ABC NEWS Police say a self-driving vehicle was among five cars involved in a collision in Arizona 4 weeks
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Uber lays off self-driving car operators in SF and Pittsburgh
TechCrunch Uber has let go all (about 100) of its self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh and San Francisco, Quartz reports and has been confirmed by TechCrunch. This comes after Uber... 6 days
uber laid off its self driving car safety drivers in pittsburgh Uber laid off its self-driving car safety drivers in Pittsburgh
THE VERGE Uber has laid off its self-driving car safety operators in Pittsburgh as the company reevaluates its... 6 days
An AI learnt to drive an autonomous car in 20 minutes - Roadshow
CNET Like DeepMind and OpenAI, Wayve's new autonomous vehicle learns to drive using "reinforcement learning" to stay within a lane. 1 week
waymo gets jaguar s first all electric i pace for testing in san francisco Waymo gets Jaguar’s first all-electric I-Pace for testing in San Francisco
9to5Google From Electrek: It sounds like ordering 20,000 vehicles from an automaker gets you on top... 5 days
Siemens' autonomous 1965 Mustang will attempt the Goodwood hill climb - Roadshow
CNET The first autonomous road car to climb the Duke of Richmond's hill will be a 53-year-old American pony car. Oh, the irony. 6 days
self driving cars are headed towards an ai roadblock Self-driving cars are headed towards an AI roadblock
THE VERGE VIDEO If you believe the CEOs, a fully autonomous car could be only months away. In 2015, Elon Musk predicted a... 2 weeks
Tesla adds autonomous parking mode to Model 3
TechCrunch The Model 3 can now park itself. Called Summon, the feature is now available on the company’s new sedan. It’s a clever feature that takes advantage of the vehicle’s connectivity and autonomous... 2 weeks
electric vehicles mean first responders have to deal with battery fires Electric vehicles mean first responders have to deal with battery fires
THE VERGE Last week, federal investigators reported that the battery of a Tesla Model S reignited... 2 weeks
Uber’s head of policy for flying taxis and autonomous vehicles leaves for self-driving car startup Voyage
TechCrunch Uber’s head of policy for autonomous vehicles and urban aviation, Justin Erlich, has left the company... 23 hours
Apple brings criminal charges against ex-member of autonomous-vehicle team - Roadshow
CNET The ex-employee's theft included a variety of hardware and software data. 7 days
waymo offers a sneak peek of its new all electric self driving jaguar i paces Waymo offers a sneak peek of its new all-electric self-driving Jaguar I-Paces
THE VERGE Waymo released images on Thursday of the first new additions to its fleet of self-driving cars in two years. The company says it has... 5 days
Renewable energy push in sunny Arizona draws political fight
ABC NEWS A push to mandate increased use of renewable energy in sun-drenched Arizona has been met with fierce opposition from the state's largest utility 2 weeks
Waymo-branded Jaguar I-Pace vehicles hit the streets of San Francisco
TechCrunch Waymo’s next phase in self-driving cars has begun. The former Google self-driving project that spun out to become a business under Alphabet has received its first three all-electric I-Pace... 5 days
fbi charges former apple employee with stealing trade secrets from self driving car project FBI charges former Apple employee with stealing trade secrets from self-driving car project
THE VERGE An engineer who worked on Apple’s secretive autonomous car project... 7 days
former apple employee charged with theft of trade secrets related to autonomous car project Former Apple Employee Charged With Theft of Trade Secrets Related to Autonomous Car Project
MacRumors The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation this... 7 days
former apple employee charged with theft of trade secrets related to autonomous car project updated Former Apple Employee Charged With Theft of Trade Secrets Related to Autonomous Car Project [Updated]
MacRumors The United States Federal Bureau of... 6 days
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy runs at native 4K on Xbox One X
Windows Central Crash Bandicoot lands on Xbox One X in glorious 4K. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy finally launched on Xbox One a few... 2 weeks
Baidu just made its 100th autonomous bus ahead of commercial launch in China
TechCrunch Baidu is preparing to launch a driverless service in China — and elsewhere — with another update to its Apollo autonomous driving... 2 weeks
Why BMW needs to own its customer experience from start to finish
TechCrunch For the last few years now, BMW has wrestled with the question of what it’ll mean to be a luxury car manufacturer in the age... 2 days
google brings machine learning crash course to india w study jam series Google brings Machine Learning Crash Course to India w/ ‘Study Jam Series’
9to5Google Google this year published a series of internal AI training resources originally developed for its engineers. Since then, the Machine Learning Crash Course has... 1 week
Waymo gets its first three Jaguar I-Pace electric SUVs - Roadshow
CNET The cars will be cruising around the San Francisco Bay Area. 5 days
VW plans to launch an all-electric car sharing service next year
TechCrunch Volkswagen Group is launching a car-sharing service called WE that only uses electric vehicles, following the lead of rivals such as Daimler and BMW that have... 2 weeks
mercedes benz self driving taxi pilot coming to silicon valley in 2019 Mercedes-Benz self-driving taxi pilot coming to Silicon Valley in 2019
THE VERGE Daimler and automotive parts supplier Bosch will pilot a free self-driving ride-share service in the San... 6 days
China’s nabs $102M at nearly $1B valuation to take its self driving platform up another gear
TechCrunch Autonomous cars are fast-approaching, and so are those building the platforms that will help... 6 days
Ex-Apple employee charged with stealing self-driving car secrets
TechCrunch A former Apple employee that downloaded a plan for a self-driving car circuit board and booked a flight to China was arrested at the San Jose airport on July 7th. The man,... 7 days
Hear BMW’s Dieter May explain the connected car at Disrupt SF 2018
TechCrunch Mobility is undergoing a radical transformation and the topic will be thoroughly examined at Disrupt SF this September. We’re excited to have BMW’s Dieter... 23 hours
Toyota launches Hui car-sharing service in Hawaii - Roadshow
CNET The program will launch with 25 car-sharing stations and 50 vehicles around Honolulu. 7 days
Baidu and Softbank’s SB Drive are bringing an autonomous bus service to Japan
TechCrunch Chinese search engine giant Baidu have partnered with Softbank subsidiary SB Drive and manufacturer King Long to deploy a self-driving mini bus... 2 weeks
Watch Volkswagen's I.D.R race car demolish the Pikes Peak record - Roadshow
CNET Last week, VW's EV became the fastest car to race to the clouds. Today, newly released footage shows it in action. 2 weeks
ontario government ends electric and hydrogen vehicle incentive programs Ontario government ends electric and hydrogen vehicle incentive programs
CBC The Ontario government announced Wednesday that it has ended incentive programs for electric and hydrogen vehicles and electric... 5 days
Mophie expands Lightning battery lineup with four new MFi power banks
Canadian video debunking fake online health claims becomes viral hit
OnePlus 6 Red: Color so vibrant it’s hard to put into words [Video]
Report: Samsung to adopt Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S10, ‘high-end’ A-series, Note 10
Quick Review: Sensibo Sky smartens up your in-window air conditioner with web connected thermostat
BlackBerry Keyone gets an Android Oreo invite-only beta release
Review: Blackmagic eGPU – quiet, beautiful, and limited in scope [Video]
Nintendo Labo contest winners include a Zelda piano and a solar-powered accordion
Get unbelievably realistic sound & control your Mac’s audio w/ 30% off Boom 3D
Tetsuya Mizuguchi on the creation of puzzle classic Lumines and its new remaster
Google app 8.12 preps deprecating ‘Feed’ widget, Podcasts episode search [APK Insight]
Review: Google Podcasts puts simplicity over features [Video]
Apple’s new outdoor amphitheater and retail store in Milan, Italy set to open on July 26th
Useful iOS 12 Features You Might Not Know About
Live from the Goodwood Festival of Speed - Roadshow