TechCrunch So… apparently there’s been another kerfuffle on the Twitter about some asinine things that a certain wealthy, rocket-building, payment-revolutionizing, electric vehicle company-creating entrepreneur has written in tweets to millions of followers. This billionaire is, by all accounts, incredibly difficult to work for, very visionary and … a bit thin-skinned for someone with such a habit […] 1 month
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The SEC wants Tesla to explain Elon’s 420 tweet
TechCrunch Elon Musk, billionaire founder of Tesla, startled the Twittersphere yesterday by announcing he wanted to take the company private at the price of $420 per share. The tweet sent the stock... 7 days
The DNC’s lawyers subpoena WikiLeaks with a tweet
TechCrunch In a very unusual move, WikiLeaks has been subpoenaed via Twitter. In a tweet on Friday, a law firm representing the Democratic National Convention in its civil lawsuit against WikiLeaks and other... 2 days
GM likely next to hit EV tax credit cap - Roadshow
CNET Better scoop up that Bolt EV if you think you qualify for the full $7,500. 1 week
apple partners with akamai etsy and swiss re for renewable energy projects in illinois and virginia Apple Partners With Akamai, Etsy, and Swiss Re for Renewable Energy Projects in Illinois and Virginia
MacRumors Apple is partnering up... 1 week
rocket lab is planning back to back missions for the holiday season Rocket Lab is planning back-to-back missions for the holiday season
THE VERGE US spaceflight startup Rocket Lab is rescheduling its first commercial rocket launch once again. The company... 1 week
AMC's Stubs A-List is what MoviePass could've been - CNET
CNET Commentary: Less than a month on the A-List and I'm smitten. 1 week
Tech billionaire Henry Nicholas facing drug counts in Vegas
ABC NEWS Tech billionaire and advocate of crime victims Henry T. Nicholas III is facing drug counts in Las Vegas 5 days
AMC Stubs A-list is what MoviePass could've been - CNET
CNET Commentary: Less than a month on the A-list and I'm smitten. 1 week
With no white knight in sight, Tesla shares plummet from Musk’s tweet-related highs
TechCrunch Investors definitely aren’t stoked by the deafening silence coming from Tesla after its chief executive announced in a tweet that he plans to... 5 days
Tinder's founders and former boss sue dating app owners
BBC Tinder's owners are accused of undervaluing it, cheating executives out of shares worth billions. 15 hours
Things you'll like (and dislike) about Black Ops 4
Windows Central As the closed beta of the next Call of Duty game is about to begin on PC and Xbox, here are some of the good (and the not so good)... 5 days
MallforAfrica goes global, Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC, France explains its $76M fund
TechCrunch Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More... 2 weeks
Star Wars 9 director J.J. Abrams starting to tweet is a brave move - CNET
CNET Commentary: The director has sent his first tweet. Now that he's getting active on social media, will he... 2 weeks
Surprise, no one buys things via Alexa
TechCrunch Some numbers published in a report from The Information reveal that very few owners of Alexa-powered devices use them for shopping. Of about 50 million Alexa users, only about 100,000 reportedly bought something via... 1 week
apple responds to u s house committee on energy and commerce the customer is not our product Apple Responds to U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce: 'The Customer is Not Our Product'
MacRumors Last month, the U.S.... 1 week
this tweet contains an entirely playable retro style arcade game This tweet contains an entirely playable, retro-style arcade game
THE VERGE A 280-character tweet might not seem like a lot of space, but if you’re crafty enough, it’s actually... 2 weeks
Watch SpaceX’s Falcon 9 ‘Block 5’ rocket take its first re-flight
TechCrunch SpaceX is sending of one of newest Falcon 9 rockets back into space for the second time this early morning U.S. time. The Falcon 9 ‘Block 5’... 1 week
fossil s latest smartwatches have google pay heart rate tracking and gps Fossil’s latest smartwatches have Google Pay, heart-rate tracking, and GPS
THE VERGE Fossil’s smartwatches have always eschewed features for simplicity and affordability. They put Google’s Wear OS software... 1 week
WATCH: Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully re-launches rocket
ABC NEWS The rocket carried the Merah Putih satellite into orbit, which will provide internet and phone services across Indonesia and Southeast Asia, according to SpaceX. 1 week
New material design stores energy like an eagle
TechCrunch Auxetics are materials that store energy internally rather than bulging out. In this way they can store more energy when squeezed or struck and disperse it more regularly. Historically, however, these materials... 5 days
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket set to launch over 70 satellites at once - CNET
CNET My god, it's full of satellites. A SpaceX rocket will act like an Uber and ride share a whole lot... 1 week
blackberry key2 le breaks cover in new image specs revealed w snapdragon 636 BlackBerry Key2 LE breaks cover in new image, specs revealed w/ Snapdragon 636
9to5Google BlackBerry’s Android smartphones aren’t exactly mainstream devices, but the company... 5 days
AI training and social network content moderation services bring TaskUs a $250 million windfall
TechCrunch TaskUs, the business process outsourcing service that moderates content, annotates information and handles back office customer support for some of... 6 days
The Latest: Report-SEC probing Musk's Tesla-buyout tweet
ABC NEWS Report: SEC opens inquiry into Musk's tweet about taking Tesla private 7 days
later this year a spacex falcon 9 rocket will launch its biggest batch of satellites yet Later this year, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch its biggest batch of satellites yet
THE VERGE Later this year, a... 1 week
Saudi billionaire takes stake in Snap
BBC Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has invested $250m (£194m) in the social messaging service. 7 days
the fcc lied to congress about an alleged cyberattack and didn t come clean until now The FCC lied to Congress about an alleged cyberattack and didn’t come clean until now
THE VERGE It’s been over a year since... 7 days
WeWork’s HQ product aims to better accommodate mid-sized companies
TechCrunch WeWork recently announced a new office space solution called “HQ by WeWork” to provide mid-sized companies the privacy, flexibility, customization and cost-efficiency they need without making a long term brick-and-mortar commitment.... 6 days
Get a lifetime subscription to SERPStash, a powerful SEO tool, for just $29
Windows Central Companies that live online are all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Major search engines have a certain ranking formula, and if your... 7 days
PSA: Automatic cross-posting of tweets to Facebook no longer works as of today
TechCrunch You can no longer automatically cross-post your tweets to Facebook. Twitter announced today that functionality is now coming to an end, and... 2 weeks
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Nvidia teaser suggests ‘RTX 2080’ GPU is launching next week
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Back to the Mac 010: Dual eGPUs!
Evangeline Lilly wanted to play Leia in Star Wars trilogy - CNET
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tidbits: Where to pre-order, camera flaw detection, cooling system
Android 9 Pie causing fast charging issues for many Google Pixel XL (2016) owners
Best affordable Android phones you can buy [August 2018]
Best Android phones you can buy [August 2018]
Using Apple Watch running cadence and pace alerts in watchOS 5
Google may deliver Windows 10 dual-boot support on multiple Chromebooks w/ ‘Campfire’
Alphabet Scoop 019: Android 9 Pie released, more Pixel 3 leaks, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, more
Vergecast: hands-on with the Magic Leap, Galaxy Note 9, and Android Pie
The BlacKkKlansman team previously made the daring Chi-Raq, now streaming on Amazon
Google Pixel 3 XL leak reveals 6.7-inch display, confirms battery and camera specs [Video]