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mophie launches new wireless charging kit designed for travel Mophie Launches New Wireless Charging Kit Designed for Travel
MacRumors Mophie today announced the launch of the Charge Stream Travel Kit, which is a wireless charging kit that's... 17 minutes
Response to Comment on "Plant diversity increases with the strength of negative density dependence at the global scale"
Science Magazine Hülsmann and Hartig suggest that ecological mechanisms other than specialized natural enemies... 58 minutes
Phylogenomics reveals multiple losses of nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiosis
Science Magazine The root nodule symbiosis of plants with nitrogen-fixing bacteria impacts global nitrogen cycles and food production but is restricted to a subset of genera within a single clade of flowering... 57 minutes
nasa to begin buying rides on commercial lunar landers by year s end NASA to begin buying rides on commercial lunar landers by year’s end
SPACE NEWS PASADENA — NASA intends to begin buying rides on small commercial lunar landers by the end of the year and start looking for miniature... 2 hours
40,000 people stare at the moon, set stargazing world record - CNET
CNET Hey, look, it's a moon. Australians stargazers sure know how to coordinate. 2 hours
NASA satellites provide a 3-way analysis of Tropical Cyclone Mekun
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Tropical Cyclone Mekunu, the second tropical cyclone in less than a week, formed in the western Arabian Sea early on May 22, 2018 and is moving toward a... 2 hours
google appears to be bringing chromecast s backdrop wallpapers to chrome new tab page Google appears to be bringing Chromecast’s ‘Backdrop’ wallpapers to Chrome ‘New Tab’ page
9to5Google If you’ve ever had a Chromecast, you’re probably familiar with... 2 hours
Using deep neural network acceleration for image analysis in drug discovery
PHYS.ORG High content screening of cellular phenotypes is a fundamental tool supporting early drug discovery. The term "high content" signifies the rich set of thousands of predefined... 7 hours
Pluto May Have Formed from 1 Billion Comets
SPACE.COM Pluto may have long ago coalesced from 1 billion or so comets, a new analysis of data from NASA's New Horizons mission and the European comet-orbiting Rosetta probe suggests. 9 hours
NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars Just Snagged Its 1st Drilled Samples Since 2016
SPACE.COM NASA's Mars rover Curiosity bored 2 inches (5 centimeters) into a rock on Sunday (May 20), grabbing powdered samples for the first... 9 hours
Self-consistency influences how we make decisions
SCIENCE DAILY When making decisions, our perception is influenced by judgments we have made in the past as a way of remaining consistent with ourselves, suggests new research. 16 hours
Why an upcoming appointment makes us less productive
SCIENCE DAILY You've got a full hour until your next meeting. But you probably won't make the most of that time, new research suggests. In a series of eight studies, both in the lab... 17 hours
Streams may emit more carbon dioxide in a warmer climate
SCIENCE DAILY Streams and rivers could pump carbon dioxide into the air at increasing rates if they continue to warm, potentially compounding the effects of global warming, a new worldwide... 23 hours
Early-life obesity impacts children's learning and memory, study suggests
SCIENCE DAILY A new study found that children on the threshold of obesity or overweight in the first two years of life had lower perceptual reasoning and working memory scores than lean... 24 hours
china s plan to land on the far side of the moon could be historic experts say China's plan to land on the far side of the moon could be historic, experts say
CBC ​China's ambition to soft-land... 1 day
Phosphorus, not nitrogen, limits plants and microbial primary producers following glacial retreat
Science Magazine Current models of ecosystem development hold that low nitrogen availability limits the earliest stages of primary succession, but these models were developed from studies... 1 day
Could deep brain stimulation help zap diabetes?
Science Magazine New study suggests that implanted devices could improve glucose metabolism 1 day
Streams may emit more carbon dioxide in a warmer climate
PHYS.ORG Streams and rivers could pump carbon dioxide into the air at increasing rates if they continue to warm, potentially compounding the effects of global warming, a new worldwide... 1 day
A first look at the earliest decisions that shape a human embryo
SCIENCE DAILY For the first time, scientists have shown that a small cluster of cells in the human embryo dictates the fate of other embryonic cells.... 1 day
Single-molecule analysis reveals the mechanism of transcription activation in M. tuberculosis
Science Magazine The subunit of bacterial RNA polymerase (RNAP) controls recognition of the –10 and –35 promoter elements during transcription initiation. Free adopts a "closed," or inactive, conformation... 1 day
Land rising above the sea 2.4 billion years ago changed planet Earth
PHYS.ORG Chemical signatures in shale, the Earth's most common sedimentary rock, point to a rapid rise of land above the ocean 2.4 billion years ago... 1 day
Medical News Today: Can bats 'tell us' when and where Ebola will strike next?
MNT A new study suggests that we may be able to predict exactly when and where Ebola will next break out... 1 day
Study highlights environmental cost of tearing down Vancouver's single-family homes
PHYS.ORG Rising property values in Vancouver have resulted in the demolition of an unprecedented number of single-family homes in recent years, many of which were replaced with the same... 1 day
Study offers new look at why our brains evolved to be so big
ABC NEWS A new study suggests our brains evolved to be so big largely to cope with the environmental demands our ancestors faced 1 day
Chunk of original Star Wars Death Star goes for sale on eBay - CNET
CNET That's no moon. 1 day
Have a stomach ache? Swallow a sensor
Hands on: New YouTube Music puts audio first as recomendations front & center [Gallery]
NASA satellites provide a 3-way analysis of Tropical Cyclone Mekun
Speaker manufacturer Leon details challenges of designing Apple Park’s audio system [Video]
BlackBerry Key2 teased in new video, shows off refreshed design and keyboard, dual-cameras
Mophie unveils new on-the-go wireless charging kit, includes car and hotel chargers
Video: Chameleons are masters of nanotechnology
Another Lovely Trailer for Mr. Rogers Doc 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?'
Second Teaser Trailer for Mystery 'A Simple Favor' with Anna Kendrick
Apple now discounting refurbished iMac Pros including upgraded 18-core models
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Spiral' About Anti-Semitism in France
Versions of Han Solo's blaster exist – and they're way more powerful than real lightsabers would be
How researchers are teaching AI to learn like a child
Science Magazine
Westworld’s digital marketing is giving fans sneak peeks at the show’s biggest secrets
LG V35 ThinQ leaks out in alleged live image, reported debut in June alongside LG X2 and X5