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Rings (2016) TRAILER
Jack Goes Home (2016) TRAILER
Unnerved (2016) TRAILER
i fucking live for haunting covers of literally any song in movie trailers I Fucking Live For Haunting Covers Of Literally Any Song In Movie Trailers
GIZMODO You want to see the shit I fucking live for?... 3 days
The haunting of Willard Library
FREAK LORE Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. - Read strange stories and paranormal news here. There are many of... 4 days
Haunting of Monroe House: Occult Rituals and Human Remains Hidden Inside Indiana’s “Demon House� - Week in Weird
THE ANOMALIST Here's a destination for the ghost hunters out there to put on... 2 weeks
meet old whitey the preserved corpse of the ss kamloops lake superior s most haunted shipwreck Meet Old Whitey, the Preserved Corpse of the SS Kamloops, Lake Superior’s Most Haunted Shipwreck
WEEK IN WEIRD VIDEO It seems that the harder it... 2 weeks
Haunting of Monroe House: Occult Rituals and Human Remains Hidden Inside Indiana’s “Demon House”
WEEK IN WEIRD In most parts of the country, you could throw a stone in any direction and hit a haunted house, but... 2 weeks
The Ghosts Of Loch Ness - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Nessie isn't the only entity haunting Loch Ness. Some forteans popped over in hopes of spotting the famous beast, but in fortean fashion stumbled on something completely different. Worse still, according to... 4 weeks
Detect Negative Energies And Malicious Entities Haunting You With A Glass Of Water
DISCLOSE.TV Maintaining an overall positive energy in ones home is vital for ensuring all members of the family are happy and healthy at... 4 weeks
True Experience of Intelligent Haunting
PARANORMAL NEWS The story that I am about to tell you happened quite recently, maybe a few months ago. This experience might not be as spectacular as people would expect from paranormal stories. However, this might have been one of... 4 weeks
Ghost Hunter Captures Terrifying Footage 'Of Dead Girl Repeating "There’s A Bad Man Over There"' At Abandoned Asylum -...
THE ANOMALIST This is a compelling account of some grade "A" haunting... 4 weeks
Black Eyes in a Haunted House - Two Crows Paranormal
THE ANOMALIST There should be a word in the dictionary to describe several phenomena manifesting simultaneously. That's what we have in this first person account of a haunting/BEK/Possession complete with... 1 month
Snowy 'Veins' of Siberia Captured in Haunting Image from Space
SPACE.COM Satellites offer a new view of snow-covered Arctic landscape. 1 month
12 spooky page-turners for Halloween
THE VERGE It’s October, and that means nightfall creeps earlier every day and the shadows lengthen from skeletal trees. The fall is the perfect time to start taking on the book list that you’ve had accumulate over the summer. With... 1 month
Snowy 'Veins' of Siberia Captured in Haunting Image from Space
LIVE SCIENCE Satellites offer a new view of snow-covered Arctic landscape. 1 month
The Flat Rock Haunting: Tormented by a Poltergeist that Caused Objects to Spontaneously Combust
WEEK IN WEIRD Canada might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of the world’s scariest paranormal cases,... 1 month
Shop Shocktober deals and enter for another chance at $1000 in Windows Store gift cards!
Windows Central Microsoft is celebrating Halloween with seriously killer Windows Store deals. Keep reading for details and to enter to... 1 month
A Strange Tale of an X-rated Haunting - BBC
THE ANOMALIST No, we have not started a paranormal porn business...In 1960 a paranormal psychologist (a perfect career choice!) conducted an experiment in order to measure the average person's ability to detect... 1 month
Run for your life in Psycho Escape for Windows 10
Windows Central If you are in the mood for a haunting thriller of a Windows 10 game, you may want to give Psycho Escape a try. The game combines elements... 1 month
New 3-D technology raises hopes for the coldest of cold cases
PHYS.ORG The faces are haunting. They stare, straight ahead, unblinking and made of malleable clay. There are fourteen total, all busts of the missing, the unidentified, the... 2 months
Cheiro and Mata Hari - Haunted Ohio
THE ANOMALIST Although not a tale of ghosts and spirits, Chris Woodyard leaves us with a haunting story all the same. This brief glimpse into the life and psyche of the famous spy, by none other... 2 months
These Star Wars: Rogue One Character Posters Are Haunting And Beautiful
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: Rogue One has circled back to posters for its marketing campaign, but this time, nearly all the main players in the movie are getting... 2 months
Hauntings in Highgate cemetery
FREAK LORE A Haunting in Highgate cemetery seems to be a normal thing, as it has become one of the most haunted... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] 2 months
When Bigfoot Gets Violent And Deadly - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Far from the beloved, bumbling buffoon haunting the woods, sometimes the big guy has a temper shorter than Hervé Villechaize. Whether going toe-to-toe with the roughest, toughest President of the... 2 months
Jupiter’s spooky sounds: Emissions from Jupiter’s auroras captured
SCIENCE DAILY When a NASA spacecraft made its first full orbit around Jupiter, an instrument on board recorded haunting sounds befitting the Halloween season. 2 months
Why One Game Composer Used A Real Human Skull To Make His Music
CINEMA BLEND Playdead Studio's Inside is a haunting experience. It's not a traditional horror game but it has plenty of chilling and frightful moments.... 2 months
The Gripping First Footage From Black Mirror Season 3 Is Here
GIZMODO Well, this is turning out to be a good day for Black Mirror—first news of a fourth season on the way, and now, our very first footage from... 2 months
The soundtrack for Inside was recorded using a human skull
THE VERGE The solemn and disturbing side-scrolling adventure Inside is one of the year’s best games, and also one of the creepiest. And it turns out that eerie nature extends... 2 months
'Twin Peaks' composer plays haunting theme in new teaser trailer - CNET
CNET Watch Angelo Badalamenti play "Laura Palmer's Theme" on the piano while floating through the forest in this teaser trailer for the new "Twin Peaks"... 2 months
Twin Peaks' Synth-Infused Soundtrack Returns In a Haunting New Teaser
GIZMODO As if we couldn’t possibly be more excited for a return to Twin Peaks next year, here’s a minute of Angelo Badalamenti playing Laura’s theme from the original... 2 months
A Haunting Short Film Set in a World Where Evolution Happens Rapidly -- And Is Often Deadly
GIZMODO In the dystopian world of Dust, evolution occurs at a breakneck rate, forming organisms... 2 months
A Woman Continues Her Family's Grisly Work in the Eerie Trailer for The Eyes of My Mother
GIZMODO Horror rendered in black-and-white can convey a haunting quality that the goriest of blood-reds... 3 months
Common Signs of a Haunted household
DISCLOSE.TV Though paranormal phenomena and spiritual activity have yet to be proven via scientific means, there are a number of signs and signals of a haunting which are common to the point of being a sure-fire indicator... 3 months
Scifi Is a State of Mind in This Haunting Trailer for Minimalist Thriller A Morning Light 
GIZMODO The woods are dark, deep, and maybe harboring otherworldly visitors in Ian Clark’s experimental science fiction... 3 months
The Theme of American Horror Story's New Season Is Way Less Weird Than the Format
GIZMODO American Horror Story’s sixth season began with creator Ryan Murphy promising to answer “the question that’s been haunting... 3 months
Argentina: Woman Claims Finding ET in Gualeguay 48 Years Ago - Inexplicata
THE ANOMALIST Evaluating a paranormal narrative naturally is constrained by issues surrounding the story itself, and we have a couple of doozies here. This first offering... 3 months
Gralien Report Daily News for September 11, 2016
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Marking 15 Years Since 9/11, Ceremony Keeps Personal Focus Haunting photos from the September 11 attacks that Americans will never forget 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Explained: What Really Happened... 3 months
The Woman In Black In The Window - Haunted Ohio Books
THE ANOMALIST Discover how a haunting in a Iowa building almost brought its tenants to blows. Chris Woodyard's curious discovery is worth a scan for the old-timey slang,... 3 months