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Behold, Uneeka! Uncovering A Hitherto-Forgotten Photograph Of The Only Living Lijagupard Ever To Be Exhibited In Britain...
THE ANOMALIST Yes, the good Doctor is just as excited as he sounds in this lengthy... 33 minutes
Star Wars star gets star: Mark Hamill makes Walk of Fame - CNET
CNET Luke Skywalker's come a long way from Tatooine.-- the actor who plays him will be honored on a famed L.A. landmark. 2 hours
astronomers reveal secrets of most distant supernova ever detected Astronomers Reveal Secrets of Most Distant Supernova Ever Detected
ASTRO WATCH An international team of astronomers, including researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, has confirmed the discovery of the... 3 hours
Record Breaker! Powerful Supernova Is Most Distant Ever Seen
SPACE.COM An extraordinarily powerful "hypernova" a whopping 10.5 billion light-years from Earth is the most distant star explosion ever observed, a new study reports. 6 hours
MTV Fires Teen Mom 2 Star Over Homophobic Tweets
CINEMA BLEND MTV has cut ties with one of Teen Mom 2's stars. 6 hours
Amateur astronomer captures rare first light from massive exploding star
SCIENCE DAILY First light from a supernova is hard to capture; no one can predict where and when a star will explode. An amateur astronomer has now captured on film... 7 hours
the droids of star wars might be more realistic than people think The droids of Star Wars might be more realistic than people think
THE VERGE VIDEO It’s probably not a stretch to say that the droids of Star Wars, like R2-D2 or C-3P0, are some of the most famous robots... 7 hours
Star Wars robots like R2-D2, C3PO could help you in real life - CNET
CNET VIDEO Scientists have looked into the feasibility of lovable droids like BB-8 and R2-D2, and find they're good for more than... 7 hours
Trends and fluctuations in the severity of interstate wars
Science Magazine Since 1945, there have been relatively few large interstate wars, especially compared to the preceding 30 years, which included both World Wars. This pattern, sometimes called the long peace, is... 8 hours
Bill Gates will flex his acting chops on The Big Bang Theory in March
Windows Central The Microsoft co-founder will guest star in an upcoming season 11 episode of CBS' The Big Bang Theory. CBS' The... 7 hours
Ashton Kutcher Reveals How He Handled His Divorce With Demi Moore
CINEMA BLEND The actor opens up about his divorce from his first wife. 8 hours
Amateur astronomer captures rare first light from massive exploding star
PHYS.ORG Thanks to lucky snapshots taken by an amateur astronomer in Argentina, scientists have obtained their first view of the initial burst of light from the explosion of a... 8 hours
Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Sound Designer Explains Moving On From The Wilhelm Scream
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi received both criticism... 10 hours
Why Solo: A Star Wars Story Can Have More Fun Than Other Star Wars Movies
CINEMA BLEND When Solo: A Star Wars Story... 10 hours
Chris McKay Is Being Eyed To Direct ‘Dungeons & Dragons’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It looks as if Paramount’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons‘ is moving forward as the studio is currently... 9 hours
sheets of scars and giant lip plates behind the scenes with black panther s makeup designer Sheets of scars and giant lip plates: behind the scenes with Black Panther’s makeup designer
THE VERGE Fans of genre film have probably... 9 hours
Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans Admits To Drug Use While Pregnant
CINEMA BLEND The reality TV star made the confession on a recent podcast appearance. 10 hours
Home Release Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Will Include 14 Deleted Scenes
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Disney and Lucasfilm are giving us an added treat when... 11 hours
alto s odyssey and the art of the perfect sequel Alto’s Odyssey and the art of the perfect sequel
THE VERGE Sequels are hard. For hit games, it’s even harder: following up something that was beloved by millions of... 11 hours
this is the tech that nfl players are excited about in 2018 This is the tech that NFL players are excited about in 2018
TechCrunch  With the NFL season now over, players finally have time to focus on their passions and side projects, which can be anything from an... 10 hours
a bizarre parkland conspiracy video topped youtube s trending list A bizarre Parkland conspiracy video topped YouTube’s trending list
THE VERGE YouTube’s number one trending video this morning was based on a false conspiracy theory suggesting a survivor of... 10 hours
Give your Amazon Echo or Dot a makeover for 30 percent off - CNET
CNET If Alexa isn't fitting well with your decor, wrap her in a lovely sleeve of Toast. Plus: return of the... 12 hours
Spatial structure of bound hole states in black phosphorous
PHYS.ORG NUS chemists have discovered that the bound states of "holes" (the absence of an electron which leads to a net positive charge) in black phosphorus changes from an extended ellipse... 13 hours
Unexplained: The Most Bizarre Star In The Universe
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO One star in the universe is causing something of a mystery as it is 1,280 light years away and growing dimmer. This is something that no one has been ... 16 hours
'Star Trek Online' Offers Custom 3D-Printed Starships
SPACE.COM "Star Trek Online" players can put a lot of time into choosing, outfitting and customizing their starships, and now that work can follow them into the real world — with hand-painted 3D- printed starships... 15 hours
Porsche is letting its diesel past die, killing it even - Roadshow
Apple files for updated Apple TV trademark potentially hinting at more advanced gaming capabilities
Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot teaser reveals an airdate
Adorable Full-Length Trailer for WB's New Panda IMAX Movie 'Pandas'
America's Pastor dies at 99
Mackenzie Davis in Official Trailer for 'Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town'
Bill Gates doesn't know how much Rice-A-Roni costs - CNET
Bill Gates doesn't know how much Rice-A-Roni costs - CNET
SpaceX satellite broadband test launch delayed to Thursday - CNET
Netflix 'Lost in Space' reboot teaser hints at disaster - CNET