits in optical transmission channels and constitutes a critical element for the future quantum internet. Entanglement... 9 hours
The future of medicinal marijuana is personalized pot video - CNET
CNET The race is on to develop a 23andMe-type system for cannabis. The goal will be to breed cannabis for specific ailments. 10 hours
Meijer to launch self-scanning app to speed grocery checkout
PHYS.ORG Meijer plans to launch a self-scanning mobile application in Chicago-area stores by the end of the summer, a move likely to be followed by some larger retailers in the near... 11 hours
Forget tech's bad bros: Stanford, Berkeley boost female computing grads
PHYS.ORG More and more women are getting computer science and electrical engineering degrees from the Bay Area's two elite universities, a goal U.S. colleges have been pursuing for decades.... 11 hours
lockheed martin working to lower orion costs Lockheed Martin working to lower Orion costs
SPACE NEWS As Lockheed Martin prepares to complete assembly of the Orion spacecraft flying on the first SLS mission, the company says it’s making... 11 hours
webkit code references suggest dark mode coming to macos 10 14 WebKit code references suggest dark mode coming to macOS 10.14
9to5Mac Earlier today, we reported on WebKit’s mailing list suggesting that iOS 12 will support iPhone 5s.... 13 hours
god of war and yakuza 6 show how games can tell great stories about parents God of War and Yakuza 6 show how games can tell great stories about parents
THE VERGE About midway through Yakuza 6, longtime... 13 hours
Scientists introduce magnetic data storage of the future
PHYS.ORG Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) have been attracting a lot of attention recently. This is because of the increased demand for faster, longer-lasting and lower-energy IT systems, and the need for higher data storage... 13 hours
Drought returns to huge swaths of US, fueling fears of a thirsty future
PHYS.ORG Less than eight months after Hurricane Harvey pelted the Texas Gulf Coast with torrential rainfall, drought has returned to Texas and other... 16 hours
Policy driver of soil organic carbon accumulation in Chinese croplands identified
PHYS.ORG China's croplands have experienced drastic changes in management practices related to fertilization, tillage and residue treatment since the 1980s. The impact of these changes on soil... 18 hours
PUBG's New Savage Map Will Drop Players Underground
CINEMA BLEND PUBG's latest map, known as Savage, is undergoing quite a bit of testing at this point but the developer decided... 1 day
Did Gotham Reveal How Bruce Wayne Becomes Batman?
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of Gotham may have revealed how the boy billionaire becomes the Dark Knight. 1 day
Colin Trevorrow Promises A “Science Thriller” For ‘Jurassic World 3’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Life finds a way. And so, it seems, do film franchises. And when ‘Jurassic Park’ came... 1 day
Eyes of adolescents could reveal risk of cardiovascular disease, study finds
SCIENCE DAILY New research has found that poorer well-being or 'health-related quality of life' (HRQoL) in adolescence could be an indicator of future cardiovascular disease risk. Researchers found... 1 day
Throwback Thursday: ‘Mars Needs Women’ (1967)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The 1960s were a time and place with a different set of rules and expectations, and the special effects were only as good as... 1 day
Official Trailer for High School Debate Team Indie Comedy 'Candy Jar'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "This is you're future, and you are going to win." Netflix has debuted an official trailer for an indie drama titled Candy Jar, from indie director... 1 day
Josh Brolin Confirms Future Movie Scene With Brie Larson
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Josh Brolin, who plays villain Thanos in the MCU, has confirmed that he will share at least one... 1 day
Jack Ma says Alibaba 'doing a lot of research' on driverless cars
PHYS.ORG E-commerce giant Alibaba is steering resources towards driverless car technology, its CEO Jack Ma confirmed on Thursday, joining a global race to shape the... 1 day
harris says its weather sensors fits air force budget schedule Harris says its weather sensors fits Air Force budget, schedule
SPACE NEWS Harris Corp. plans to offer the U.S. Air Force an updated version of a legacy sensor... 1 day
Cell type atlas and lineage tree of a whole complex animal by single-cell transcriptomics
Science Magazine Flatworms of the species Schmidtea mediterranea are immortal—adult animals contain a large pool of pluripotent stem cells that continuously differentiate... 1 day
irobot ceo says the future of the smart home is going to mean making friends with robots iRobot CEO says the future of the smart home is going to mean making friends with robots
THE VERGE What is... 2 days
canon s new mobile photo printer is just like all the other mobile photo printers Canon’s new mobile photo printer is just like all the other mobile photo printers
THE VERGE Zink is a printing technology that makes me... 1 day
How to set custom iPhone ringtones and text tones per contact
Apple offering battery replacement program for some 13-inch MacBook Pros
Flickr acquired by professional photo hosting service SmugMug
New Official Trailer for Ryuhei Kitamura's Sniper Thriller 'Downrange'
Video: iPhone app icon management tips – do you know them all?
'We need to rethink the entire plastics industry': Why banning plastic straws isn't enough
Let McLaren's new titanium exhaust sing you the song of its people - Roadshow
Mysterious red spots on Mercury get names – but what are they?
Sweden's new road powers electric vehicles – what's the environmental impact?
Porsche 911 GT3 RS dominates Nürburgring with sub-7-minute lap - Roadshow
Feature Request: Many more HomeKit icons for easier at-a-glance control
Motorola’s Moto G6 and Moto E5 won’t get monthly security updates, but the G6 will get Android P (eventually)
Novel microscope allows real-time, 3-D visualization of cells
Trailer for Underrated Filmmaking Doc 'Filmworker' About Leon Vitali
MacBook Pro Diary: My dream monitor still doesn’t exist, but ultra-wide ones wow me