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Oscar and Lemonade founders will join us at Disrupt SF to strategize about the future of insurance innovation
TechCrunch Insurance premiums total more than a trillion dollars in the U.S., and... 2 days
Facebook reportedly touted Trump campaign as an ‘innovator’ - CNET
CNET CEO Mark Zuckerberg also called Donald Trump after the election to congratulate him on his win, a BuzzFeed report says. 3 days
apple still innovative under cook says ken segall but phone innovation ending Apple still innovative under Cook, says Ken Segall, but phone innovation ending
9to5Mac Ken Segall – who was creative director of Apple’s ad agency for 12 years, leading the Think Different campaign – has addressed the oft-debated... 4 days
Midwest rising
TechCrunch Emerging venture capital firms in smaller American cities from Indianapolis to Princeton, NJ are attracting increasingly larger funding as investors see opportunities for returns beyond the coastal confines of the nation’s largest cities and the innovation epicenter of Silicon Valley.... 4 days
CNET Asks: Would you shop at this drive-thru supermarket? - CNET
CNET Take a look at this innovative supermarket concept. Is the convenience enough or is it just a gimmick? 4 days
corning unveils next gen super durable gorilla glass 6 withstands 15 consecutive 1 meter drops Corning unveils next-gen super durable Gorilla Glass 6, withstands 15 consecutive 1 meter drops
9to5Mac Corning has announced its latest innovation to be... 4 days
netflix redesigns tv interface with new sidebar and separate sections for shows and movies Netflix redesigns TV interface with new sidebar and separate sections for shows and movies
THE VERGE Netflix just announced that it has given a... 4 days
Netflix is revamping its TV interface in a big way
Windows Central You'll see the updates starting today, and they're gorgeous. Netflix today is rolling out an update that pretty drastically changes the way it looks on your television. This'll... 5 days
archeologists find world s oldest bread Archeologists find world's oldest bread
CBC Remains of the world's oldest bread have been found by archeologists. And surprise — they show that prehistoric humans were baking bread thousands of years before... 5 days
Google is buying a trans-Atlantic cable, names projects after innovators - CNET
CNET Future Google cables will be named after innovators alphabetically. 5 days
Tax robots and Universal Basic Income
TechCrunch Technological innovation is moving at an ever-accelerating pace, and this comes with vast benefits and inevitable changes. One downside is that machine learning and automation are already replacing jobs. It also has the potential to replace... 5 days
Undo gets $14M to scale to meet the software accountability challenge
TechCrunch Undo, a long time player in the debugging tools space, offering its program execution capture and replay technology to help others diagnose software failures, has closed a... 7 days
best buy 2 day sale takes on prime day 500 off macbooks iphone deals tvs more Best Buy 2-Day sale takes on Prime Day: $500 off MacBooks, iPhone deals, TVs, more
9to5Mac In response to Amazon’s Prime Day... 7 days
Liberty, equality, technology: France is finally poised to become a tech power
TechCrunch Once America had an unassailable advantage, an economic flywheel that spun off innovation and Fortune 500 companies like a perpetual-motion machine. Bring in the... 1 week
if you own a nintendo switch you need to play captain toad If you own a Nintendo Switch, you need to play Captain Toad
THE VERGE The failure of the Wii U has been a boon for the Nintendo Switch. While the Wii U was far from successful commercially, it... 1 week
Goodwall gets $10.8M to expand its ‘LinkedIn for students’
TechCrunch Goodwall, a US-focused student and graduate professional network which aims to connect young people with college and employment opportunities, has closed a $10.8 million Series A funding raise. The round... 2 weeks
Space tech has outpaced space law, and we’re at risk of killing innovation
TechCrunch Lyon Brad King Contributor Lyon Brad King is chief executive and co-founder of Orbion Space Technology and the Ron and Elaine Starr... 2 weeks
Box opens up about the company’s approach to innovation
TechCrunch Most of us never really stop to think about how the software and services we use on a daily basis are created. We just know it’s there when we want... 2 weeks
HTC’s blockchain phone is real, and it’s arriving later this year
TechCrunch HTC isn’t gone just yet. Granted, it’s closer than it’s ever been before, with a headcount of fewer than 5,000 employees worldwide — that’s down from 19,000 in... 2 weeks
Is insurance a rich enough game to disrupt?
TechCrunch For the last decade, the largest technology companies have increasingly looked outside of tech to grow their operations. Now, companies like Apple and Google and Amazon are eyeing innovation across the insurance... 2 weeks
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Blue Origin will push its rocket ‘to its limits’ with high-altitude emergency abort test today
Hands-On With Apple's New $699 Blackmagic eGPU
Students challenged to redesign 3D-printed space part
Get the treat-tossing Furbo 1080p Dog Camera for its lowest price yet $139 (Reg. $249)
Oleo Sponge successful in real-world conditions off California coast
European solid rocket passes key test
New Trailer for the 4K Re-Release of Paranoia Film 'The Atomic Cafe'
Single-celled architects inspire new nanotechnology
Nintendo Labo contest winners include a Zelda piano and a solar-powered accordion
Artificial intelligence helps design an ultra-aerodynamic bike
This electric driverless logging truck can carry up to 16 tons of timber
Cleaning out pollen shells
Sweating for a cooler Singapore
The Android P engineering team will be hosting a Reddit AMA on July 19
Instagram Stories getting more interactive with new ‘Question Sticker’ conversation starters
Big Clapper is a $4,500 robot that will applaud you until the day you die