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the telecom industry is already celebrating trump s business friendly fcc pick The telecom industry is already celebrating Trump’s business-friendly FCC pick
THE VERGE Industry groups are already celebrating the appointment of Ajit Pai as chairman of the Federal Communications... 11 hours
The Women’s March also should be a wake up call for the tech industry on diversity issues
TechCrunch  Discussions around... 15 hours
samsung will continue using the galaxy note brand going forward Samsung will continue using the Galaxy Note brand going forward
THE VERGE Samsung has confirmed that despite the battery life issues and subsequent recall that plagued the Galaxy... 19 hours
Trends in Israel’s cybersecurity investments
TechCrunch  While global investment in cybersecurity startups may have shown signs of slowing in 2016, Israel – second only to the U.S. market – remained strong and... 20 hours
Ethics — the next frontier for artificial intelligence
TechCrunch  With one foot in its science fiction past and the other in the new frontier of science and tech innovations,... 2 days
Opinion: Will the ‘OnePlus 4’ be able to stand out in the saturated & evolving smartphone market?
9to5Google 2017 is... 4 days
an inconvenient sequel is a superhero movie about a sad al gore An Inconvenient Sequel is a superhero movie about a sad Al Gore
THE VERGE Al Gore didn't invent the internet, but going solely off his latest film, viewers might assume he singlehandedly launched the modern fight against climate... 4 days
FoxNext and Chris Milk’s Within partner for ‘Planet of the Apes’ AR/VR experience
TechCrunch  Slowly but surely huge entertainment companies are throwing major resources into virtual reality... 5 days
Retro Patents turns famous inventions into art you can buy
TechCrunch  A fun little side project-cum-startup from two of the founders of Soundwave, the social music company... 5 days
Salesforce opens engineering office in Microsoft’s and Amazon’s backyards
TechCrunch  Salesforce announced today that it plans to open an engineering and innovation hub in the Seattle area, greatly expanding its... 6 days
Swift creator Chris Lattner talks developer tools and career after recent jump from Apple to Tesla
9to5Mac Swift creator and ex-head... 6 days
stanford announces new program to discover innovative uses for apple watch in healthcare Stanford Announces New Program to Discover 'Innovative Uses' for Apple Watch in Healthcare
MacRumors Stanford University has opened up submissions to faculty members for... 6 days
wanted an amazon fridge that automatically reorders food Wanted: An Amazon fridge that automatically reorders food
THE VERGE VIDEO I'd like to make a prediction: the refrigerator will soon be the hub for the smart urban home. Yeah, I... 6 days
WATCH: Stanford Research Team Creates Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries
ABC NEWS The new invention adds flame retardants to existing battery technology. 1 week
Clothing maker Scott Jordan talks about the future of fashion
TechCrunch  Scott Jordan never meant to make clothes. He was a lawyer by trade and wanted something... 1 week
amazon is seeking fcc permission to conduct wireless technology tests Amazon is seeking FCC permission to conduct wireless technology tests
THE VERGE Last week, Amazon.com filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission, seeking permission to run experiments... 1 week
Innovation under the hood will rev the engines of a fintech revolution
TechCrunch  New consumer-facing financial applications are being built on top of old banking infrastructure, while other startups are going around financial infrastructure altogether. Together, they... 1 week
ITC protection of IP necessary for continued innovation
TechCrunch  The genius and creativity of American scientists and inventors has long kept the United States at the forefront of innovation... 2 weeks
Best Platformers for Xbox One
Windows Central Take your Xbox One to another level with these platformers! From retro 8-bit classics to the latest indie releases - platformers are one of the biggest genres in video game history. With an established presence on the Xbox... 2 weeks
Marissa Mayer, Sebastian Thrun, and Troy Carter to present awards at 10th Annual Crunchies
TechCrunch  Each year, the startup community comes together in... 2 weeks
Media blog Techdirt fights for its life in frivolous lawsuit
TechCrunch  Techdirt, a blog about the intersections of law, media, and technology, is fighting a defamation suit... 2 weeks
peter thiel confirms the age of apple is over but says it s not tim cook s fault Peter Thiel 'Confirms' the 'Age of Apple is Over,' But Says It's Not Tim Cook's Fault
MacRumors In a "Confirm or... 2 weeks
Opera launches Neon, a new experimental desktop browser
TechCrunch  Browsers have gotten boring. After a flurry of innovation, especially around the time Google launched Chrome, things slowed down over... 2 weeks
Trump pick for Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao signals support for private innovation
TechCrunch  Chao also addressed questions and concerns around tech innovation in transportation, specifically touching on autonomous vehicles, connected infrastructure, drones and more. In initial statements,... 2 weeks
iPod inventor Tony Fadell says Detroit is perfect for testing autonomous cars
TechCrunch  Speaking at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, key original iPod team member and Nest founder Tony Fadell explained why Detroit is such... 2 weeks
the coen brothers first tv series is a western called the ballad of buster scruggs The Coen brothers' first TV series is a western called the Ballad of Buster Scruggs
THE VERGE Oscar-winning movie directors Joel and Ethan... 2 weeks
How to get Alexa even though the Amazon Echo is sold out - CNET
CNET Amazon says it'll be the end of January before more Echo inventory arrives. Fortunately, you have other options. 2 weeks
Uber enlisted Yves Behar to design a taxi-style sign for the roofs of cars
TechCrunch  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:... 2 weeks
sony s wonderful new oled tv is mostly the work of lg display Sony’s wonderful new OLED TV is mostly the work of LG Display
THE VERGE One of the highlights of CES for us this year was Sony’s move to finally embrace OLED technology for its flagship line of Bravia... 2 weeks
China’s Tencent takes on the App Store with launch of ‘mini programs’ for WeChat
TechCrunch  Today marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, a device that practically invented the smartphone genre in itself, but, over... 2 weeks
INNOVATE2017: Why tech should resist a Trump presidency
TechCrunch According to Ben Jealous the former CEO of the NCAAP, a partner at Kapor Capital and a surrogate for Bernie Sanders during the election, the correct response is to “resist” Trump. That’s... 2 weeks
Off-the-beaten-path innovation could rejuvenate Twitter
TechCrunch  With rumors swirling that Twitter may (or should) sell, it’s time to ask: Is that for the best? Will it maximize what Twitter can — and should — become? In short, no. Twitter doesn’t need to sell. Instead... 2 weeks
CES 2017: The 'go anywhere' electric bike and other transport tech
BBC An electric bike designed to cope with almost any terrain is one of several personal transport innovations at CES. 2 weeks
9to5Mac Best of CES 2017 Awards
9to5Mac While Apple doesn’t have an official presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2017 has been packed with new and innovative technology that takes advantage of Apple’s hardware and software. 9to5Mac has been on the ground... 2 weeks
Future Tech: how Technology is changing how we monitor our health. video - CNET
CNET Health , fitness and sleep monitoring innovations are providing more accurate and more helpful data for consumers and the healthcare... 2 weeks
US Patent Office’s Michelle Lee shows us that patenting an invention doesn’t have to be expensive, hard
TechCrunch  I was lucky to speak with Michelle K. Lee, current director of the US... 3 weeks
LG's updated Gram laptops are absurdly light
Windows Central The first iteration of the LG Gram laptop series was rightly panned for its poor battery life. But now? They've fixed that and made it even lighter. There might be a such thing as... 3 weeks
Brave new gadgets unveiled at CES in Las Vegas
CBC Companies are touting the latest and greatest tech innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Among the innovations: bots for children and fish hunting drones. 3 weeks
Brave new gadgets unveiled at CES
CBC Companies are touting the latest and greatest tech innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Among the innovations: bots for children and magic mirrors. 3 weeks
Ann Makosinski, 19-year-old B.C. inventor, makes Forbes 30 under 30 list
CBC A 19-year-old inventor from B.C., whose creations include a flashlight that runs off the heat of the human hand and a mug that uses heat from... 3 weeks
The Kangaroo Notebook is a tiny stick PC and a laptop host dock
Windows Central After their innovative compact modular PC approach, Kangaroo is back at it with an even more impressive product: the Kangaroo Notebook. This... 3 weeks
Nvidia invents self-driving supercomputer, names it Xavier - Roadshow
CNET During his keynote address at CES 2017, Nvidia's Jen-Hsun Huang took the wraps off a new computer designed to enable self-driving cars, and announced partnerships with Audi, Bosch, ZF, Here... 3 weeks
Toyota’s Concept-i is a vehicle designed to learn about its driver
TechCrunch  Toyota revealed the Concept-i at CES on Wednesday, a new concept vehicle that the company built with its Newport Beach CALTY design research group, with tech... 3 weeks
Resolved to be better with money? Clarity Money launches with an app for that
TechCrunch  Americans suck at managing their money. As the country heads into the New Year, it’s clear that more than 57%... 3 weeks
LG claims it has a 4K speaker, a thing that doesn't exist
THE VERGE Of all the inventions we get to see here at CES, the least appreciated ones are often linguistic. Take LG’s glorious example today: the... 3 weeks
Withings and L'Oreal have made a smart hair brush, in the latest edition of 'You're doing it wrong'
THE VERGE The Internet of Things has brought wireless connectivity to billions of devices... 3 weeks
How to follow TechCrunch at CES 2017 in Las Vegas
TechCrunch  We’ve landed in Las Vegas, and we’re going to be bringing you coverage from CES 2017 all week long. From quirky and innovative startups to our Hardware Battlefield competition,... 3 weeks
How to follow The Verge at CES 2017
THE VERGE CES is finally here, and it promises to have a ton of awe-inspiring technology; the latest in transportation innovations; and, of course, the weird, unnecessary gadgets that nobody asked for. And The... 3 weeks
A pneumonia-detecting coat
BBC We look at five African inventions that may be entering your life in 2017. 3 weeks
Museums, startups and accelerators… oh, my!
TechCrunch  Startup accelerators have become an integral part of helping early-stage companies build, fund and bring to market new products and ideas. Recently, we’ve seen museums look to the models of accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces to... 3 weeks
Wanted: An Amazon fridge that automatically reorders food