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SCIENCE DAILY Health workers and policymakers need to find ways to address poor air quality and lack of exercise among children in China so that children can be more physically active without suffering the health risks caused by exposure to air pollution. 6 days
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Air pollution exposure and sedentary lifestyle pose serious health threats to children in China
NEWS MEDICAL Children and adolescents in mainland China are facing two serious and conflicting public health threats: ongoing exposure to air pollution... 7 days
Impact of parent physical activity, sedentary behavior on their preschool children
SCIENCE DAILY Young children do follow in their parents' footsteps. Literally. That's the conclusion of researchers who found that in underserved populations, parents' physical activity -- and their... 1 week
AMPK enzyme plays vital role in enhancing muscle insulin sensitivity after physical activity
NEWS MEDICAL ampk Physical activity benefits diabetics and others with insulin resistance. One of the reasons is that a single bout of physical activity... 2 weeks
Physical activity reduces heart disease deaths for older adults
SCIENCE DAILY A new study examined whether regular leisure-time physical activity could reduce deaths from all causes, and whether it also could reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease. The researchers discovered that moderate-... 2 weeks
Study finds link between physical activity of parents and preschoolers from low-income families
NEWS MEDICAL Preschool-age children from low-income families are more likely to be physically active if parents increase activity and reduce sedentary behavior while wearing... 1 week
Researcher probes the future of transportation in China
PHYS.ORG Some policy analysts worry that if per capita wealth in China continues to escalate and approaches that of the United States, automobile ownership could quadruple. The likely consequences: extreme traffic congestion and... 2 weeks
'Weekend warriors' have lower risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease
SCIENCE DAILY Physical activity patterns characterized by just one or two sessions a week may be enough to reduce deaths in men and women from all causes, cardiovascular... 1 week
Oslo temporarily bars diesel cars to combat pollution
PHYS.ORG Oslo will ban diesel cars from the road for at least two days this week in a bid to combat rising air pollution, angering some motorists after they were urged to buy... 1 day
[Editors' Choice] A weighty problem
Science Magazine Altered dopamine signaling in obesity might decrease physical activity without contributing to weight gain. 6 days
Where does heavy air pollution in Beijing originate?
PHYS.ORG Beijing's latest smog alert has dragged on into the first week of 2017. The joint prevention and control policy for atmospheric pollution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region was announced after the heavy haze... 1 week
Physical activity linked to decreased risk of heart disease and death from all causes in older adults
NEWS MEDICAL Being physically inactive--sitting for long periods of time--can be so harmful to your health... 2 weeks
Air polluters more likely to locate near downwind state borders
PHYS.ORG Indiana University research reveals a pattern of companies strategically locating facilities where wind will carry pollution across state lines. 9 hours
Why does a bit of snow plunge Britain into transport chaos?
PHYS.ORG A couple of times a year, the UK is presented with the competing emotions of seeing children bouncing off the walls with excitement and the dread... 1 day
Medical News Today: Just 20 minutes of exercise enough to reduce inflammation, study finds
MNT New research suggests that a short session of moderate physical activity can reduce inflammation by activating a response at the... 2 days
Medical News Today: Is weekend exercise just as good as being active every day?
MNT A new study looks at different exercise patterns to see if 'weekend warriors' still get all the health benefits of... 1 week
Yoga during active treatment can provide QOL benefits for pediatric cancer patients and parents
NEWS MEDICAL A yoga program for children with cancer can be carried out even during cancer treatment, and has quality of life... 2 weeks
A breath of fresh air: Improving zinc-air batteries
SCIENCE DAILY A three-layer nanoparticle catalysts improve zinc-air batteries, report scientists. 3 days
US gov't accuses Fiat Chrysler of cheating on emissions
PHYS.ORG The U.S. government is accusing Fiat Chrysler of failing to disclose software in some of its pickups and SUVs with diesel engines that allows them to emit more pollution than... 5 days
China aircraft carrier capabilities tested on latest mission
PHYS.ORG China's sole aircraft carrier has returned home following a far-ranging three-week training mission during which its combat capabilities were closely scrutinized and speculation soared over what future role the flat-top will play... 4 days
App stores must register with state: China
PHYS.ORG App stores in China must register with the state from Monday, a government statement said, as China tightens its control over the internet. 10 hours
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