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Hackers hit Sundance film fest, shutting down box office - CNET
CNET A cyberattack leveled the indie film fest's ticketing systems for less than an hour. 7 hours
hackers briefly took down the sundance film festival s box office today Hackers briefly took down the Sundance Film Festival’s box office today
THE VERGE The Sundance Film Festival reported this afternoon that its box office had been briefly... 9 hours
Recommendations on cyber security for the 45th President… Use more hackers
TechCrunch  2016 was an extraordinary year. A record number of security breaches affected billions of... 1 day
Putin spokesman denies US election hack
BBC President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman denies any Russian government involvement in hacking to influence the 2016 US election result. 2 days
Trump trades in Android phone for Secret Service-approved device - CNET
CNET Tweeter-in-chief Donald Trump has been issued an ultra-secure phone due to hacking concerns. 2 days
Hacking the Army
TechCrunch  A hacker prodding a public-facing Army recruitment website in early December stumbled upon a vulnerability, then another, until he found himself suddenly connected to an internal Department of Defense network... 2 days
Spain Arrests Russian Wanted by US for Alleged Hacking
ABC NEWS Spanish officials say a Russian computer programmer wanted by the United States on hacking allegations has been jailed while a decision is made on whether to extradite him 3 days
Security startup CryptoMove fragments data and moves it around to keep it secure
TechCrunch  CryptoMove, a new security startup emerging from stealth today, has... 3 days
this nba jam hack adds 2017 players along with harambe hillary clinton kanye This NBA Jam hack adds 2017 players, along with Harambe, Hillary Clinton, Kanye
THE VERGE VIDEO In 1993, video game developer Midway published the first edition... 3 days
AirAsia is hosting its first hackthon
TechCrunch  Budget airline AirAsia is the latest corporate to get into hackathons. The company just revealed plans to host its first-ever hack event on March... 6 days
on snl trump gets trumped on russian hacking cnet On SNL, Trump gets trumped on Russian hacking - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: Inevitably, Saturday Night Live mocks Donald Trump's press conference. Inevitably, Vladimir Putin infiltrates it too. 6 days
Snap ready to grow up: Hires Sony exec as chairman - CNET
CNET Michael Lynton, who led Sony's movie and TV studios during a massive hack in 2014, will become chairman of Snapchat's parent company ahead of... 1 week
Our passwords still suck - CNET
CNET You can probably guess what some of the most common passwords were in 2016 -- and hackers can too. 1 week
Russian hackers are like Mexican singers at Clinton rally, says GOP lawmaker - CNET
CNET Commentary: Rep. Mike Conaway believes that singing and hacking are both attempts at inserting foreign influence. 1 week
Phone-cracking firm Cellebrite hacked
BBC Information about the customers of Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that markets hacking tools, is stolen in a cyber-attack. 1 week
Phone Hacking Company Falls Victim to Hackers
ABC NEWS A digital forensics firm known for helping law enforcement crack into locked smartphones has fallen victim to hackers 1 week
Do funny recruiting hacks work? Let’s ask a guy who tried
TechCrunch  Do recruiting “hacks” work? Can you get a big company’s attention through wacky (or... 1 week
Trump refuses to divest, admits that Russia may be behind hacks
TechCrunch  At his first proper press conference as President-elect, Trump and team provided answers for... 1 week
Trump: I'll have 'hacking defense' report in 90 days - CNET
CNET The president-elect promises to improve US cybersecurity so the nation won't get "hacked by everybody." 1 week
The ‘golden’ era of political hacking: It’s The Daily Crunch
TechCrunch  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday our daily guided tour of the biggest tech stories from the... 1 week
hackers could remotely control defibrillator or pacemaker u s warns Hackers could remotely control defibrillator or pacemaker, U.S. warns
CBC The U.S. Homeland Security Department warned about an unusual cybersecurity flaw for one manufacturer's implantable heart devices that... 1 week
FBI hands over 100 pages of documents on San Bernardino iPhone hack, but censors the key facts
9to5Mac After the... 2 weeks
New comer Transmit Security wants to simplify biometric authentication
TechCrunch  Transmit Security, a new security startup that wants to make it easier for developers to implement biometric authentication,... 2 weeks
Two held for 'hacking' into Italy ex-PM Renzi emails
BBC Italy arrests a nuclear engineer and his sister on suspicion of hacking into emails of top politicians. 2 weeks
Leaked memos allege Trump’s lawyer helped orchestrate Russian hacking
TechCrunch  Memos reportedly written by a “former British intelligence operative” and circulated throughout the U.S. intelligence committee allege that... 2 weeks
this unverified report about trump s russian ties is twitter gold This unverified report about Trump’s Russian ties is Twitter gold
THE VERGE Normally, Twitter loses its mind over something President-elect Donald Trump has tweeted. This evening, it’s losing... 2 weeks
Russian hacking of Republicans limited, intel chiefs say - CNET
CNET Compared to the data theft faced by Democratic organizations, the hacks of GOP groups didn't yield much information, the FBI director tells the Senate. 2 weeks
US Warns of Unusual Cybersecurity Flaw in Heart Devices
ABC NEWS The Homeland Security Department is warning the public of an unusual cybersecurity flaw for certain implantable heart devices that could allow hackers to remotely take control of a person's defibrillator... 2 weeks
Trump’s attorney general pick claims ignorance on tech issues
TechCrunch  Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s nominee for the position of U.S. attorney general, is being grilled by the Senate... 2 weeks
Italy Arrests Siblings Accused of Huge VIP Hacking Campaign
ABC NEWS Police have arrested a brother-and-sister team suspected of spearheading an ambitious, years-old long campaign of hacking that targeted thousands of accounts belonging to some of the leading political and business... 2 weeks
FBI docs tell how it hacked San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, kind of - CNET
CNET The government agency releases 100 pages of documents on how it broke into the smartphone, but censors the most important... 2 weeks
Italy Arrests Suspects Who Tried Hacking Draghi, Renzi
ABC NEWS Italian police have arrested two people who allegedly tried to hack into the email accounts of of European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi and ex-premier Matteo Renzi 2 weeks
Amid Hacking Feud, US Hits Russia With New Sanctions
ABC NEWS The outgoing Obama administration on Monday blacklisted five Russians, including a senior law enforcement official for President Vladimir Putin, as the two nations' feud over U.S. election hacking escalated 2 weeks
neodriven is a rearview mirror replacement that can make your car semi autonomous Neodriven is a rearview mirror replacement that can make your car semi-autonomous
THE VERGE In late 2015, iPhone and PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz teased a project that sounded like a dream: his new company would produce a... 2 weeks
you can now hack an nes classic to add more games You can now hack an NES Classic to add more games
THE VERGE VIDEO Since the NES Classic was first announced, fans have been wondering if it would... 2 weeks
WikiLeaks' Assange calls report on Russia hacking 'embarrassing' - CNET
CNET The document-leaking organization's founder refers to last week's US intelligence report as a "press release" with a political agenda. 2 weeks
WikiLeaks: Russia Hacking Report Was Political Document
ABC NEWS WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says last week's U.S. intelligence report on Russian hacking during the presidential campaign was politically motivated 2 weeks
France thwarts 24,000 cyber-attacks against defence targets
BBC France warns hackers are attacking its defence systems and this year's election could be a target. 2 weeks
UK to review its cybersecurity after US election hacks - CNET
CNET Two days after US intelligence agencies detail how Russian hacking played out during the 2016 election, the UK announces a sweeping review of its own online... 2 weeks
August’s CEO on lock hacking and releasing hardware before it’s ready
TechCrunch  August launched two new devices this week at CES. “That’s five products shipped within 24 months,” explained CEO Jason Johnson during an on stage interview with... 2 weeks
Hacking sleep with The Sleep Doctor video - CNET
CNET Dr. Michael Breus joins us a the CNET stage to talk about the products at CES that can actually improve your sleep. 2 weeks
Nintendo's NES Classic hacked to hold more games - CNET
CNET Hardware modders have found a way to add more games to the Mini NES. 2 weeks
How to hack Nintendo's NES Classic to hold more games - CNET
CNET Battletoads and Mega Man could be yours. 2 weeks
Hackers successfully add games to the NES Classic Edition
TechCrunch  The greatest hope of retro gamers and the greatest fear of Nintendo have been met simultaneously: The immensely popular NES Classic Edition has been hacked and its 30-game library augmented... 2 weeks
The FTC has sued D-Link over unsecure routers and webcams
THE VERGE The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against the Taiwan-based D-Link Corporation and its US subsidiary, D-Link Systems, Inc., for not taking steps to secure their devices,... 2 weeks
CES 2017: New routers defend smart homes against hacks
BBC Security firms unveil new internet routers at CES that can stop smart household gadgets being hijacked by hackers. 2 weeks
CES 2017: Home routers help defend smart gadgets
BBC Security firms unveil new internet routers at CES that can stop smart household gadgets being hijacked by hackers. 2 weeks
FBI Releases Documents Related to San Bernardino iPhone
ABC NEWS The FBI has released 100 pages of heavily censored documents related to its agreement with a mysterious company to hack into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California, shooters 2 weeks
Putin ordered campaign to influence US election, say intel agencies - CNET
CNET In a declassified report, the CIA, FBI and NSA agree Russia was behind several hacks and leaks leading up to the 2016 presidential election. 2 weeks
After briefing, Trump denies hacking affected election outcome - CNET
CNET Calling his Friday meeting with intelligence officials "constructive," Donald Trump only vaguely acknowledges Russia's hacking powers. 2 weeks
This NBA Jam hack adds 2017 players, along with Harambe, Hillary Clinton, Kanye
On SNL, Trump gets trumped on Russian hacking - CNET
You can now hack an NES Classic to add more games