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How exposure to a foreign language ignites infants' learning
SCIENCE DAILY A new study is among the first to investigate how babies can learn a second language outside of the home. The researchers sought to answer a fundamental question: Can babies... 3 days
Language development starts in the womb
SCIENCE DAILY A month before they are born, fetuses carried by American mothers-to-be can distinguish between someone speaking to them in English and Japanese. Using non-invasive sensing technology for the first time for this purpose, a group of... 3 days
Who learns foreign language better, introverts or extroverts?
SCIENCE DAILY Extravert Chinese students learning English as a second language are likely to perform better in speaking and reading, but less proficient in listening than their introvert counterparts, according to a study. 6 hours
Language development may start in utero, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL A month before they are born, fetuses carried by American mothers-to-be can distinguish between someone speaking to them in English and Japanese. 4 days
Why do human beings speak so many languages?
PHYS.ORG The thatched roof held back the sun's rays, but it could not keep the tropical heat at bay. As everyone at the research workshop headed outside for a break, small groups splintered... 4 days
SpaceX Building Catches Fire in Florida
SPACE.COM A SpaceX building on the Florida coast caught fire over the weekend, but firefighters put out the blaze before it damaged the spaceflight gear inside, company representatives said. 4 days
Stanford engineers develop new vine-like growing robot
NEWS MEDICAL Imagine rescuers searching for people in the rubble of a collapsed building. Instead of digging through the debris by hand or having dogs sniff for signs of life, they bring out a small, air-tight cylinder. They... 18 hours
firefighters extinguish minor fire on roof of spacex building at port canaveral Firefighters extinguish minor fire on roof of SpaceX building at Port Canaveral
SPACE NEWS The fire caused some damage to the roof of the building SpaceX started leasing earlier this year for storage of rocket boosters after landing.... 4 days
Popular muscle-building supplements found to be ineffective when taken in isolation
NEWS MEDICAL Popular muscle building supplements, known as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are ineffective when taken in isolation, according to new research from the University of Stirling. 1 week
Toward 20-Story Earthquake-Safe Buildings Made From Wood
SCIENCE DAILY A two-story wooden structure endured four different earthquake simulations on July 14, 2017 on the world's largest outdoor shake table here in San Diego. And it's still standing before more tests in the coming... 2 days
King Tut's Wife May Be Buried in Newly Discovered Tomb
LIVE SCIENCE Famed archaeologist Zahi Hawass and his team say they've found evidence of a tomb that could belong to King Tut's wife. 3 days
New High: Nearly Half of Americans Have Tried Pot, Gallup Poll Says
LIVE SCIENCE The percentage of Americans who say they've tried pot has reached a new high. 2 days
Bioinformatics computer programs help biologists understand intrinsically disordered proteins
PHYS.ORG Proteins are the building blocks of life and biological agents. They are drivers of growth and development and the spread of viruses and bacteria, and have key roles in disease... 12 hours
The Latest: Around 155 arrested in Capitol protests
ABC NEWS U.S. Capitol Police say they've arrested around 155 demonstrators in Senate office buildings as Republicans continue working on legislation to eliminate much of President Barack Obama's health care law 2 days
Russian scientists develop technology for production of transparent aluminum
PHYS.ORG Specialists from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and multi-institutional collaborators have developed a technology to produce compacts from aluminum oxynitride (ALON). They've published their results in IOP Conference Series:... 4 days
Building a robot is one of many skills these students have mastered
Science Magazine FIRST Global Challenge attracts teams from 160 countries to promote STEM education 1 day
How Realistic Is the Science in the CBS Show 'Salvation'?
SPACE.COM How much of the science of "Salvation" is actually true? talked with Phil Plait, who writes the popular space blog "Bad Astronomy" and is also a science... 2 days
BBC Names the First Female Doctor Who
SPACE.COM The BBC has revealed the new thirteenth - and as somewhat expected - the first female Doctor Who, actor Jodi Whittaker (Attack the Block). 5 days
The asymmetric synthesis of halogenated compounds from carboxylic acids is world first
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a new reaction to produce chlorinated compounds with high isomeric purity. Such compounds are important building blocks for target molecules. However... 2 days
Indonesia limits access to Telegram app, readies total ban
PHYS.ORG Indonesia say it's blocking web versions of the Telegram instant messaging app and will block the app completely if it continues to be a forum for radical propaganda and violent... 7 days
Our brains synchronize during a conversation
SCIENCE DAILY The rhythms of brainwaves between two people taking part in a conversation begin to match each other, concludes a new study. According to scientists, this interbrain synchrony may be a key factor in understanding language and... 1 day
What the Bank of England Got Wrong about Jane Austen
HISTORY It’s based on a portrait that was made after she died. 2 days
Michael Dell takes long view with 'Dell 2.0'
PHYS.ORG His first company became the world's largest maker of personal computers. Now Michael Dell says he is building a broader technology firm with similar ambitions. 4 days
Quantifying effectiveness of treatment for irregular heartbeat
SCIENCE DAILY In a small proof-of-concept study, researchers report a complex mathematical method to measure electrical communications within the heart can successfully predict the effectiveness of catheter ablation, the standard of care treatment for atrial fibrillation,... 4 days
Speech language therapy delivered online provides comparable improvements as in-person treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Telerehabilitation helps healthcare professionals reach more patients in need, but some worry it doesn't offer the same quality of care as in-person treatment. This isn't the... 7 hours
The incredible shrinking transistor just got smaller
SCIENCE-NEWS Tiniest transistor, made with carbon nanotubes, suggests computers aren’t done shrinking down. 3 days
Genetic predisposition to breast cancer due to non-BRCA mutations in Ashkenazi Jewish women
SCIENCE DAILY Genetic mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in Ashkenazi Jewish women. A new article pexamines... 1 day
Cuts imperil Brazil’s stake in astronomy observatories
Science Magazine Other disciplines also reeling from another budgetary body blow 4 days
Peering inside dangerous blood clots with optical clearing technique
SCIENCE DAILY A new technique that makes blood clots optically clear is allowing researchers to use powerful optical microscopy techniques to study the 3D structure of dangerous clots for the first time.... 4 days
Researchers look inside dangerous blood clots with optical clearing technique
PHYS.ORG A new technique that makes blood clots optically clear is allowing researchers to use powerful optical microscopy techniques to study the 3-D structure of dangerous clots for the... 4 days
Did Oxygen Therapy Really 'Reverse' Child's Brain Damage? Experts Are Skeptical
Holographic imaging could be used to detect signs of life in space
When evolution and biotechnologies collide
The moon is front and center during a total solar eclipse
Groundbreaking for an international neutrino experiment
How scientists invent new colours
Fire ants build towers with three simple rules
Meet the scientist who turns data into music—and listen to the sound of a neutron star
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Researchers work to improve recovery from tight shale reservoirs
Researchers discover mice speak similarly to humans
NASA looks to solar eclipse to help understand Earth's energy system
AIDS deaths halve and 19 million people on life saving treatment
Strengthening 3-D printed parts for real-world use
Shifting storms to bring extreme waves, seaside damage to once placid areas
Monsoon storms fewer but more extreme