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Formation of artificial cells with a skeletal support reinforcement to withstand application realized
PHYS.ORG A research group of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University and Tohoku University have successfully developed... 3 hours
how to train your drugs from nanotherapeutics to nanobots How to train your drugs: from nanotherapeutics to nanobots
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Nanotechnology is creating new opportunities for fighting disease – from delivering drugs in smart packaging to nanobots powered by the world's tiniest engines. 12 hours
Novel Nanopsis technology quadruples magnification power of regular optical microscope
NEWS MEDICAL A British nanotech invention has revolutionized the humble optical microscope by quadrupling its magnification power to a level far beyond what could previously be achieved with visible light. 3 days
New technique to produce more durable and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries
PHYS.ORG Lithium-ion batteries are used to power many things from mobile phones, laptops, tablets to electric cars. But they have some drawbacks, including limited energy storage, low... 3 days
Switchable DNA mini-machines store information
SCIENCE DAILY Biomedical engineers have built simple machines out of DNA, consisting of arrays whose units switch reversibly between two different shapes. The arrays' inventors say they could be harnessed to make nanotech sensors or amplifiers. Potentially, they could be... 4 days
Chemists create 3-D printed graphene foam
SCIENCE DAILY Nanotechnologists have used 3-D laser printing to create centimeter-sized objects of graphene foam, a 3-D version of atomically thin graphene. The research could yield industrially useful quantities of bulk graphene. 5 days
Chemists create 3-D printed graphene foam
PHYS.ORG Nanotechnologists from Rice University and China's Tianjin University have used 3-D laser printing to fabricate centimeter-sized objects of atomically thin graphene. 5 days
British scientists invent nanotech microscope
Sky News Nanotechnology developed in the UK could completely revolutionise the optical microscope by quadrupling its magnification capabilities. 6 days
Emphasis on nanotechnology, pharmaceutical science, forensics, food safety and bioanalytical for Pittcon's annual call for papers
NEWS MEDICAL The Program Committee is pleased to announce the call for papers for the Pittcon 2018 Technical... 6 days
Using photoluminescent nanorods as ultimate probes of fluid flow
PHYS.ORG A Franco-Dutch international collaboration involving researchers from the laboratories of Condensed Matter Physics and Hydrodynamics at Paris-Saclay University and the Van't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences at the University of... 6 days
Humanity are doomed
How to train your drugs: from nanotherapeutics to nanobots