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Image: Glacial 'aftershock' spawns Antarctic iceberg
PHYS.ORG Pine Island Glacier has shed another block of ice into Antarctic waters. The loss was tiny compared to the icebergs that broke off in 2014 and 2015, but the event is further evidence of the ice... 5 days
The Zuckerberg manifesto: How he plans to debug the world
PHYS.ORG Mark Zuckerberg's long-term vision for Facebook, laid out in a sweeping manifesto , sometimes sounds more like a utopian social guide than a business plan. Are we, he... 4 days
[Research Article] A paralogous decoy protects Phytophthora sojae apoplastic effector PsXEG1 from a host inhibitor
Science Magazine The extracellular space (apoplast) of plant tissue represents a critical battleground between plants and attacking microbes. Here we... 5 days
Working memory as key to preventing misdiagnoses, overrepresentation of minorities in special education
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found a link to growth in working memory and growth in English-language reading among young English-language learning students. The findings... 6 days
Researchers examine working memory as key to preventing misdiagnoses, overrepresentation of minorities in special education
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found a link to growth in working memory and growth in English-language reading among young English-language... 6 days
Speech recognition has come a long way in 50 years
SCIENCE-NEWS Early versions of computer speech recognition relied on word sounds. Now, they add pattern recognition and a lot of statistics. 5 days
Life's Building Blocks Found on Dwarf Planet Ceres
SPACE.COM NASA's Dawn spacecraft has spotted organic molecules — the carbon-containing building blocks of life — on Ceres for the first time, a new study reports. 5 days
WATCH: Infection linked to rat urine kills 1 person in NYC, sickens 2
ABC NEWS The city's Health Department identified three cases of leptospirosis in a one-block area of the Bronx. 5 days
Digital fabrication in architecture
SCIENCE DAILY Society faces enormous challenges in constructing high-quality, future-oriented built environments. Construction sites today look much like the building sites did at the beginning of the 20th century. Current research on digital fabrication in architecture indicates that the development and integration... 2 days
Brain study: Motor cortex contributes to word comprehension
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have experimentally confirmed the hypothesis, whereby comprehension of a word's meaning involves not only the 'classic' language brain centers but also the cortical regions responsible for the control of body muscles,... 6 days
CUNY linguist to speak on second language acquisition and loss
PHYS.ORG Dr. Gita Martohardjono of Queens College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY) will speak at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the... 2 days
New type of nanosensor detects DNA building blocks
PHYS.ORG Researchers at Uppsala University and in Brazil have developed a new type of nanosensor that can detect single molecules. The nanosensor, comprising a combination of two different materials, has been used to... 6 days
People assume sexists are also racist and vice versa
SCIENCE DAILY The stigma associated with prejudice against women and people of color seems to transfer from one group to another, according to new findings. In a series of experiments, researchers found... 4 days
Scientists show 'matchmaker' role for protein behind SMA
SCIENCE DAILY Cell biologists have a detailed picture for what they think the SMN (survival of motor neurons) protein is doing, and how its deficiency causes problems in SMA patients' cells. This new work... 6 days
English-language learners may be over-represented in learning disabilities category
PHYS.ORG For years, minorities have been disproportionately placed in special education classes, and figures available indicate the complexity of this issue for one group. National estimates reveal that English-language learners may... 6 days
Communicating health risks in a post-truth world
SCIENCE DAILY Public officials faced with the tough task of communicating risk on contentious issues like vaccination or fluoridation -- where the actual risk is low but public concern remains high -- need to show that... 6 days
Digital fabrication in architecture
PHYS.ORG Many building processes still involve sub-standard working conditions and are not compellingly sustainable. Current research on the integration of digital technologies within construction processes promises substantial contributions to sustainability and productivity, while at the same time enabling completely new forms... 3 days
To please your friends, tell them what they already know
SCIENCE DAILY We love to tell friends and family about experiences we've had and they haven't -- from exotic vacations to celebrity sightings -- but new research suggests that these... 7 days
Building a home that helps residents stay healthy
PHYS.ORG What if your house could help keep you healthy? 7 days
Another study to show the performance of the Quo-Test® HbA1c analyzer by EKF meets criteria
NEWS MEDICAL EKF Diagnostics, the global in vitro diagnostics company, announces that in a newly published paper its Quo-Test® point-of-care... 5 days
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