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Why is Facebook keen on robots? It's just the future of AI
PHYS.ORG Facebook is announcing several academic hires in artificial intelligence, including Carnegie Mellon researcher Jessica Hodgins, who's known for her work making animated figures move... 21 minutes
Facebook's adding to its AI college partnerships in London, Seattle and Pittsburgh - CNET
CNET The world's largest social network is bringing academics into its worldwide offices in an effort to attract artificial intelligence researchers. 37 minutes
Lab-grown meat could be in restaurants in 3 years (Update)
PHYS.ORG A Dutch company that presented the world's first lab-grown beef burger five years ago said Tuesday it has received funding to pursue its plans to make and sell... 21 minutes
Researchers enable transmission of specific colors of light over long distances
PHYS.ORG Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have reached a new milestone on the way to optical computing, or the use of light... 43 minutes
What psychological science can offer to reducing climate change
SCIENCE DAILY The consequences of climate change are immense, and believed by many experts to be largely irreversible (and exponential), causing threats coming from heat waves, flooding, declines in agriculture, and decreasing... 2 hours
New cost-effective instrument measures molecular dynamics on a picosecond timescale
PHYS.ORG Studying the photochemistry, or chemical results of light, has shown that ultraviolet radiation can set off harmful chemical reactions in the human body and, alternatively, can provide "photo-protection"... 2 hours
Immigrants and their children are more likely to be profiled for citizenship
PHYS.ORG Law enforcement official are most likely to ask first- or second-generation Latinos for papers proving their right to be in the US. This is... 3 hours
FDA plans to ease OTC approvals for some prescription drugs
ABC NEWS FDA wants to make it easier for some prescription drugs to be sold over the counter 3 hours
World's largest study on allergic rhinitis reveals new risk genes
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have presented the largest study so far on allergic rhinitis. The data of nearly 900,000 participants revealed loci in the human genome whose changes significantly increase the... 3 hours
humans are making wildfires worse but here s what we can do about it Humans are making wildfires worse, but here’s what we can do about it
THE VERGE Fires are raging across California in what’s been an early... 3 hours
The depths of the ocean and gut flora unravel the mystery of microbial genes
PHYS.ORG Understanding the functions of genes in bacteria that form part of the human microbiome—the collection of microbes found inside our... 4 hours
Dutch company gets funding to bring lab-grown meat to market
PHYS.ORG A Dutch company that presented the world's first lab-grown beef burger five years ago says it has received funding to pursue its plans to make and sell artificially... 3 hours
It Appears That The Roster For The ‘Birds Of Prey’ Movie Has Been Revealed
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It appears that the biggest mystery around Warner... 4 hours
Using driving simulation to understand driver complacency at passive rail level crossings
PHYS.ORG In a new Human Factors article, researchers have shown that a validated advanced driving simulator is an effective tool for examining risky behavior at... 3 hours
russian hackers used u s servers bitcoin financing mueller Russian hackers used U.S. servers, bitcoin financing: Mueller
CBC Details of Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election are spelled out in the indictment handed down last... 5 hours
microsoft and walmart team up to take on amazon Microsoft and Walmart team up to take on Amazon
THE VERGE Microsoft and Walmart are teaming up for a strategic partnership that will take on rival Amazon in both... 5 hours
Virgin Orbit plans rocket launches from UK airport - CNET
CNET The Virgin Galactic spinoff hopes to launch by 2021. 5 hours
Designer babies could be approved in future
Sky News Using technology to edit the genes of human embryos could be "morally permissible", according to a respected medical ethics panel. 5 hours
Team develops new generation of artificial neural networks able to predict properties of organic compounds
PHYS.ORG Scientists from Russia, Estonia and the United Kingdom have created a new method for predicting the bioconcentration factor... 7 hours
New machine learning framework predicts effects of genetic mutations in ‘dark matter’ regions
NEWS MEDICAL A new machine learning framework, dubbed ExPecto, can predict the effects of genetic mutations in the so-called "dark matter" regions of the... 9 hours
Rolls-Royce unveils hybrid flying taxi at Farnborough
PHYS.ORG British engine maker Rolls-Royce revealed plans this week to develop a hybrid electric vehicle, dubbed the "flying taxi", which takes off and lands vertically and could be airborne within five years. 9 hours
ClassPass is headed to Asia via an imminent launch in Singapore
TechCrunch U.S fitness startup ClassPass is headed to Asia after it announced plans to go live in Singapore, its first city in the continent. Four-year-old ClassPass allows its... 13 hours
Coinbase reportedly gets approval from U.S. regulators to start listing tokenized securities
TechCrunch Coinbase shared big news Monday that federal regulators are allowing the popular cryptocurrency exchange to proceed with plans to sell cryptocurrency tokens that are... 15 hours
Heritable genome editing: Action needed to secure responsible way forward
SCIENCE DAILY An independent inquiry has concluded that editing the DNA of a human embryo, sperm, or egg to influence the characteristics of a future person ('heritable genome editing') could... 16 hours
The artificial intelligence bot you make with a potato
BBC Smartibot is an artificial intelligence robot you can control from your smartphone. 18 hours
Mophie expands Lightning battery lineup with four new MFi power banks
Mophie expands Lightning battery lineup with four new MFi power banks
Mophie expands Lightning battery lineup with four new MFi power banks
GPM satellite sees Tropical Cyclone Son-Tinh dropping rain in the Philippines
Video » “Covert” Neurofeedback Tweaks Brain in ASD
Lucas Hedges & Nicole Kidman in Joel Edgerton's 'Boy Erased' Trailer
12-Million-Ton Iceberg Threatens Greenland Village
Making Alto’s Adventure free on Android helped it reach a whole new audience
Full Red Band Trailer for Crazy Awesome Indie 'Assassination Nation'
Full Red Band Trailer for Crazy Awesome Indie 'Assassination Nation'