PHYS.ORG As Amazon marked its "Prime Day" with price cuts across a range of products, founder and chief executive saw his net worth hit new peaks, increasing his lead over fellow billionaires. 4 weeks
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Bezos throws cash, engineers at rocket program as space race accelerates
REUTERS founder Jeff Bezos is racing to pull his private space company out of... 2 weeks
Amazon pays just $2.2M in tax in UK despite surge in profits
PHYS.ORG Amazon is facing criticism after its British tax bill fell despite a big jump in sales and profits. 2 weeks
Report: Jump in deliveries involving moms hooked on opioids
ABC NEWS Health officials seeing jump in opioid-using pregnant women coming to hospitals 6 days
Army's new 3-D printed shape-shifting soft robots crawl, jump, grab
PHYS.ORG VIDEO New 3-D printed robotic structures can squeeze in tight spaces like a crack in the wall of a cave, jump over trip wire or crawl under a vehicle—all... 7 days
To tame prescription prices, HHS dips a toe into drug importation stream
NEWS MEDICAL It came as something of a surprise when Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced that the administration was exploring the importation of... 2 weeks
Food prices for consumers in ethnic enclaves could explain difference in assimilation rates
SCIENCE DAILY Food prices in ethnic enclaves address questions on consumer behavior in the ethnically dense areas concentrated with businesses owned by immigrants of... 1 day
Trump administration sinks teeth into paring down drug prices, on 5 key points
NEWS MEDICAL Three months after President Donald Trump announced his blueprint to bring down drug prices, administration officials have begun putting some teeth behind... 5 days
NASA finds Amazon drought leaves long legacy of damage
PHYS.ORG A single season of drought in the Amazon rainforest can reduce the forest's carbon dioxide absorption for years after the rains return, according to a new study published in the... 5 days
Petrobras profits leap in second quarter on higher oil prices
PHYS.ORG Brazil's flagship oil company Petrobras announced sharply higher net profits for the second quarter of 10.072 billion reais ($2.7 billion) Friday, crediting higher crude prices for the improvement. 2 weeks
Amazon is no longer a Seattle company. Here's what that will mean for future workers and its second headquarters
PHYS.ORG Amazon isn't just a Seattle company anymore, and a visit... 2 days
Amazon welcomes first graduates of program to turn veterans into technologists
PHYS.ORG Mike Cooper and his four colleagues in Amazon's inaugural class of veterans-turned-technologists won't make a dent in the company's roughly 17,000 job openings. 5 days
helios wire sees a hidden fortune in finding lost assets Helios Wire sees a hidden fortune in finding lost assets
SPACE NEWS Helios Wire is preparing to launch its first satellite in October on a SpaceX Falcon 9... 6 days
Hearing Amazon's footsteps, Walgreens unveils new digital platform to connect patients to doctors
PHYS.ORG Walgreens has unveiled a new digital platform to connect customers to medical services, just weeks after its stock dove on news that... 2 weeks
Flat-pack homes and profit-sharing retrofits are making sustainable housing affordable
PHYS.ORG Wealth-generating, flat-pack solar houses and a profit-sharing scheme that incentivises retrofitting are bringing sustainable living to people who would otherwise not be able to afford it. 2 days
Saudis in talks to take Tesla private: Elon Musk
PHYS.ORG Tesla chief executive Elon Musk said Monday he was in talks with Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund and other investors to take the electric automaker private. 2 days
Satellite Sees Double When Snapping Solar Eclipse Pictures from Space
SPACE.COM A new image of a solar eclipse will have you seeing double. 12 hours
Want to work for Amazon? Now you can do it from home as company seeks 200 virtual workers
PHYS.ORG Want to work for Amazon without moving to Seattle—or its yet unnamed... 6 days
Caspian Sea nations to sign landmark deal
PHYS.ORG The leaders of the five states bordering the Caspian Sea meet in Kazakhstan on Sunday to sign a landmark deal on the inland sea which boasts a wealth of oil and gas reserves and... 3 days
US 'crypto-anarchist' sees 3D-printed guns as fundamental right
PHYS.ORG The US "crypto-anarchist" who caused panic this week by publishing online blueprints for 3D-printed firearms said Wednesday that whatever the outcome of a legal battle, he has already succeeded in his political... 2 weeks
NASA sees Hector's large eye after passing Hawaii
PHYS.ORG Hurricane Hector continued to move west through the Central Pacific Ocean when NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead and saw the storm's large eye that was a result of eyewall replacement. 6 days
Young salmon may leap to 'oust the louse'
SCIENCE DAILY A study by aquatic ecologists reveals that young salmon may jump out of water to remove sea lice. 2 days
NASA's GPM sees Tropical Storm Hector forming
PHYS.ORG Tropical storm Hector was forming in the eastern Pacific Ocean southwest of Mexico when the GPM core observatory satellite passed over on July 31. 2 weeks
NASA sees Debby transitioned into a tropical storm
PHYS.ORG NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Central Atlantic Ocean and looked at cloud top temperatures in Debby, revealing the storm had transitioned from subtropical to tropical. 7 days
Young salmon may leap to 'oust the louse'
PHYS.ORG A study by Simon Fraser University aquatic ecologists Emma Atkinson and John Reynolds reveals that young salmon may jump out of water to remove sea lice. 2 days
NASA sees the wind knocked out of Tropical Storm John
PHYS.ORG NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Eastern Pacific Ocean on Aug. 10 and found that Tropical Storm John had the "wind knocked out of it" as a result... 5 days
Troubled waters: Wealthy nations are responsible for almost all of trackable industrial fishing across the global oceans
SCIENCE DAILY As the global population booms, equitable access to healthy food sources is more important... 2 weeks
NASA sees wind shear affecting Tropical Storm Yagi
PHYS.ORG Tropical Storm Yagi was experiencing wind shear when NASA's Terra satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and analyzed the storm. 7 days
Wealthy nations responsible for almost all of trackable industrial fishing across the global oceans
PHYS.ORG As the global population booms, equitable access to healthy food sources is more important than ever. But, a study conducted... 2 weeks
Drug prices not always aligned with value, researchers say
SCIENCE DAILY In many countries, health care reimbursements for drugs are directly related to their value or net health benefits in treating disease. But a new study shows that's not the case... 1 week
NASA sees Tropical Depression Jongdari nearing China landfall
PHYS.ORG Tropical Depression Jongdari continued it crawl toward a landfall in China and NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of the disorganized depression. Warnings are in effect in China as Jongdari approaches. 2 weeks
Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to active combat zone
Space-based tracker to give scientists a beyond-bird's-eye-view of wildlife
Powerful new microscope reveals inner workings of human cells with unprecedented clarity
Ten reasons teachers can struggle to use technology in the classroom
There's a reason Siri, Alexa and AI are imagined as female – sexism
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions
Is there such a thing as an objectively 'bad' song?
From office windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel
High-speed cameras show MOMO-2 launch failure in unprecedented detail
Finding the happy medium of black holes
Wearable 'microbrewery' saves human body from radiation damage
Building more flexible barriers to save lives on country roads
How new fathers use social media to make sense of their roles
Anthropocene vs Meghalayan—why geologists are fighting over whether humans are a force of nature
World's fastest creature may also be one of the smallest