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The Trailer And Initial Details For Hulu’s ‘Dimension 404!’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While shows like ‘American Horror Story’ have made season-long anthology series popular, we know that ‘Black Mirror‘ has... 1 hour
The Mindy Project Has Been Cancelled At Hulu, But There's Good News
CINEMA BLEND Last night's season finale of The Mindy Project had fans afraid that the show was done. And now Hulu has announced that it is... 3 hours
10 banned censored and controversial movies that are now cult classics 10 Banned, Censored, and Controversial Movies That Are Now Cult Classics
GIZMODO Recently, we shared a clip from Ken Russell’s The Devils, a racy 1971 horror... 4 hours
the handmaid s tale continues with an audiobook radio drama from margaret atwood The Handmaid's Tale Continues with an Audiobook 'Radio Drama' from Margaret Atwood
GIZMODO Margaret Atwood’s iconic scifi novel The Handmaid’s Tale left things on a final, yet somewhat ambiguous, note. Now, ahead of the upcoming Hulu adaptation,... 6 hours
Comcast Is Starting Its Own Streaming Service, So Get Ready For Complaints
CINEMA BLEND A new streaming service is on the way, and it's coming from none other than Comcast. If the company's history is anything to go... 18 hours
high tech humans explore a galactic void in scifi indie the beyond High-Tech Humans Explore a Galactic Void in Scifi Indie The Beyond
GIZMODO A lot of blockbusters are unveiling new trailers this week—but on the other end... 23 hours
beauty and the beast comes from a long line of stories about women hooking up with animals 'Beauty and the Beast' Comes From a Long Line of Stories About Women Hooking Up With Animals
GIZMODO Beauty and... 1 day
Pharrell Williams Is Getting His Own Movie Musical
CINEMA BLEND Over the past couple of weeks, Pharrell Williams has been shopping a musical project underneath the world's nose. And now,... 2 days
the most nsfw site for streaming every star wars movie is pornhub The Most NSFW Site For Streaming Every Star Wars Movie Is Pornhub
GIZMODO As far as accidental comedy goes, few things beat watching a PG-rated Disney film on a site with the ads for penis enlargement guides... 2 days
‘Venom’ May Film This Fall And Will Launch ANOTHER Cinematic Marvel Universe
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In another instance that shows that Sony has no idea what to do with the properties they have the rights to, ‘Venom‘, one of... 2 days
retro rogue one ad makes us nostalgic for vhs tapes again Retro Rogue One Ad Makes Us Nostalgic For VHS Tapes Again
GIZMODO Remember VCRs? Your grandparents probably still have one in active rotation, but the rest... 2 days
first trailer for acclaimed sundance documentary casting jonbenet First Trailer for Acclaimed Sundance Documentary 'Casting JonBenet'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Do YOU know who killed JonBenet Ramsey?" Netflix has debuted a trailer for the highly acclaimed, totally unique documentary Casting JonBenet, from director Kitty Green. The film originally premiered at the Sundance... 3 days
robert de niro in first teaser for new madoff film the wizard of lies Robert De Niro in First Teaser for New Madoff Film 'The Wizard of Lies'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "We're here to find out if there's an innocent explanation." "There is no innocent explanation." HBO has debuted an official... 3 days
First Teaser Trailer for Adam Wingard's 'Death Note' Movie for Netflix
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "The human whose name is written in this note shall die." Netflix has revealed the teaser trailer for the Death Note movie, adapted from the popular... 3 days
streaming music services from most screwed to least screwed Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed
GIZMODO SoundCloud is fucked. On Thursday, the streaming music service mostly known as a place to hear podcasts and... 4 days
Adam Sandler And Netflix Will Be In Business For Longer Than We Thought
CINEMA BLEND Back in 2014, headlines were made when Adam Sandler's production... 5 days
5 Ways Marvel's Netflix Shows Can Fix Their Iron Fist Problem
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the Marvel Netflix series Iron Fist.... 5 days
How Much The Fate Of The Furious Is On Track To Make Its Opening Weekend?
CINEMA BLEND Furious 7 was not only a... 5 days
Seth Rogen And James Franco Are Going Back To Their Roots With New Hulu Series
CINEMA BLEND The comedy team of Seth Rogen... 6 days
technology terrors come alive in first teaser for hulu s scifi series dimension 404 Technology Terrors Come Alive in First Teaser for Hulu's Scifi Series Dimension 404
GIZMODO Director Freddie Wong and showrunner Dez Dolly today shared the first peek at six-part scifi anthology series Dimension 404, which appropriately will begin airing... 6 days
Throwback Thursday: “Shock Waves” (1977)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A lot of movie genres have what folks call “sub-genres,” where you can find more specialized types of tales within the greater grouping. The sci-fi and... 6 days
10 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In April
CINEMA BLEND Check out the list of titles leaving Netflix Streaming through... 6 days
The Impressive Way Hulu Is Keeping Up With Netflix
CINEMA BLEND We all know Netflix is the king of streaming services, but Hulu is stunningly on the bigger company's... 6 days
The Handmaid's Tale Trailer Is Super Intense And Powerful
CINEMA BLEND The first trailer has arrived for The Handmaid's Tale, and if you were never afraid of living in... 6 days
Firefly Is Getting Booted From Netflix
CINEMA BLEND Netflix is the place to be when it comes to streaming TV, but subscribers will soon lose the option to stream Firefly, and the... 6 days
Facebook Just Jumped Into The Live Streaming Business
CINEMA BLEND If you've ever wanted to more seamlessly merge your social media audience with your livestreaming audience, Facebook has now made... 6 days
Silver Sable And Black Cat Movie Doesn’t Look To Be Part Of The MCU But Taps A Writer Who Is
How Much Netflix Is Shelling Out For Original Movies
CINEMA BLEND If you've been keeping any tabs on Netflix over the past few years, you should be aware that... 6 days
voltron legendary defender s creators look back at the original show and the timeless appeal of giant robot lions Voltron Legendary Defender's Creators Look Back at the Original Show and the Timeless Appeal of Giant Robot Lions
GIZMODO Netflix is bringing a... 6 days
Netflix's Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On Trailer Offers Titillating Look At Modern Porn Industry
CINEMA BLEND Netflix is taking another hard look at the... 6 days
Alan Tudyk Reveals K-2SO’s Original Death In ‘Rogue One’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ underwent a lot of revisions, as we know from the trailers that... 6 days
The Shocking Number Of Times Trevante Rhodes Has Watched Moonlight
CINEMA BLEND When I ask this question, it regularly gets mixed results -- with some filmmakers and actors... 7 days
Netflix Launches The Trailer For The New ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ Which Is Fittingly Retro
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Perhaps the cult-iest of cult classics,... 7 days
Shall We Begin? Netflix Unleashes A New Trailer For ‘Death Note’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Shall we begin? #DeathNote pic.twitter.com/fEd12Gm32c — Netflix US (@netflix) March 22, 2017 ‘Death Note’,... 7 days
Two More Spider-Man Characters Are Getting Their Own Spinoff
CINEMA BLEND Less than a week after it was announced that the Venom movie will be released in late 2018,... 7 days
colleen wing is the only hero iron fist needed Colleen Wing Is the Only Hero Iron Fist Needed
GIZMODO Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist has a lot of issues in its mixed first season—but among the muddled mess, there... 1 week
New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In April 2017
CINEMA BLEND It's a big month for movie releases, with a few holdover awards nominees finally hitting Blu-ray and DVD, as well as several big box... 1 week
Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Angel Are Getting Kicked Off Netflix
CINEMA BLEND Many times I've wrestled with whether to dive into a new film or series... 1 week
Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In April
CINEMA BLEND Netflix's latest round of additions promises to be something quite... 1 week
The Bizarre Way Finn Jones Trained For Iron Fist's Fight Scenes
CINEMA BLEND Danny Rand's inherent kung-fu ability is a key part of his Iron Fist persona,... 1 week
the first trailer for the return of mystery science theater 3000 is cheesy in all the right ways The First Trailer for the Return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Cheesy in All the Right Ways
GIZMODO In the not-too-distant future... 1 week
Overwatch May Get A Map Editor, Eventually
CINEMA BLEND One of the best ways to keep a shooter game's community alive and well is to release new content for it regularly.... 1 week
the princess bride is getting kicked off of netflix The Princess Bride Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO The Princess Bride is a movie that, much like the storybook inside the film, fans could experience again... 1 week
the first trailer for the return of mystery sscience theater 3000 is cheesy in all the right ways The First Trailer for the Return of Mystery Sscience Theater 3000 Is Cheesy in All the Right Ways
GIZMODO In the not-too-distant future... 1 week
the teaser for netflix s death note adaptation is the most netflix thing ever made The Teaser for Netflix's Death Note Adaptation Is the Most Netflix Thing Ever Made
GIZMODO I really, really wish there was something more interesting going on in the footage from Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note. Instead, it looks exactly... 1 week
Netflix's Death Note Trailer Is Creepy And Cool, Watch It Now
CINEMA BLEND The Death Note is a powerful tool. In the hands of someone evil, the... 1 week
In Home Streaming Of New Release Movies May Be Cheaper Than We Thought
CINEMA BLEND The idea of home streaming for new releases has been... 1 week
First Trailer for Acclaimed Sundance Documentary 'Casting JonBenet'
Robert De Niro in First Teaser for New Madoff Film 'The Wizard of Lies'
The Princess Bride Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix