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Colossal (2017) TRAILER
anne hathaway controls a giant monster in the trailer for colossal Anne Hathaway controls a giant monster in the trailer for Colossal
THE VERGE VIDEO We’ve already seen movies like Godzilla and Pacific Rim where monsters wreak untold havoc... 1 day
comedy central adds blue alien to late night with the gorburger show Comedy Central Adds Blue Alien to Late-Night with The Gorburger Show
GIZMODO The latest comedy icon to join late-night isn’t Jessica Williams or Desus & Mero,... 6 days
viruses may be responsible for life as we know it Viruses May Be Responsible For Life As We Know It
GIZMODO You probably know viruses as the demons behind your nasty cold, the not-quite-living monsters that infiltrate... 1 week
kong skull island japanese trailer is pretty awesome Kong: Skull Island Japanese trailer is pretty awesome
SCI FI NOW VIDEO The Japanese Kong: Skull Island trailer goes big on monsters 1 week
[In Depth] Observations hint at a new recipe for giant black holes
Science Magazine Astronomers have glimpsed a new solution to a long-standing puzzle: how black holes could have grown fast enough to explain the monsters a billion... 1 week
An Interview With Dr. Karl Shuker - The Curious Fortean
THE ANOMALIST If you have ever wondered what the man behind Shuker Nature and all those wonderful books is all about, you'll enjoy this interview by The Reverend Matt Cook... 1 week
The Strange Case of the Minnesota Iceman - Scientific American
THE ANOMALIST British vertebrate palaeontologist and science writer Darren Naish offers an excerpt from his new book Hunting Monsters on the story of the Minnesota Iceman. Unfortunately, by his own... 1 week
‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ May Feature Returning Stars… And Karl Urban?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For some time now, we’ve known that we’ll be seeing plenty of new faces entering the... 2 weeks
13 ancient mysteries unlocked by modern science - CNET
CNET Researchers and their high-tech tools shine the light of science on fossilized monsters, deadly diseases, footprints from the deep past and a silk dress that defied the sea. 2 weeks
7,400-Year-Old Footprints of 'Legendary Monsters' Just Changed Tibet's History
DISCLOSE.TV For many years, a cluster of closely spaced hands and footprints imprinted in limestone in a mountain region of Tibet north of Lhasa approximately 14,000 feet above sea level have... 2 weeks
Face challenging monsters and stiff odds in retro RPG Quest of Dungeons for Xbox One
Windows Central Every weekend, Windows Central livestreams an Xbox One or Steam game for 1-2 hours and gives out free... 2 weeks
Cerevo Taclim VR Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
CNET Cerevo's Taclim VR shoes and gloves let you kick and punch your way through virtual monsters. 2 weeks
Marvel Is Already Teasing Its Next Big Comic Event
GIZMODO Strap yourselves in, folks. Civil War II may have barely just ended, Inhumans vs. X-Men may have only just begun, and Monsters Unleashed might be on the way, but Marvel... 2 weeks
Mass Effect: Andromeda footage shows new weapons, aliens, and planets
THE VERGE It’s been a big day for Mass Effect fans. Not only do we now have a release date for the next game in the sci-fi series — Mass... 2 weeks
Pokémon Snap is coming to the Wii U tomorrow
THE VERGE Don’t put away your Wii U just yet: Nintendo 64 cult classic Pokémon Snap is coming to the console. The game will be available to download through Nintendo’s virtual console... 2 weeks
Ted Holiday and the LNIB Hunting Irish Monsters (video) - Loch Ness Monster
THE ANOMALIST As 2016 has wound down and the new year has begun, we present our readers with a bit of nostalgia. This 1969... 2 weeks
Trollhunters review: Does Del Toro deliver?
SCI FI NOW Monsters get animated in Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters 3 weeks
Everything you need to know about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Windows Central 20 years ago, Capcom unleashed a terrifying franchise upon the world. 2017 sees its return in a more photorealistic and terrifying way than ever. Resident Evil is Capcom's... 3 weeks
Hack and Slash your way to victory with Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Windows Central Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a role-playing game that sends you to Greece, Egypt and Asia to play out an epic battle of good... 3 weeks
Rivals: Ford Mustang GT350R vs. Dodge Viper ACR vs. Porsche GT3 RS video - Roadshow
CNET We've got gobs of horspower, tons of torque and plenty of burnt rubber. Three track monsters go at... 4 weeks
Final Fantasy XV Hunters Guide: Protect the people, Kill the monsters
Windows Central Hunting is a great way to help out local residents, and earn yourself some extra gil and XP along the way. Unlike many other Final Fantasy... 1 month
Why A Monster Calls’ Director Isn't Concerned About His Creature Being Compared To Groot
CINEMA BLEND It seems tree monsters have weirdly become a significant thing in Hollywood all of a sudden. 1 month
Donald Trump's 16 Letters To 'Mad Alex' Salmond About Wind Turbine 'Monsters' In Scotland Revealed By FOI
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump spent years attempting to persuade the Scottish Government to halt plans to... 1 month
Donald Trump's 16 Obsessive Letters To 'Mad Alex' Salmond About Wind Turbine 'Monsters' In Scotland Revealed By FOI
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump spent years attempting to persuade the Scottish Government to halt... 1 month
Godzilla 2 and Pacific Rim: Maelstrom Now Have New Titles
GIZMODO They are Godzilla: King of Monsters and Pacific Rim: Uprising, respectively. But while Pacific Rim: I Bet They’ll Change This Again’s new title is a bit boring, there’s some delightful backstory to... 1 month
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition hits Windows Store to turn you into a hero
Windows Central Titan Quest has turned 10 years old and to celebrate THQ released an anniversary edition of the popular adventure title for Windows... 1 month
In Photos: How Ancient Sharks and 'Sea Monsters' Inspired Mayan Myths
LIVE SCIENCE Sharks, both real and imagined, had an important place in the mythology of the ancient Maya. 1 month
Stan Against Evil Season Two confirmed by IFC for more McGinley v monsters
SCI FI NOW John C McGinley's demon-slaying comedy series is renewed 1 month
Review: 'Rogue One' is an Exciting First Step into a Larger Universe
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Directed by Gareth Edwards (of Monsters and Godzilla), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first in a new series of Star Wars... 1 month
Dungeons & Dragons’ Gradual Shift Away From Monster Boobs
GIZMODO Dungeons & Dragons has historically used attractive monsters, and especially of the female persuasion, to appeal to potential players. Busty demons and lithe wood maidens populated its source material, namely... 1 month
Pokémon Go is finally getting new pokémon today
THE VERGE Starting today Pokémon Go players will have to do some more work to catch ‘em all. Developer Niantic has announced that a slate of new pocket monsters are now available in the... 1 month
NDE During Surgery? - Phantoms and Monsters
THE ANOMALIST This report is based on second hand information but is nonetheless wholly intriguing. We seem to be hearing of more NDEs that take place in environments designed to feel familiar or safe to the... 1 month
More Pokemon Are On The Way For Pokemon Go
CINEMA BLEND Niantic Labs had been long-rumored to be adding new Pokemon to the line-up of catachable pocket monsters in Pokemon Go. Well, it appears as if the rumors are true and... 1 month
Pokémon Go teaming up w/ Sprint before expected Starbucks promotion, new monsters coming soon [U]
9to5Mac [UPDATE 12/8: Starbucks is now official.] Pokémon Go is teaming up with Sprint to turn businesses into PokéStops... 1 month
Pokemon Go to partner with Sprint, introduce new monsters video - CNET
CNET Game developer Niantic has struck a deal with Sprint that will turn its stores into PokeStops and gyms. Also, new Pokemon will arrive Monday. 2 months
Pokémon Go teaming up w/ Sprint before expected Starbucks promotion, new monsters coming soon
9to5Mac Pokémon Go is teaming up with Sprint to turn businesses into PokéStops and Gyms as part of Niantic’s latest move... 2 months
Pokémon Go teaming up w/ Sprint before expected Starbucks promotion, new monsters coming soon
9to5Google Pokémon Go is teaming up with Sprint to turn businesses into PokéStops and Gyms as part of Niantic’s latest move... 2 months
Pokemon Go gets new Pokemon as Sprint stores become hubs - CNET
CNET Niantic says it will begin releasing new digital monsters on December 12, while Sprint stores will become PokeStops and Gyms. 2 months
Dracula Untold is not part of the Universal Monsters universe
SCI FI NOW Alex Kurtzman confirms the status of Dracula Untold and talks The Mummy's tone 2 months
How Tom Cruise's The Mummy will launch a Marvel-like reboot of the Universal Monsters
THE VERGE In the age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every studio wants a behemoth self-referential franchise to call its own. Last... 2 months
Alex Kurtzman Talks About ‘The Mummy’ And Confirms ‘Dracula Untold’ Isn’t Part Of The Universal Monster Reboot
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the full trailer for ‘The Mummy‘ having just dropped, Alex Kurtzman is full... 2 months
How The Mummy Will Kick Off the New Universal Monsters Universe
GIZMODO “Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters.” That’s the tagline for The Mummy, the 2017 Tom Cruise movie which just released its first trailer, and the statement is... 2 months
First 'The Mummy' Featurette Introduces the New World of Monsters
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "We owe the audience a monster movie." In addition to the first teaser trailer premiering over the weekend, Universal has revealed a new behind-the-scenes featurette for Alex Kurtzman's... 2 months
The Mummy trailer is Tom Cruise vs monsters
SCI FI NOW The apocalyptic first trailer for The Mummy is here 2 months
Watch: First Full Trailer for 'The Mummy' Reboot Starring Tom Cruise
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "I saw her... She is real." Universal has debuted the first official trailer for the new 2017 version of The Mummy, this time starring Tom Cruise... 2 months
The First Mummy Trailer Looks Like Mission Impossible With Monsters 
GIZMODO Despite what it may look like at the start, this is not a trailer for Mission: Impossible 6. Sure, there’s Tom Cruise, on a plane, in the middle... 2 months
Why Japan's Godzilla Is So Much Better Than America's Godzilla
GIZMODO Godzilla isn’t just a Kaiju that’s the king of the monsters. Godzilla doesn’t just spend its time mindlessly destroying the world with its atomic breath in brain-numbing American remakes that no one... 2 months
Tom Cruise’s The Mummy Trailer Teases Gods, Monsters And Scares
CINEMA BLEND A new trailer for The Mummy has just hit the web, and it promises a ton of supernatural horror and action. Check it out! 2 months
Tom Cruise Assures You Mummies Are Real in the First Footage From The Mummy
GIZMODO Universal’s latest reboot of its classic monsters involves Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, and Russell Crowe’s hilarious haircut facing a vengeful... 2 months
Matt Damon Vs. Chinese Monsters Movie The Great Wall Gets an Appropriately Epic New Trailer
GIZMODO The new international trailer for Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall runs nine minutes and has no subtitles, so unless you’re... 2 months
Legions of Squishy Sea Things Wash Up on Sea Shore
GIZMODO Legions of mysterious jelly-like creatures washed up on a California beach Monday and Tuesday, prompting speculation from locals. “Baby tremor monsters?” guessed a member of the Huntington Beach... 2 months
Food and photos: the simple things that connect you to Final Fantasy XV
THE VERGE Final Fantasy XV’s world is a fantastical place filled with magic-powered robots, flying cars, towering monsters, and powerful weapons locked away in... 2 months
How to find and use a Ditto in Pokemon Go - CNET
CNET One of the most talked-about pocket monsters is now catchable. Here's what you need to know. 2 months
Paul W.S. Anderson Will Move From Zombies To Monsters In ‘Monster Hunter’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With his work on the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise done, one might wonder what Paul W.S. Anderson will be up to next. You needn’t wonder... 2 months
'...It Stared Back At Me' - Phantoms and Monsters
THE ANOMALIST What's creepier than shadow people? Making eye contact with these entities. Lon Strickler is going to scare the dickens out of you with this spooktastic encounter. We'd like to suggest... 2 months
CINEMA BLEND Based on the classic 1980's video game featuring apes and monsters destroying cities. 2 months
Monster Trucks, a Film About Monsters Who Are Also Trucks, Looks Damn Goofy
GIZMODO This movie is a bad pun come to life. See, it’s a monster truck, where there’s a monster in the truck... get... 2 months
The latest trailer for Kong: Skull Island shows off a wonderful, monstrous world
THE VERGE When the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island premiered at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer, it looked as though it came... 2 months
Sesame Street Wants to Spread the Word About Monsters on Twitter
GIZMODO Monsters probably outnumber everyone else on Twitter at this point, Sesame Street.Read more... 2 months
Legends of the Mapinguari
FREAK LORE These menacing monsters have roamed the jungles of Brazil. Their origination is from tribal lore. There are eyewitness reports of these creatures known as Mapinguari (pronounced ma-ping-wahr-EE).... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links,... 2 months
Huge 'sea monster' fossil found in Antarctica
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Palaeontologists have unearthed the fossil remains of a gigantic Cretaceous-era ocean predator. Sea monsters might be the stuff of myths and legends t... 2 months
New ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Image Offers First Look At Kong
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Last year, we learned that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures would be teaming up to bring us a brand new King Kong film titled ‘Kong: Skull Island’ along with... 2 months
A Curious Kid Uncovers a Bone-Chilling Truth In Scifi Short Monsters
GIZMODO On her 10th birthday, a curious girl sneaks out of the bunker where she’s spent her entire life, intent on seeing the fearsome creatures that she’s... 2 months
A New Pokemon Go Tracker Is Now Available In More Places
CINEMA BLEND Months after Pokemon Go's initial launch, the team at Niantic is still trying to optimize the popular mobile game's "Nearby" feature, which lets you more easily... 2 months
100 new Pokemon Go monsters could be hatchin' for your catchin' - CNET
CNET The rumored second generation of Pokemon Go creatures could emerge sooner rather than later, according to this gaming site. 3 months
These are Gwent: The Witcher Card Game's starting leaders and their abilities
Windows Central What cards do Gwent factions start with and what are their abilities? Each Gwent faction starts with one leader, with two others available for... 3 months
Destination Nowhere: Mysterious Travelers Who Vanished Into Thin Air - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We would be hard pressed to think of something more horrifying than going on vacation with a loved one only to return days later... 3 months
New Signs Of Siberia's Nessie? A Dark Creature In The Lake And Broken Fishing Nets - Siberian Times
THE ANOMALIST It's one thing to be sent to Siberia and quite another to... 3 months
New Races, Monsters, and Lore Come to Dungeons & Dragons 
SFF WORLD A new companion guide to the popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons is coming out this month. Volo’s Guide to Monsters is a companion guide to D&D, set... 3 months
Why Pixar Released A Monsters, Inc. Prequel Instead Of A Sequel
CINEMA BLEND In 2013, Pixar opted to release Monsters University, a prequel to 2001's Monsters, Inc. Here's the reason why they didn't go the sequel route. 3 months
Lake Winnipegosis and a Monster - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Add this to your bucket list of must see lake monsters--a serpent-like creature spotted in the early 1900s in Lake Winnipegosis. That's in Manitoba, Canada, for those readers planning their travel itinerary.... 3 months
The Entrance to the Real-Life ‘Upside Down’ is Hidden Inside the Paranormally-Active Hoia Baciu Forest
WEEK IN WEIRD In Netflix’ hit series Stranger Things, a small town is forced to endure the paranormal when a local... 3 months
Talking Shadow Man - Phantoms and Monsters
THE ANOMALIST If you're not already popping Xanax like M&M's over Halloween, Lon Strickler's going to make you an addict with the spookiest story this side of Spookopolis, Spookasota. This may be the first shadowperson encounter... 3 months
Writer David Koepp Reveals ‘The Bride Of Frankenstein’ Will Be A Female Liberation Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With Universal Monsters relaunching all of their franchises we’ve just found out a bit of what writer David Koepp (‘Indiana... 3 months
The New Bride of Frankenstein Will Add a Feminist Spin to the Classic Monster Story
GIZMODO Next year, Tom Cruise’s The Mummy will kick off Universal’s grand plan for a multiverse that connects its... 3 months
Avimimus Dinosaurs were Gregarious, Social Creatures, Paleontologists Say
SCI-NEWS.COM Dozens of fossils from a bird-like theropod dinosaur known as Avimimus have been unearthed in a single bonebed in Mongolia, providing strong evidence that they were gregarious, social beings. “The common mythology... 3 months
Bigfoot Wouldn’t Shut Up During Our Camping Trip - New York Post
THE ANOMALIST We love camping. We especially love camping when a long sought after cryptid puts in an appearance. That's why we always keep the car... 3 months